9 Months Old Beaver Believer

My baby boy is 9 months old today!


We went to Target today. A-ma-zing. Nothing like a good Target to make a girl feel good. I bought him a new toy. Because, you know. It’s his 9 month birthday and all his toys are in storage.

He thought it was the lamest thing ever. What is the deal with toys? My child has never liked any toys I’ve bought him. I’ve tried lights, music, plastic, wooden… is there a stage where they start playing with toys more?

We’re watching the Civil War football game  tonight. Go beavers!!

What a perfect day for my sweet boy to turn 9 months old. It’s game day. He’s wearing orange and black. It was sunny and cold in Alaska today. And we went to Target. Now if the beavs can just pull off a win it will be a perfect ending!

9 Month Stuff:

  • He is waking up usually 2x/night. He still thinks he is a newborn. Before we left he was doing great. He was waking up once around 3am but I wasn’t feeding him. I would go in every few minutes and soothe him and give him his pacifier. He would go back to sleep pretty quick. With the moving his schedule got all messed up. He’s now sleeping in his pack n’ play and/or with us and wakes up 2-3 times a night. Because we’re staying with people I can’t really let him cry long because I don’t want to wake the whole house up. So, I have been getting him as soon as I hear him which now has sort of put us back at the beginning. I figure by the time he’s sleeping through the night I’ll have a real newborn. So whatever. 
  • He loves food. His favorites are cheese, apples, avocados, bread, green beans, bananas, and he loves water. He is a pretty good eater, but only eats solids twice a day. We’re going to start on three very soon! Sometimes he is more interested in it than other days, so I don’t force it. 
  • He hates toys. He doesn’t like toys. What are toys and who invented them? His mother buys him toys to try and keep him occupied for 5 minutes and he laughs. He loves crawling, getting into the dog’s water bowl, trying to get the cords, pulling DVD’s off the shelf and eating newspapers. He’s a simple kid. 
  • He hates the car seat. Still! 
  • He is (about) 19 pounds. 
  • He loves the Beavers. 
  • He is going to be a football player when he grows up. 
  • He has two bottom teeth! 
  • He has been testing me lately. He knows he isn’t suppose to do certain things and he loves seeing if he can get my attention from it. He defiantly knows the word no. 
  • We’re still doing signs off and on. I think he almost did “more” the other day!
Go Beavers! Get ’em!
He wore his beaver gear to bed. My husband said if he goes to bed in them he will wake up a champion. So a champion he is. I pinch myself every time Lucas smiles or gives me a kiss. I can’t believe he is mine! I can’t believe he is nine months old! It blows my mind.

update: The beavers lost. We are so very sad. But my love is still a champion!

I love you baby boy!

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Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

10 thoughts on “9 Months Old Beaver Believer

  1. My daughter is really JUST starting to play with toys (18 months!!) And she started doing signs back to me around 10 months, so you're probably right that he was trying to do the more sign! It's so worth it when you see them sign back to you for the first time 🙂

  2. Baby H is 6 months and she only sort of plays with toys. She likes plush toys that have ends she can suck on (the horns of her triceratops, the pinchers on her scorpian), she adores our cats (not entirely mutual, let's put it that way), she likes mirrors, and she's best occupied with whatever is new or whatever I am doing. Such as, mommy is making baby food, hand H a measuring spoon. Or let her play with the clear container that has her rice cereal inside.

    Unfortunately, she loves cardboard (to chew) and string (to chew). *facepalm*

  3. happy 9 months lucas! jordan's 10 months on monday. how?!

    jordan only really likes the pink pig from the little people farm, and that's because it has a little curly tail he can chew on. other than that, toys are no fun. It's more fun to get into stuff, pull up on stuff, taste random floor objects, tear up magazines, etc.

    the few times we have gone to children's museums, he was fascinated with the bead mazes, so his big gift for christmas is the Imaginarium 5-way cube with bead maze. i think he's going to love it! he's also getting the Leapfrog My Pal Scout.

    jordan thinks he's a newborn, too, and gets up a lot at night. it took logan 3 years to be a good sleeper!

    hug your man for me! he's precious!

  4. Happy nine months!

    Two things.
    1) My babies have never liked toys. It is so much fun to play (get into) real things.

    2)I have a 13 month old who does not sleep through the night. It's part of mama mythology that babies sleep through at 6 weeks or 3 months or whatever! 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness, my daughter is almost exactly one month older than your son. She was born on Feb. 6th. I'm really loving this age, she's so much fun! She knows some signs, she'll do “more” and “all done”, but usually invents her own signs.

  6. My daughter just turned 9 months old too! It did feel like some kind of milestone. One year is just around the corner. She only likes toys if someone is playing with them WITH her. Otherwise, she'd rather have the remote, my cell phone, the dog dish, etc.

    We watched the game too, but I'm a duck so we were happy!

    I have only been doing signs with her a little and haven't gotten anything back yet, but she is going on the potty now! So exciting! Are you going to do any EC with your little one? I remember you mentioning it before.

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