Ask the Moms: What are You Getting Your Kids for Christmas?

Christmas is only three weeks away! Can you believe it??

What are you getting your kids this year? Have you thought about it? I don’t know what, if anything, we’re going to get Lucas this year. I really haven’t thought about it much, but if we do get him something, I want something that is good quality and will last for years. ย I would love to get him a kitchen!ย Because of our current living situation and with the move, we will probably get him a special Christmas book or a baby’s first ornament. ย I’d like to get something special that he will always have for his first Christmas.

I would love to hear your ideas of what you’re getting your children this year. Do you do Christmas gifts the same way every year? For example, each child gets two gifts? Or, each child always gets a new ornament. Or other gift giving traditions? If you have a little one around Lucas’ age (9 months- 10 months at Christmas) I would really love to hear what things you’re getting them!

Will you share? I know we would all love the ideas!

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30 thoughts on “Ask the Moms: What are You Getting Your Kids for Christmas?

  1. Last year for Christmas – ds was 1 yr old – we asked for (and received) a slide to play with indoors (a hit! He still uses it) and a wagon (ditto). We got him a wooden ride on toy (a hit for awhile, then we took it to Grandma's where it now sits unused).
    This year we are asking for a play tent/tunnel combo and a wooden table chairs. We got him a wooden toy car garage and some cars.
    Other toys that have been used for the last year (and will continue to get used I'm sure): play kitchen, musical instruments, books, blocks, teeball set/play golf set.

  2. My babies are older almost 3 and 5. They are getting learning things and building things. I really wish I would have got more things to keep and for them to remember.

  3. Harv will be a year old this christmas, we are making him a train table and gettn him a wooden train set. and then i made him a book of pictures of family members with their names so he could start identifing, a color book, a plush alphabet. and thats it.

  4. We were just going to give her a bamboo suffed monkey we found on sale at Fred Meyers and a wooden box with colored shaped blocks from Melissa and Doug. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I might have talked my husband into letting me get her this cute thing though:

    One or two more things might show up under the tree too. ๐Ÿ™‚ But we are really trying not to drown in stuff or spend too much money and who knows what will come from Grandparents and uncles and aunts!

    Her birthday IS coming up in February though, and I think we might be getting her a special doll for that. I can't wait to go doll baby shopping!

    It would be fun for your family to start an afordable Christmas tradition like buying a special children's christmas book each year to read together. I read about a family who let their children collect a new, inexpensive ornament each year to commemorate something special that happened with them that year. Then, when they grew older, they took their ornaments (packed in a special trunk) with them. My parents bought my brother and I something special from our birth place (we were miliatary brats). I got a goat skin seat rocking chair (Louisiana) and my brother got nice sized nutcracker (Germany). A little rocker would be timeless. I saw some at Fred Meyers the other day. You could put his name on it, or not. He could take it with him to his family someday.

    Anyway, I think pictures and stories are just as valuable though. You could just be sure to document everything about this special season then make a Shutterfly book of memories for him to keep. Just some ideas!

  5. My children are 4 and 7.

    On Christmas Eve, they get to open brand new PJ's to wear that night. (My mom cringes because I don't wash them first!)
    On Christmas morning they get one BIG gift from me and my husband. This year will be a Nintendo DSi.

    Then Santa brings 3 gifts each. Jaina will be receiving a Zhu Zhu pet playset, a stuffed dog you can dress up, and a Hello Kitty gumball machine. Jayce will get a hotwheels track, a batman playset, and something else I haven't found yet!

    Then, in their stockings, they each get a new stuffed animal and some candy and little dollar store stuff.

  6. Last year Ingrid was 7 months and we were living with our inlaws and were broke grad students ๐Ÿ™‚ So, xmas was tight. We got her a couple small toys and I think a book? Nothing huge, she didn't really understand much anyway. this year we're getting her a tricycle and some kitchen play items. I'm pretty set on not going overboard with her, and making, buying handmade or secondhand as much as possible. Our trike was from Salvation Army and I'm looking at kitchen stuff on etsy. Holidays don't have to cost a fortune!!

  7. My kids are getting a kareoke machine this year. I am so ecited as I know they will love it. My little one (1year old) is getting some new cloth diapers, her first baby (the “special” gift) and her first play purse. My son (3) is getting a Diego set and more Imaginex(by Fischer-Price) animals.

    Every year most of our gifts are family gifts. Each child get one or two gifts that they really wanted/needed and then the rest of the gifts are opened as “family” items. Since my kids are so close, especially my girls play with a lot of the same things. So this works well for us. We don't have to buy so much and yet everyone shares everything.

  8. Since this is Jackson's first Christmas, we're getting him a “My First Christmas” ornament which are surprisingly hard to find! Also, we bought him a sock monkey and a winter coat. They were things we wanted to get him anyway. We're gonna try to make Christmas not based on presents for our children, but instead more about the giving (like Jesus did for us).

