My Body After Baby Goals (& link yours!)

Well, hello (almost) 2010. Hello saggy butt. Hello flabby arms. Hello stomach. You used to be smaller. Hello calf muscle. You used to be defined. Hello butt, again. My husband says you used to be perkier. (Boobs too, but that’s not my fault.) Hello legs. You used to have muscle. Hello negative eight pack. Hello pregnant 10 months ago body.

No really. You were cute for a while. During that one time when we were eating oreo’s or something. I liked you then. And that one time when I had a cute large sweater to wear over you. And yes, yes dear one, those chocolate candies are darn good. But I’m sorta sick of you. Sick of ya I say!

Sometimes when I talk to myself it makes me feel better.

Anyways, I seriously want my old body back. No no no. I mean. seriously.

My biggest challenge right now is finding the time, place and resources to work out. I don’t have a gym membership yet since the move, (goal and priority #1!) and because there is so much snow on the ground it’s not as easy to go for a walk or run with the stroller. I have to get more creative and focus on my diet more.


  • Exercise (not including daily walks) a minimum of 4x/week at the gym. I’m hopefully going to get a gym membership when we get back to Alaska. I miss lifting weights terribly!
  • Drink a min. of 3L of water a day
  • Lose 10 pounds by March 3rd, Lucas’ first birthday. That will be hard for me, but I know I can do it if I’m consistent!
  • Exercise 4 (Ideally I would love to get in 5 or 6!) days a week by going to the gym for an hour.
  • Stop Snacking and eat solid meals. I snack way too much because frankly, snacking is sometimes easier when you’re a mom. I would love to get back into the habit of making a nice lunch for myself, and sitting down to eat in in silence while Lucas is napping. It’s really refreshing to me, but I often just eat something on the run.
  • Carry my water bottle with me everywhere!
  • Keep track of everything. I want to write down my daily eats and exercise to keep myself accountable. I did this a couple years ago, and while it gets really repetitive to write down every meal you eat, it does help! It’s also great for looking back to see what worked… or what didn’t!
As soon as I get a gym membership I will be making myself a specific workout plan with coordinating days of weight lifting and cardio. I’ll share that with you once it’s set! I like to have very specific plans because it gives me something to follow. Instead of saying “I’m going to the gym today” I have a plan so it’s more like, “I’m going to the gym at 5pm to do an hour of running,” or whatever it may be.
This works for me!

This is me about 5 years ago. I was much younger and I totally look it, but I was also about 15-20 pounds smaller! That dress probably wouldn’t get past my belly button at this point. Bummer ’cause I loved that dress! This is my motivation.

More than anything and more than any number I might see on a scale, my ultimate goal and focus is to be healthy, feel healthy and look healthy. To be active, to eat with sense and to enjoy life to its fullest.

What about you?
If you’re joining the Body After Baby Challenge, leave you post url link here so we can all visit you and see what your goals are for the new year! Please make sure you are linking back to my blog too!
Please try to visit as many people as you can, at least the person after you! Read their goals and root them on, and who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired yourself and get some new ideas!

To clarify a few things, you do not need to send me any before pictures right now. This is an ongoing challenge to keep us accountable and encouraged to reach our goals. I may ask for success stories or before & after pictures in 6-8 weeks. Of course you can always post these on a blog post any week as well.

Link up and let’s get this thing started!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

27 thoughts on “My Body After Baby Goals (& link yours!)

  1. I'm joining…it's just that I havent had the baby yet…but I'm already pumped to start losing as soon as my milk gets established…so about 4 weeks after I have the baby…which shoudl be any day…and tomorrow is the full moon….sooooo…..

  2. I'm on board for sure! I have lots of great goals and need to kick my butt into gear. No more messing around. I have lots of work to do and it isn't going to be easy!

    P.S. That dress is so pretty!

  3. Woot! First post up!! I'm excited. I'm really quite terrible at keeping up with things unless I have public accountability & support, so thank you!! πŸ˜€

  4. I know you are on facebook, for the last challenge I used an application on there called My Diet. You can keep an online journal of your activity & exsercise and of your meals and snacks. They have most htings already listed so you just click on what you ate and what excersice or activity you did and it tracks your calories. Its really useful! I encourage anyone who is taking the challenge and is on facebook to at least check it out! Again it is called My Diet! You can add friends too and see how they are doing, talk about accountability!

  5. I'm so excited about this. I NEED the accountability. I'm posting my goals on 1/1/2010 with my ny resoultions so I'll come back and add my link.

  6. woo hoo!!

    Amy, great idea about Facebook. Thanks for letting us know about it!

    My favorite online source for tracking food is

    I'll be sticking to a good ol' notebook this time around.

    Hope that baby comes soon for you! πŸ™‚

  7. i'm on board! found your site through hippiemama's…I'm a 29yr old mom of 4 and My 4th is now 4months old, and I want to finally lose the baby weight too! I don't want to be lazy about it and have it take years to come off…so I'm right there with you! I wanna see my old body for the 1st time in 7 years!

  8. I'll try to get my goals up by the end of the week. This is such great motivation!

    I was wondering though… isn't 3 liters a LOT of water? You don't want to get water poisoning either.

    You look amazing in that dress πŸ™‚ I hope you can reach your goals and be that size again!

  9. Stacy,
    3 liters is a lot but it's not THAT much. :)It's 3 big water bottles. It's pretty normal. 4 Liters is a gallon.

    Drinking 3L all day long with a workout is totally fine. Not neraly enough for water poising.

    and thanks πŸ™‚

  10. Samantha!! You look amazing in that picture. You'll be back in that dress in no time. I want to join but 1) I don't think I qualify and 2) I wouldn't mind putting on a few pounds (like 30) in the form of another baby lol. We'll see what God has planned.

    I will be working out right with y'all though. Husband got me a gym membership this year and I really enjoy the quiet time πŸ™‚

  11. I guess I am all signed up, I have linked my blog to yours, and posted info on everything! Excited to get started! Are you still going to do prizes and such? I love that for motivation! I need it actually helps competitiveness come out !!! πŸ™‚ and yeah that dress is gorgeous!

  12. TAKE TWO!

    We all get second chances, right? Well, this one is mine and I will need all of you to remind me of my goals when school or life make me exhausted and I decide maybe I won't go for a walk or blog about that week!



  13. I'm not going to be able to do prizes this time unless I can get some sponsors. I would LOVE to be able to but right now with buying a house and everything I'm just not able to. Hopefully I can get some awesome sponsors!! I'm sorry!

  14. I heard about this from a friend and I'm going to dive right in! My daughter is 10 months old and it's time to get back to that pre-pregnancy weight before she turns 1!

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