Why I Don’t Use Disposable Diapers

I have been using disposable diapers for almost a month now.

Oh my heart.
My achy breaky heart.
Oh my checkbook.
( I don’t have a checkbook.)
It’s breaking.
Oh cloth diapers.
How I miss your cuteness and your fresh fleece and your laundry routines.
Your blues and yellows and oranges. Your snaps and your velcro and your fluffy butt.
How I long for you to be the one that collects waste and urine from my child.
How I miss you, dear sweet ones.

Seriously guys.

Because we moved (yada yada yada) my sweet sweet diapers are in a box somewhere in storage. I don’t know which box, otherwise this problem may not exist. But you see, I was on a tight budget (time constraint) here and frankly, I forgot to label the cloth diaper box.

THE CLOTH DIAPER BOX. I forgot to label it.

So it’s in storage. And I never asked our roommates if they were okay with me using their washing machine 3x/week for poop and pee particles anyways, I mean, I did just meet them the second we walked off the plane. What a first impression that would be.

Hi! Nice to meet you and thanks for letting us stay at your house. Oh and by the way, I’m one of THOSE parents and I’ll be using your washing machine to wash my sons diapers in. Only a couple times a week. Oh, and don’t worry. His poop is at a great consistency right now! You don’t mind, do you??

So here we are. I’m using disposables. And I can’t tell you how flipping excited I am to go back to cloth. I had never used disposables (except for the first 3 weeks of Lucas’ life when he was itty bitty) until now so I never really knew why I didn’t use disposables. I just always knew why I used cloth.

I think I’ve got it all figured out.

Why I Don’t Use Disposables 101

#1. They cost too much money.

I have spent something like $60 on diapers. Please. Help me do the math here. I could have bought at least 3 cloth diapers. Three cloth diapers that last forever. I’m not kidding you, every time I buy a box of disposables at Target I have cow print diapers dancing in my head.

#2. They take up too much space in the garbage can.

For real folks, my garbage can is full of diapers. DIAPERS. Do you know what happens with cloth? You wash and re-use them. RE USE them! A novel idea, really.

#3 They are not cute. At all.

A visual presentation for you. Which is cuter?

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

A bum with sesame street characters on them or a bum that’s bright orange?

And speaking of, can’t we come up with something better than sesame street? Was that’s all that was left to pick from? What about animals or polka dots or stripes or a solid color? Why does it have to be Sesame Street?

Not a fan.

#4 They aren’t good for my son’s skin.

Surprisingly, Lucas hasn’t got a rash from disposables yet. However, I have noticed that his skin, er his bottom area, is more sensitive and gets a little red around the legs sometimes. With cloth diapers his skin stayed perfect.

So there you have it. Reasons why I don’t use disposables (except for right now) and plan not to ever again once I get my hands back on those cute, adorable, soft cloth diapers.

Thinking of you tonight, cloth diapers.
I hope the cold is treating you well.
We will be reunited soon.
Yours Truly,
Samantha and Lucas

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

30 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Use Disposable Diapers

  1. I totally know what you mean!! Oh Samantha I hope you find them soon and can go back πŸ™‚

    I also hate how stinky the trash is with sposies – GROSS! if I have a stinky dipe I just wash it and the smell is gone. Oh bliss! LOL

  2. aww! if i was you i would spend $72 and get two 3-packs of Smartipants sent to me right away. maybe you could get away with just using the dispoosables at night. and don't tell the roomies what you're washing! πŸ˜‰

  3. Great post!! I was a disposable user until this last baby and I switched to cloth. I will never go back! I love my cloth and wished I had done it with the first three kiddos! Hopefully you will get your cloth back soon.

  4. Today was actually the first time I ever used a clothe diaper. After having three other babies in disposables we decided to switch, please don't make fun, I know we should have done it long long ago. My hubby was not on board till now. So its the beginning of my clothe diaper journey, I am happy to hear that so many love them so much! I am lookinf forward to saving money, having an empiter less stinky trash can and havine those chemicals on my little babies bums.

  5. I never was able to use clothe diapers with our son. We had to use facility washing machines and only did laundry once or twice a week, and that's a looong time to have to smell nasty diapers. If we would have had a machine of our own, I probably would have considered it. Good luck finding your box!

