Paint Color for Lucas’ Room

Did I never update you with house # 3? Forgive me!

Here’s the skinny:
About two weeks ago, we made an offer on house # 3 and they accepted! Rejoice, rejoice, bells are playing, Lucas is rocking out on the drums, I’m singing into my hairbrush, etc. We’re excited about it and can’t wait to get into it. We’re still waiting to close on it and hopefully we’ll move in next weekend!
In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about how I want to decorate! I’m going to be asking you for ideas and suggestions! Or so you can honestly tell me when something looks awful!
Once we move in I will probably do a room or area of the house 1-2/week. Or more. Or less. Or whatever my heart desires, I don’t know. I’m hoping that this will also give you ideas and inspirations for your own home! Besides just decorating, I want to talk about storage, organization tips and more. But I think the room I want to tackle first is Lucas’ room.
And I’m going to ask for your input right now!
I don’t have a pictures, but it’s your basic bedroom. 4 walls, one window, 1 closet, 1 door and tan carpet. His crib and dresser are a dark wood color. I’ll show you pictures once his furniture is and and once I’m rearranging and adding shelves and what not. But first, I need help with the paint.
The paint.
I think it’s the hardest decision one ever has to make.
I went to the paint store and found some colors I like.

Here’s 46 cookies. Pick one.
I’m also thinking of doing some horizontal stripes across the room. Is that crazy?? I don’t want a lot, just a few here and there to make things fun and interesting. I don’t necessarily want a patter, I just want to go stripe crazy and see what happens. I’ve never done this before, so I don’t really know what I’m talking about. I don’t even want the entire wall covered in stripes. Maybe just a few bold stripes mixed in with some smaller ones. This is probably the only room in the house that I’ll be able to get away with adding stripes, so I want to go for it.

I put together some swaps of colors, but I don’t really like any of them.

What I want for Lucas’ bedroom (also the playroom and future shared sibling room):
  • Bright but not too bright
  • Fun & Simple
  • Versatile- works for boys and girls
  • Patters: stripes, polka dots..
What I don’t want for his bedroom:
  • Too busy or distracting
  • Prints like cars, dinosaurs, Winnie the Pooh, etc
  • “baby- ish”
Things to keep in mind for his bedroom:
  • Furniture (crib and dresser) are dark wood
  • We currently don’t have any other accessories or decorations for his room, so I will base those off of whatever I paint the walls.
  • We will be adding a bookshelf, either free standing or rain gutter shelves
  • We will also be adding a curtain to the window
Feels too “boy.” Although I do like that dark red and blue. And that golden yellow. And the light blue.
So, my questions for you at this point.
1. Do you see any color combinations that would look good together? Looks like I might want to add some lighter colors in with a brighter color so it’s not too bright?

2. How many colors should I use? I was originally thinking 5- but maybe just 3?

3. Stripes? Yay or nay?

… any other ideas/suggestions for paint in his room?

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47 thoughts on “Paint Color for Lucas’ Room

  1. I kind of like the brown and orange… but that's my favorite colour combination. lol

    But I plan on painting my kitchen the burnt orange to match my dark wooden cabinets and all my 70's inspired decor. But you might not want his room to match my kitchen. heheh.

    Have you thought about vinyl for stripes or even designs?
    My thinking is that you could easily change it as he gets older.

    Sorry to be random and not much help.

  2. I think that if you do a lighter, neutral color as the main one for the walls you can then play it up. A warm khaki would be nice. Then you could do stripes of different thicknesses on the wall, you could do horizontal on one or 2 walls & vertical on other wall(s). Then you could use those horizontal lines as guides for hanging shelves (which you could paint to match the stripes), or the vertical ones for a bookcase. I think an orange/green/blue would look nice. Maybe pastel orange & green on either side of a dark blue stripe. Think skinny-orange/thick-blue/skinny-green. Or the could get gradually thicker. Whatever you do, be sure to get blue painters tape. It comes off the easiest. And pencil lead is much harder to cover than you would think, so chalk lines are best.

    I do like the idea of vinyl decals! You can find them on eBay & other places, plus they're much easier to readjust πŸ™‚

    I'm a little OCD, so I actually drew out what I wanted in Photoshop to see how it would look when I wad designing M's room. Helped me out a lot, though.

    Sorry for the book, again. I just get so excited about this sort of thing :p

  3. I love the brown, orange, and baby blue. Not sure how much I'd like them together but oh well.

    We wanted to do our son's room in neutral colors but not have it scream “nursery”. We ended up with the Cocoa by Banana Fish Bedding (see did one wall in a cocoa brown and the remaining 3 in the aqua/turqoise blue from the set. It's bold and soft at the same time if that makes cense. lol

    Not sure I'm totally understanding the stripe idea- I think pictures are needed of that idea!

