Chocolate Temptation (Body After Baby)

First, a few important announcements.

1. Rules for using Mr Linky: When you leave your link in the tool at the end of this blog post, please make sure you are leaving the post url link, not the home page of your blog. For example: not If your link goes to your home page instead of your Body After Baby post I will delete your link. You can of course re-enter it again the right way!

Also, please make sure that you are linking back to this blog in your Body After Baby Post.

The linky tool will close two days after I put it up so be sure to get your post for that week in.

I don’t do these things to be mean, it’s just the way Mr. Linky works.

2. I would like to get some feedback from you. What would be the best day to put up the Body After Baby post with Mr. Linky? I am flexible on the days. Would Monday’s make it easier for you so that you could reflect back on an entire week, monday through monday? Please let me know what day works for you and I’ll see what I can do!

3. A while back I created the Body After Baby ning site which you can find HERE. It’s a great way to meet more moms who are working on getting their health back and reaching their fitness goals. You can ask questions, support one another, learn new tips and get ideas for fitness and much more. It’s a community site, so do what you want with it! I encourage you to join (you just have to enter your email address to create an account) and ask a question on diet and fitness (or parenting topics are fine too!) and answer another members question. Have fun with it!

4. I thought it would also be fun to organize a chat on twitter. For those of you who use twitter, you probably know about using hashtags to put with your tweets for discussions or just to organizing things. Like #bodyafterbaby or #clothdiapers at the end of your tweet. What day and time is the best for you for a Body After Baby chat? After I hear from all of you I will organize a chat for us so we can have a weekly chat/discussion.

If you have any other questions or suggestions for the Body After Baby Challenge on how it works or how we can make it better and more interactive, please let me know! Thanks again for joining us!

Now for my update.
I’m still working on getting a gym membership. The cost for the gym I want to join is $85/month for a single person plus $4 for child care each time. Yeah. That’s a lot and not feasible for us. I’m looking at a few other gyms that are cheaper but that don’t have child care. This means I would have to go in the evening, which isn’t my first (or second) choice, but I might have to deal with it.

But, if I get a job at the gym I will have a free membership!

I haven’t lost any weight this week.
I drank Diet Cook yesterday.
Oh, and get this. The people we’re staying with are going on a super-freak healthy diet that their chiropractor put them on. They can’t eat cheese, flour, chocolate and all things good. So. They have cleaned out their cupboards and upstairs, at this very moment, is a table full of chocolate. Okay, half a table full of chocolate bars and chocolate nibbles and such. They said to take all we want because they can’t eat the stuff anymore.
Oh temptation.

How are you doing?

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

15 thoughts on “Chocolate Temptation (Body After Baby)

  1. Nice little surprise… I just finished writing and did not expect you to post until tomorrow. But then again, what is the time difference between Alaska & CA (yes, I am lame!)?

    Anyway, chatting for me works best in the evening after 8 PST.

    I also think it would be better to post on Mondays to get a full week. Maybe even less temptation to cheat on the weekends since we have to report back on Monday!

    And I am sorry that the chocolate is there – I would be in TROUBLE!!!

  2. I'm having chocolate temptation issues too!

    As for chat, I don't have any times that are generally good except for about 6 a.m. Eastern, and all you West Coast people are still snoozing (or sitting up with your babies). Other than that, it's hit-or-miss, but I'd try to be there. I've never done a Twitter chat before. How does it work?

  3. I really like that the BAB post go up on Tuesday or Wednesday, but any day should work for me.

    I have been having a hard time this last week avoiding temptations, if it were me I would throw it all away.

  4. Tuesdays might be best for some bloggers, esp if they do the Wordless Wednesday and don't want to post too many times in one day.
    Other than that, Wednesdays are ok.
    As for a chat… Mondays or Thursdays probably about 9 EST would be best for me. I work Wednesday and Thursday mornings so I can't be up too late.

    As for that Chiropractor's diet, my husband's boss and his wife are doing that. They are also supposed to eliminate anything with a hint of corn. Hard to do since they sneak it into everything.

  5. I'm on that healthy crazy diet too…due to food allergies in my baby. I can't eat wheat, corn, eggs, soy,dairy (in any form) any form of gluten, but I have snuck in a bite or two of chocolate…who can live without chocolate?? ; )

  6. Day for Mr. Linky: doesn't matter to me! I just have to remember to keep checking your blog and/or feed so I don't miss it!

    Twitter chat: 1st, probably better to do #BAB or something. #bodyafterbaby is longer and takes more time. =) I would just pick a day and maybe a portion of the day so people from different time zones can chat. Like the #clothdiapers chat is Monday evenings. For everyone. Maybe pick a day or two after Mr. Linky, so we have time to read each other's blogs.

    Suggestion: I thought a good question to ask on your blog for us to answer would be “What is your favorite part of your workout?” Maybe it would give everyone more ideas and fresh inspiration.

    $85 a month is highway robbery! And THROW THE CHOCOLATE OUT. Just do it. Don't eat it. Don't think about it. Throw it out. =)

  7. OOOhhh temptation. Didn't go grocery shopping so I am very limited and my family has been eating out alot. Many many salads with olive oil and lemon juice. But it works. I just keep thinking…
    Does this taste better than thin feels. hehe

  8. Didn't get a post up this week. I am still struggling to rid myself of this bad holiday eating habit that I started. I should have stayed on my diet and not splurged over the holiday. I am having so much trouble getting back on it. Oh well, keep on keeping on.

  9. As soon as I'm told I can't have something, I immediately want it. If only I had someone telling me that I can't eat fresh fruits and vegetables-then I'd be all set.

  10. absolutely feel free to share the “Love to Eat/Hate to Eat” book info!

    i love that you host this . . . the accountability is a HUGE help to me.

    Also, I think I would prefer mondays so I can reflect on the last week of progress.

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