    {PS-they do make Winnie the Pooh disposables πŸ™‚

  6. i am wanting to start cloth diping but just so you know- target brand diapers are cute blue and green polka dots ❀ thats what I've been using while i'm trying to get my hands on some cloth dipes πŸ™‚

  7. Target brand has polka dots on them, and Nature Babycare have little leaves printed on them. But you're so right about how you envision buying super comfy cloth when you throw down $60 on sposies. We use sposies for travel and every time I buy a $10 pack I think of how I could buy another cute cloth one from diaperswappers πŸ™‚

  8. I LOVE this post…I actually think that I got my friend to buy cloth diapers and get rid of sposies…I am pretty excited for her, cloth is the way to go!!! Good luck finding your stash of cloth!!

  9. Just FYI – we use the Target disposables and they are cheaper than the Pampers in your pic. They work just as well.

    You're little guy is adorable in his bright orange cloth diaper!

  10. Samantha, I so feel for you! It's horrible having important things packed away (*cough* maternity sweaters *cough*). I hope you find the diaper box soon!

  11. lol. i had to buy disposables when we went on vacation in october…no fun! and crazy expensive. i once had to get a box for a friend when i went to the store and about flipped at the cost. i totally forgot how much they cost. and to think i had three in diapers at one point. then got smart and switched to cloth!! i love cloth. :0)

  12. I love my cloth diapers but my oldest is now wearing disposables 100% of the time because nothing can hold his pee anymore! I hate how much waste they create but man are they nice when he goes poo!

    If you're spending that much money have you thought abut buying some gdiapers? You can use the flushable inserts now and the covers with cloth inserts later on.

  13. I am so not a fan of Pampers Cruisers. Those diapers gave my daughter major tummy rash since that mesh lining was rubbing against her tummy too much.
    I used Broody Chick (the first 100% compostable diaper) overnight for 2-3 weeks and when out because my daughter was a SUPER heavy wetter. I was happy to switch back to cloth for night-time a couple of days ago. I started feeling terrible about the waste and the money spent on disposables.

  14. I am totally with you on how ugly disposables are! I HATED putting Mickey Mouse and Big Bird on my baby's bum. I felt like she was a part of some big marketing ploy. The only cute 'sposies I ever saw (besides the newborn ones with pooh bear) were the Target ones with blue and green polka-dots. I tried just about every brand I could get my hands on for five months. She blew out of every single kind! I HATED it! I tried changing sizes and brands and putting them on her differently and not letting her go too long between changes, but nothing worked. Then I switched to cloth because we moved to a place with a washer and dryer, and I hated the waste and the chemicals of disposables and lo and behold! No more blowouts! One weekend with friends I had to switch back to 'sposies, and guess what? She blew out of them! Fun times. I feel for you! I hope you can get to that box soon!

  15. Target diapers are cheaper than the name brand diapers, and they're amazing as far as disposables go. I really would like to use cloth but we can't because we don't have a washer in our apartment so it makes it really hard to use cloth. Target diapers are also the cutest disposables I've ever seen. They have green and blue polka dots on them. Oh yeah, Target's website used to have a $1 off coupon on their diapers.

  16. haha I was just going to say Target too. I've been using them for my son for about 6 months( props to you for using cloth-I don't think I'd have the patience- I WISH i did!). Target's are priced at under $14 bucks for a family pack, which is pretty cheap. I agree with you about the sesame street characters-it gets super old. They are on EVERYTHING. Thankfully Target has some fashion sense!

  17. I totally agree! I am about to give birth to my third baby and he or she will be cloth diapered like the other two. There are different hassles and inconveniences involved in cloth diapering but I'd gladly take them over those involved with disposables any day.

  18. I know this comment is *extremely late* but the topic is always 'fresh' (no pun intended).

    I'm on the opposite side of the disposable vs cloth debate – so Little Moo wears disposables. We did the math and figured there wasn't much difference IF we werent going to be brand conscious. Ie I dont buy Pampers or Huggies but stick with the no-name supermarket own-brands which average less than 10p (15c) each. We have never had a problem with quality.

    And as far as environmental issues, I have 3 arguments: (1) we throw plenty of other stuff in the trash (think toilet paper and other feminine hygiene stuff) so what's the difference with diapers? (2) We also compensate by doing as much recycling as possible, and (3) The environmental (and financial) “cost” of all the extra water, detergent and electricity cant actually make re-usables much more environmentally friendly or cheaper.

    So as far as I'm concerned there are pros and cons to both and whichever YOU decide to do is up to you and your personal preference.

    Happy pooping πŸ˜›

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