Remembering the Simple Joys of Christmas Time

Christmas is on Friday! I can’t believe it. This year has gone exactly the opposite as I imagined it would. This will be our first year traveling (with a baby, too!) to see family over Christmas. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone, but I can’t help but think about all of the little things I need to do.

It sort of stresses me out. It makes my head hurt and causes arguments between my husband and I. It makes my wallet hurt and families bicker. It’s as if, on accident, things become so stressful this time of year. Why is it that way? Why does the best holiday always become the most stressful holiday?

You know what?

I don’t want to be stressed out.

This is Christmas- the most wonderful time of year- and I have decided right here and now, that I will not allow myself to be stressed. I will not allow myself to get caught up in things that don’t matter. I will enjoy this time of year, because it’s my son’s very first Christmas! I will eat and be merry. I will wake up eight (or is it 9?) times a night with my son. I will spend too much money on Christmas books.

I will be a jolly fellow.

Because this is Christmas.

I know many of us, myself include, can often get so caught up in the “logistics” of Christmas. We plan and worry about things like what gifts we’re going to get our family, friends and co- workers. Is the gift good enough? Should I have spent more money? We worry and plan about what food we need to bring for Christmas dinner, what we’re going to wear, how we should wrap a gift, send a card, etc. There are so many little details around this time of year.

You know what?

None of that matters.

I have to remind myself that, and I want to remind you, too.

Whatever is on your mind right now, whatever is on your “to do” list, or whatever you feel like you have to do, buy, make or plan right now, just let it go.

Celebrate, go to Church if you want, open presents, eat 9 cookies in a row, or apple pie, or drink beer if that’s what you like. Play games with your family, watch Christmas movies, relax. Do whatever the heck you want to do. But be still. Be simple. Be in this moment. Be today. Be present. Take pictures. Take a video. Take more pictures. Listen to music. Celebrate the birth of our Savior. Rejoice.

And when you look back on this time of year, I hope that you’re able to remember the simple joys of life.

Because that is what matters.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

10 thoughts on “Remembering the Simple Joys of Christmas Time

  1. And the people said, Amen!

    I was getting riled up because I made fudge but it didn't set up well, and felt like I couldn't take it to share with my family because it wasn't good enough, and my husband said 'you know, you're starting to let things get to you again'. And that simple truth smacked me upside the head. Throughout my pregnancy, nothing bothered me. Nothing, now with a 1 year old, I feel like my brain is in constant danger of scrambling. And I'm worrying if my scarf-it-up family would have liked my candy. Turns out, my mom didn't take hers, so there wasn't any. How sad. So it's going with my husband to work tomorrow. How glad is he? very glad! ps baby likes the fudge just fine, soft enough for her to num up!

  2. Thanks! I needed this reminder! I was just stressing out last night about not having good gifts for my older siblings, who really don't need/want anything. But they always get ME a gift and I feel guilty if I don't exchange, too!

  3. Wonderful advice that can be applied to so many areas of life. My husband and I internalized the same state of mind when planning and getting married. “As long as we're both there, and we get married, nothing else matters.” Really focusing on what's important in the big picture of life makes living it so much more enjoyable!! Thanks for such a wonderful reminder!!

  4. I definitely plan on eating 9 or more cookies or pieces of pie 🙂 It is a day to celebrate, to cherish family memories, witness the magic that will appear when the kids open their gifts. Wishing you a Merry Christmas & safe travels!

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