Body After Baby Finalist: Final Four (Please Vote!)

A couple weeks ago, we ended our 8 week session of the Body After Baby challenge. I created this challenge after my son was born when I was (still am) working on getting my body after baby back! The support and encouragement from one mom to a next is so important in reaching your fitness and health goals.

Our last challenge was an eight week series. Over 75 of you signed up, and many of you blogged about the challenge each week. Everyone did wonderful, and I’m so proud of each of you! Even if you only changed one habit, or started exercising one more day a week- any positive change is great and bringing you one set closer to your ultimate goal!
Of course you’re all winners, as getting healthier and reaching you goal weight is the real prize here! The final four were determined by points (received each week for doing challenges) from the people that emailed me.
Please read each statement from these amazing mamas and take a look at their blog post (say hello while you’re there!) and any before/after pictures. Vote for who you think should win in the poll to the right. The person with the most votes will win the $50 gift certificate to Mama Momo. Voting will close Monday night and I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday!

#1 BrassyMom

Before and after pictures are HERE.

My baby turned six months old just a few days after the Body After Baby Challenge. Regardless of whether or not I “win” the contest, I feel like I’ve already won! Body After Baby was just what I needed to kick my tush into gear and lose the last few pregnancy pounds. I’m still overweight, and still working on myself, but I’m now down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Of course, winning the actual tangible prize would certainly be wonderful too! Money is extremely tight for us right now, like I’m sure it is for everyone else, and what better prize than being able to buy something useful – cloth diapers?!

#2 Melinda

Melinda’s blog:
Before and after pictures are HERE.

Honestly, If I didn’t win this challenge I would still feel like a winner. It gave me the motivation and support to finally take the initiative to loose weight.I lost a total of 18 inches, 8 from my waist and 4 from my hips. My goal for the Challenge was to loose 15 lbs.I ended up losing 26.3 lbs. I went from 240.1 lbs to 216.8 lbs.I started out wearing a plus size 20 pair of jeans. The other day, I bought a size 14 pair of pants.While winning the challenge and the prize would be great, I feel like a winner already.I still have aways to go to reach my ultimate goal, but the challange has already started me on “a journey to a new me”.Thank you Samantha and all the mommies who particiapted in the challenge.

#3 Harmony

Harmony’s blog:

Before and after pictures are HERE.

Hi my name is Harmony and I am a first time mother to Xander who is almost a year old. For me this challenge really meant keep up with my promise to myself and to my family about getting back into shape. Working with all of you to keep me on track throughout the weeks really made me accountable and the numbers show my results. I might not have lost the most weight or earned the most points but as far as my health is concerned I am a winner in this challenge because I really make the scale move for the first time in several months. And it didn’t just stop at the end date for me I am down to 172 which is another 2lbs since the challenge ended.

I would would like to be voted the winner of this challenge because it’s made a huge difference in my life and I’m going to stick to it. I also just started cloth diapering my son and I could really use some more cloth diapers, lol. Thank you all for your support and for your vote. Please visit blog post:Body After Baby Final Stats to see the results in pictures and numbers.

#4 Amanda

Before and after pictures are HERE.

I am wearing the same jeans in each picture. I was able to accomplish a lot during the eight week challenge. I stuck to my diet with almost no cheating and the reward has been totally worth it. I now weight what I did when I got married and then (only six short weeks later) found out that I was expecting for the first time. I have, in the past month, worn two different dresses that I had been saving all these years because they were my favorite ones. It was amazing to be able to wear the dress that I got my engagment pictures taken in.

Please show support for these ladies and all their hard work. Visit their blogs if you can and congratulate them on their success!! Vote #1, #2, #3 or #4!

* Use the poll on the right to vote please! Votes left in the comments section won’t count!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

21 thoughts on “Body After Baby Finalist: Final Four (Please Vote!)

  1. #4 I would love to be at my pre-pregnancy weight! Go Amanda! I know Amanda personally and I know that she was very diciplined and had great results. She stuck to the challenge and conquered every single week! Good Job!

  2. Good Job! I wish I could have stayed in longer but maybe after this baby is born we can do it again! Yes I'm pregnant again and my baby is only 7 months. Thankfully I was only 10lbs away from my pre-pregnant weight when it happened.
    I say #2! You did great and should keep it going!

  3. Good job, everyone! It looks like all four women worked hard. I wish there were better pictures for #4 though, since I can't really see the difference. I'm sure her friends are better able to notice though.

    I do want to praise all the women for being so brave about sharing such revealing photographs. I don't think I'd have the courage to show the world pictures that didn't put me in a flattering light, but they really do show the remarkable changes and all the hard work.

    Keep up with the exercises and new habits! Even if you don't want to lose more weight, staying healthy is a great thing.

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