I Don’t Like Traveling.

I don’t like traveling. I do not like planes. I do not like the seats and the air and how it is so gosh darn ridiculously hot. I do not like the turbulence and the vomit bags in front of me and the numbing factor my butt takes on. I do not like the head rest and the small seats and the I think I’m dying fear. I do not like them Sam I am. I do not like them!

Not at all. Not one tiny bit.

However, with that I will say our middle of the night/morning flight with a 9 month old was a success! I was a little worried, but thankfully he slept through most of the flight! We woke him up at 11:00pm to leave for the airport and stayed awake until we took off at 1:30am. People were nice and crazy at the same time. The most wonderful time of year.


In other news, we have been waiting on our tip toes that everything with a house we’re trying to buy (house #3, remember) will work out smoothly. I have been researching up the wazoo paint colors and decorations. I believe I walked out of Lowes with over 20 shades of blue paint samples.  Which really, is just not helpful at all. How on earth does one ever decide what color to paint their house?

There are just too many choices. This with the combination of me being an indecisive person is going to drive my husband batty. And then of course there are the storage units, the nightstands, the color of bedspread, the location of the television, the logistics of how I will arrange my clothes, how I will store Lucas’ toys and books, what color to paint his wall, one color or two, where to put the desk, how to put the desk with the bed, which wall to put the picture frames on, and how do I arrange these frames, where to hang that one piece of decorative something, how to arrange my food in the pantry, how adorable my cloth diapers (!!!) are going to look on the clothesline which I need to instal, where to put some candles, which wall should I paint, and how do I decide which color (???) and the list goes on out one ear and through the other and back down to my funny bone.

Personal designer, where are you?

I have thinking about my new years resoultions for 2010. I’m not one to make resolutions, but this year with so many new things happening with my family, I’m excited and ready to make some great goals for the year! I will be making year long goals as well as month to month goals. These help me stay focused throughout the year. Have you thought about your goals for 2010? Don’t forget Body After Baby 2010 starts soon! I bet that’s one of your resolutions!

What are your plans for Christmas Eve? We’re spending time with family, driving through some holiday lights, doing a little last minute (bad idea don’t you know) shopping, and opening some gifts. I’ll be back with lots of pictures to share!

Oh, and if you take any great photographs this weekend, be sure to send one to me for the Cutest Winter/Christmas Baby Contest!  Just a fun way to show adorable pictures that I love of your children in winter and Christmas spirit. So far the pictures you’ve sent me leave me with a huge smile and a melted heart. Your kids are incredibly delicious, and I mean that in the most normal way possible.

Merry Christmas Eve. Be blessed!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

8 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Traveling.

  1. honey don't stress yourself with last minute shopping! (so says the girl who was up until 2am last night finding gifts…) i used gifts.com and found a subscription for beer of the month club for my husband and wine of the month club for my best friend. they really do have some great last minute ideas. so shop from the house and dont deal with crowds! glad you survived the flight!

  2. Here is my suggestion for paint color: get the first one you see! It makes things easier and really helps me!

    I can't wait to see pictures of Lucas. Hope you guys have a merry christmas!

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