Making Time for Family

We are all so busy. We have work commitments, extra curricular activities and social meetings. We run from drop off to pick up to getting the dinner on the table. Sometimes we are so busy and caught up in the daily runs of life that we forget about spending time with each member of the family together and as one. Spending quality time together is so important.

Families thrive on time spent together. Children grow and learn during family time. Parents relax and set their worries and “to do’s” aside during family time. Family time connects us together and helps us grow as a family. There is always so much to do, we often forget about spending time, just simple time, with each other.

If you have kids that are six months or six years old, it’s all the same. Time spent together is so important, even if it means just reading together, playing cards or emptying the dishwasher. You don’t have to go out and spend money or do something fancy to have time together. You just need to make time for it.

Here are a few ideas and ways you can spend together as a family.

Devote one specific day or night a week to family.

In our house, we try to keep Sunday as family days. It doesn’t always go as planned, but we try to keep Sunday a day where we don’t work outside the home or spend time alone with friends. We spend all day together. Sometimes we go to Church and breakfast and then go run errands. Other days we sit around in our sweats all day and watch football while we clean house. The point is, we always know that Sunday is our family day. And no matter what we do, we’ll be together.

Play games.

Kids love games, don’t they? Games are fun! I think having a game night once a week is a great way to unwind with your family and do something fun.

Go for a walk.

Family walks are great. They provide a place for exercise and room to communicate, and also allows your kids to get some of their energy out! Walks are wonderful because there are not many distractions.

Make a fun family tradition

Maybe once a month your family goes out to a movie on a Friday. Or you visit the zoo. Or every Wednesday night you play games. Maybe Sunday mornings you all watch cartoons in bed. Whatever it be, a tradition is something that you and your kids can always count on. Like having a “family day” it’s a way of devoting one special thing or activity to your family.

Have dinner together

This is something I really want to do with my children when they get older. I think every night should involve dinner around the table. This is a great opportunity to talk about each persons day and have a nice meal. It has been said that children who eat at the dinner table with their family also eat healthier meals!

No matter what you do, all that matters is that you are together as a family.

What does your family do together?

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

6 thoughts on “Making Time for Family

  1. We eat dinner together almost every night, visit a local yogurt shop just about every Sunday evening, we participate in family activity every weekend (walk, indoor play area). We spend a lot of quality family time together on the weekends! It really is so important!

  2. We also eat dinner together every night. I've read a lot about how kids are less likely to get in trouble if they have family dinners and I know my parents had four kids and none of us got into much trouble and we ate dinner together every night. And we go for family walks all the time, which is a must when you have a family dog 🙂

  3. Our big family activities seem to revolve around Wally and Skipper. Two labs………always dragging something around and making life interesting! A family that plays together, stays together!

  4. great post! our family does walks and game nights too- we love them and our kids always seem to get along pretty well during family time!

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