  4. Vinyl is awesome! We have it in our room and in our boys room. I'm a big fan of brown right now but the light green and blue shades are nice. I think painting 1 wall a more 'stand-out' colour would look nicer than stripes.

  5. I know you said art/decorations comes AFTER paint, but I thought it would be neat to select a print or poster based on a children's book (I like this one
    though I don't know what book it's from. It's just really cute and kind of earthy and thought-provoking, and the blues and greens would make for a calming space. It would be neat if you did two blue walls, two green walls, a white ceiling, white trim and some white stripes or a white chair rail. Then, on one of the walls, you could actually paint a white frame for the poster–I saw that on some design show once.)

    If Jordan had been a girl, his room would have been Monet-themed. It was going to be so pretty!

  6. With dark wood, I don't think you want to go to dark on the paint, personally, unless it's just an accent color. My friend did her kid's bathroom in the best green I have ever seen. If you are interested, I will ask her for the paint color. She has two greens (one accent wall is different) and the other accent colors are cream and brown. Looks so cheery and fresh!

  7. Oh I totally thought I had it figured out then you threw in the shared room thing. πŸ™‚ Can't be too boyish if there's a girl in there! πŸ™‚ I was going to go with blue and brown but not anymore. What about that light tealish color on the bottom right of the top picture for the whole wall then a thick (like foot and a half) strip of brown around the room somewhere (middle, bottom, etc.) I think that would be very gender neutral, not too “loud” and then you can accessorize each kids side with their own things….goes well with pink or more greens or blue. Good luck!! πŸ™‚

  8. My suggestion is lighter blue on top, then thin dividing horizontal stripe, then darker blue on the bottom. Not sure on the stripe color though.

    Hope that helps!

  9. I like the orange, blue and red you put up…I think those shades would go well with a green (lighter shade but not the babyish green that you see everywhere) and then a yellow. You could use a cream to settle things down a bit…like one wall green and cream or blue and cream stripes then add splashes of the orange, red and yellow around the room (in pillows, blankets, frames, bookshelf…whatever)

    We chose primary colors for Caleb's room before we found out if we were having a boy or girl. I really wanted a non-babyish theme too and nothing that said boy or girl. I love his room even now and really am glad we chose bolder colors rather than baby blue. Plus you never know when another baby will come and it's nice to be ready for another and not have to totally remoldel! πŸ™‚

    Love your color choices! I think decorating is SO hard. We moved into our home 2 months before Caleb was born and barely got his nursery set up before he was born. Our walls are still embarassingly bare 😦

  10. PS…I actually think those 4 colors you put together look REALLY good together (brown, red, blue and orange) I think you could mix in the lighter khaki another poster mentioned and then one of those greens would be pretty in there to lighten things up πŸ™‚ But I was really drawn to those colors together you posted πŸ™‚

  11. I like green. It can be combined with blue and/or red now and then if there's a little girl in the room…green goes great with pink or purple for girl bedding. All would look great with dark wood. You could also go look at some kids' bedding and see what you like and pull your colors from that. Congratulations on the house πŸ™‚

  12. I am a big fan of brown right now… And it's so versatile with pretty much any color, so in the future if you decide you want to change his room, you won't have to worry about finding matching colors…
    Love the idea of stripes! Sounds like a lot of work though!

  13. We are in the process of moving to a new house soon (have the house, haven;t sold the old one yet!) so i am in the same boat as you, trying to envision everything.
    At first I liked your light/bright blue, but that might be a little gender specific–I also really liked the kind of sage green. I recently bought some of the decal type art (Got mine from World Market) and it is really cool because you can have fun with them, then peal them off if they don't work for you anymore.
    Good luck with it all, I may be asking for advice too πŸ˜‰

  14. I like the srtripe idea! Here are the color combos I am loving in my sewing right now, maybe they will work for you.

    Orange and lime
    Orance and dark blue
    lime and dark brown
    dark brown and powder blue
    red and powder blue
    lime and powder blue

    ALSO, a fun tough would be to hop over to Etsy, and pick out some wall decals! They had some really cool alien and spaceship ones, that would look SO COOL landing on some of the stripes! πŸ˜€

  15. How about mostly the brighter color blue and orange with a tiny bit of either black or yellow thrown in? I love the stripes idea!

    Maybe most of the room blue, bigger orange stripes and a really small stripe of black or yellow to break it up a bit (I kinda like the black better)

    We just moved in our new house and all the walls are a yellowish beige. It looks clean but pretty boring and hubby doesn't like the idea of painting them crazy colors 😦

    In my old house I painted the kitchen red (w/o his permission!) And I loved it!