  9. We are moving too and think we (I mean, um, Santa) will get him a swingset for the new yard. we haven;t had a fenced flat yard, so this will be a big deal. He also wants to be a big boy in a booster seat, so I may do this for him too.
    Good luck!

  10. This year we asked grandparents and aunts and uncles to keep the toy-giving to a minimum. The kids have a ton of toys and really don't need more! I know their Nomi is getting them a wagon which they will love.

    We just bought them a few small things. Aidan is 2 and he understands what Christmas is- sort of. Emerson is 1 and doesn't quite get it. We bought Aidan a kids Black & Decker tool kit and an Eric Carle flashcard game. Emerson got a toy vacuum (she is sort of obsessed with our vacuum) and a doll.

    Our tradition has always been to buy the kids jammies and let them open that present on Christmas Eve- then they get to wear them. My mom did this with us for as long as I can remember and it is my fondest Christmas tradition memory.

    My kids also love the Little People Nativity scene. Its fun for them to have a Christmas decoration that they are allowed to play with!

  11. We're getting 12mo MiniDork a tunnel playset thingy. It can be put together in different ways (igloo, house, straight tunnel) and then you just put a sheet over it. She likes crawling under things so we think she'll love it. We're also getting her a Christmas ornament.

  12. we way over bought for the kiddos this year. but dustin is getting the motorworks set from discovery toys (that i earned free with my party. score!) and the girls are getting two big gifts to share: the barbie camper and jet. then there are random little gifts too.

    we don't do santa and because our christmas eve and christmas are so busy we do the gifts the week before.

  13. We don't do Christmas, but my mom (Grammy) does. So Hubbles and I will be celebrating the Solstice on the 21st with Baby H and I will be getting one thing for her to unwrap. Haven't decided what yet – she's 6 months old now and I'm thinking about the Leapfrog Puppy.

    We'll take her up to Gramma's house on Christmas day, where she'll be getting some developmental type toys, and I'll be surprised if there aren't a ton of cute outfits too!

    We usually do a Child's Play donation every year (but I don't think we can afford it this year), and I'm looking forward to getting her involved in that next year and when she's older, or taking her up to the animal shelter to donate treats/toys/etc!

  14. We get our girls a special ornament and a pair of Christmas pjs each year. Although truth be told, my three littlest are getting the same pjs that we gave 2 years ago because their sizes line up the same way again. Our oldest will get a new pair that coordinates.

    We then do one big gift that they all share. Two years ago it was the Rose Pedal Cottage playhouse. Last year it was a ton of baby doll accessories that I made for their babies. And this year it's a big wooden marble run set. We fill their stockings with arts and crafts mostly.

    I've only had a 9-10 month old one time at Christmas since the rest of their birthdays are in the fall, but I usually just get them something small for Christmas and birthdays — a set of books or something until they're 2. My mom gets each girl a Bitty Baby for their second Christmas, which is a fun tradition!

  15. I have bought the kids a new Christmas ornament every year. Last year things went totally overboard with gifts for the kids, so this year we are pulling things way back! The kids are getting two gifts each, my daughter who is 2 is getting Tag Jr (leapfrog) and a kids grocery cart. My son, who is 4, will be getting an easy-bake oven and a toyset that you put together with screws. This year we also got each child a sponser child (through Compassion). We also do the pj's on Christmas eve and stockings on Christmas morning! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I like to get larger gifts that will last, but always end up wrapping clothes, toys and other goodies I'm getting anyways. This will be my DD's second Christmas, but our first Christmas as a whole family, so I'm still looking for the perfect gift as well! I would love to get her a wooden kitchen, but still gotta find a good steal ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Little People sets are a great toy that he can play with now, and that will grow with him! A ride on toy that goes from a push toy to a ride on is a good idea, too. Those are a great grow-with-him toy! We had the Chicco 4-in-1 car for my daughter.
    My kids get a ton of presents. Half are from Santa, and the other half are from us.
    We give them each a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve to unwrap and wear that night. They also get an ornament each year from each set of their grandparents.

  18. We're making most of our gifts this year so our 2 year old will be getting a warm blanket and our 6 month old will be getting some fabric blocks. Both of them will also be getting matching pj pants (my hubby is getting a matching pair too!). They're also getting a book storage unit.

    They have enough toys and money is always tight so we try to get them gifts that they need or will have meaning in the years to come.

    We read the story of the birth of Christ the night of the 24th and are hoping to add in more traditions in the future like: making a gingerbread house, decorating cookies, making an ornament each year, and the mot important- doing an act of service!

  19. WE don't have any traditions yet =(
    First child. I am looking to buy a child friendly wooden Nativity…that I could still use when my son is older (without looking to childish). I'd like to really put front and center the reason we celebrate Christmas…Christ.
    As for toys…my son is the same age: 9 months on 12/9, and we have bought him a wooden tractor and train, an Alex toy car flip set, his Grandfather is getting him a lovely wooden lawnmower (looks like the old style push mowers), and I would like to get him a wooden stacker (Holgate), some play silks (probably from Etsy), a wooden sorter (haven't found exactly the right one…well I LOVE the one from Tag Toys…but $40!), and some wooden nesting bowls (haven't found them yet either)…Oh! and YAY! I won a Hug a Planet set from Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous (he's already seen it and he loves it!).

  20. I have one more tip…three of the toys I purchased for my son I got from craigslist. Children's toys (especially the quality ones) can be almost like new if the children have a ton of toys and don't play with that one too roughly. The Alex toy retails onlie for $45 not including S&H, I got it for $7! A few scratches on the base that's it! The tractor with hitch and train, both sell from Doodle Bug toys (Made in the USA) Wood and Toot is the train. The two retail online for ~ $80 (for both) not including S&H. I got both for $15! A few scratches, the train was missing the logs on the flat car and the tractor didn't have the blocks in the trailer…but I'm OK with that…he has other blocks.
    Some people feel squemish with 'used', I think of it as recycling!
    Craigslist also sells a lot of new in box toys (NIB).
    So if you're interested in treasure hunting check out craigslist; be careful though saving money can be addicting =)

  21. Hey Sami- My parents got my brother a little rocking chair MANY years ago (he's almost 30 now!). Of course I used it when I was young, and then my niece (she's 4 now), and now Jack is loving it! He thinks he's such a big boy now that he can crawl up onto it himself and rock by himself too. So cute! I think we introduced him to it when he was round 9 months old. I can't wait to have it for my kids someday.

  22. we do PJ's on christmas eve. we don't get the kids much either b/c they WILL get so much from grandparents.

    I don't like toys that make noise… ๐Ÿ™‚ we like quiet, do it yourself toys. my kids are currently playing with tons of stuff from when I was a kid… cash register, house w/ people. my kids also love the fisher price little people and a wooden train set… the GOOD QUALITY ones!!!!!!

  23. Christmas is so fun, especially with my 3 year old who has braved the visit to see Santa & even sat on his lap. Although all she asked for was gummy worms, she will also get her own little desk by Step2, a Discovery kids digital camera, and of course books! My 20 month old will get a little tent & tunnel set-up, along with a pink Little People airplane. I do go a little crazy on the stockings, but like I said it is the first year they are excited about Christmas!

    When they were Lucas' age, we did not buy very much. We bought things like linking beads, stacking/nesting boxes, books, things that are still being used today.

    Happy Holidays!!!

  24. I think Lucas would love a kitchen! He might not play with it too much but it a few months he will for sure. I am getting my kids some new Christmas books and each a new toy that they get to pick out at toys r us!

  25. Hey Jill Vonier!!!! (I tried to find an email for you but couldn't)

    You can find TONS of great Baby's First Christmas ornaments at

    It's a reallllllly cool Christmas store here in Michigan. They personalize ornaments and send them to you.

    This sounds like a commercial, but I just went there and the selection is amazing so just thought I'd share.

    Sherri Williams… I made my Logan a train table for Christmas when he was 1 1/2 and it was a HUGE hit. Now that he's 4 1/2 and we have a baby, the train table is where Logan is required to keep his tiny Legos, so they're not on the floor for his brother to eat! ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for me, we got Logan a Wii, with some games and accessories (though it's kind of for all of us to use together) and we got Jordan (10 mos old) an Imaginarium 5-way bead maze cube thingy and a LeapFrog My Pal Scout toy.

  26. Our family has three traditons we do…
    The first two are ones that my mom started when i was little and i have continued it.
    1st) We always get new christmas p.j.'s on christmas eve!
    2nd) On our stocking we get a pin, so on mine i will be getting my 26th christmas pin this year. Its so much fun to pull out our stockings every year and look at all the pins and remember the year we got them. I love that i am able to continue this on to my child.

    I have started a new traditon with my son that on Christmas morning he recieves a Build a Bear. Last year he got a monkey with a sailor outfit, my hubby is in the navy and was deployed so it had a special meaning for us. A few of my girlfriends have started this as well for thier children.

  27. We have a tradition of getting our kiddos xmas pj's. Our parents did it with us too.
    I really wanted to get dd a wooden kitchen set. She's only 18 months, so I'm going to wait for her birthday ๐Ÿ˜€

    We got ds a table and chair set a couple of years ago and they still play with it.

    Last year, ds was about 7 months old. We gave her a wooden shape sorter, some oversize cloth blocks, clothes and a bunch of cloth diapers.

    Both kids get new clothes, books and a couple of toys.
    My inlaws overload them on cheap plastic crap, so I try to get quality toys that will last.

  28. My son will be around 4 1/2 months this Christmas- his first! Each year he'll get a new ornament (though this year he got 5 from excited family members!) and we'll be taking him to bring a toy for Toys for Tots or a similar organization. We know he'll be getting lots of presents every year, but we want him to know Christmas is about giving as well and teach him that it's nice to give as well as receive.

    We'll be getting him something small this year, but next year we'll be going all out! We can't wait ๐Ÿ™‚

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