  16. Hey! I like the idea of a tannish wall, then you can always add and change out accessories in the room (like if you end up having a baby girl, you wouldn't have to repaint the walls or anything). For boy, I like tan, chocolate brown, and almost any color– burnt orange, rich warm greens, or even a mix of blues, like turquoisey and navy and baby blue all mixed together in some sort of wall art, blankets, or lamps… I think the tan and chocolate brown would be nice to match with his crib. Those two colors also look good with pinks and purples and light greens if you ever have a girl! So fun for you!

  17. Oh! and as far as the stripes go: I have never seen bold horizontal lines and in my imagination i think they could cause a sort of dizzifying effect. However, if you use two almost the same colors of wall paint, i think you could get away with it. and i think vertical stripes can be pulled off in almost any color.

  18. Ok, totally lost here. When you say patter, do you mean pattern? Or have I completely lost touch with the decorating lingo?? I think the stripe's will look great!

  19. Wow, lots of comments already!

    I like this:

    It is available in a crib set & a twin set, so it will grow w/ Lucas & any siblings. It is GN. It is bold & fun but able to be “sedated” a little with less bright colors. It gives you a fun/funky stripe pattern to work w/ use a base & the colors are similar to ones you like.

    I would be scared about painting & THEN finding the decor–so if it were me, this is what I'd go with (if I had your taste in colors.)

    I think you could use JUST the quilt/comforter and not need to do the “Dr. Suess” themed stuff. Just make it fun & bright “themed”.

  20. I love red, aqua and brown together!! Also I love a lime green and brown together!!
    Maybe you should just use a few colors on the wall and then accent with accessories with other colors!! I like vinyl stickers for the wall!! You can find then on ETSY!! They even have different vinyl shapes that are chalkboards!! Way cute!! I hope this helps a little!!
    Oh and I love stripes!!

  21. What about choosing a whole bunch of frames that match the finish on the wood furniture. Buy another copy of Pete and Pickles and frame the pages (or just the pages you like best).
    Choose three colors that kind of go with it, say (just going from the cover here) a kind of purply gray, aqua and a lighter orange.
    Then, at your eye level, paint one wide stripe of the light orange and hang the frames around the room in order, kind of like an art gallery, so you could read the story if you looked at the photos in order.
    Then, use the gray paint for the wall over the stripe and the ceiling, and the aqua paint for the part below the stripe.

  22. I love brown and orange too, maybe brown on the bottom and three diff color stripes at diff widths in the middle and then orange on top but then you can add some of these super cool wall dots!
    in whatever color you want and you could hang kids art inside the big dots on the wall.
    I super love that idea. My boys have Cars stick ups in thier room and the adore them and my girls have a framed personal artwork thing going on it their super girly purple pastel room with gingham and butterflies.
    I love decorating, have fun!

  23. I have seen stripes before in a magazine, my best guess is that it was in Better Homes and Gardens. They were BROAD stripes, though, like at least a foot deep across the room (make sense?). Anyway, I like orange, but not sure you ought to do brown on the walls. Brown accents would be cool, though, in the bedding, brown frames of 'stuff' pictured on the wall, etc.

    I like orange, yellow, and anything kind of bright but not insanely bright. You might get by with a combo of those 2 colors and maybe a blue stripe on the wall. Are you opposed to any 'theme' or just those 3 in particular? We don't necessarily want a hard core theme with our soon to be new kids' room either, but are considering a general theme like 'animals', whereas we could use plain stuff and then add in accents like a piggy bank, framed prints, and tons of stuffed toys for the first few years where kids love them. You could do 'bugs' or 'boys' in general like snails and puppies, but not overtly so… Then just move the accessories down to the next child. Our baby is 14 mos. and we are buying our first home too! If you would stop by and give me YOUR thoughts when I post my request soon, I'd LOVE that! Because that's a priority for me as well!

  24. I like the first swatch of color– blue, red, orange and brown…I think that would make a happy and bright room/playroom…and the colors all seem to be from the same (not a decorator here) color family– like they go together and they are all warm looking! Can't wait to see what you choose those!

  25. Bold horizontal stripes can be great! It think the important thing is to make them thick, though. Thin stripes would be dizzying. The best way I've seen it done, is to divide the wall into 5 horizontal sections, so We're talking THICK stripes. The top, middle, and bottom stripes were a neutral “backdrop” color like white or tan (but you could just use one of the lighter colors you like) and then the second and fourth stripes were the accent color. It was totally sweet! Also, you could consider doing two-tone stripes instead of mixing colors. Like a light green and (slightly) darker green. It think the more colors you use(as far as paint goes) the busier it will feel, so maybe use fewer colors instead of more. If you want more colors, try to working them in in other ways, like art and bedding. Just some ideas. πŸ™‚
    p.s. like the vinyl idea too! They are like big stickers for the wall, but made of vinyl. Here is a sample:
    The only thing is they are not cheap. 😦 If you're feeling brave, though, you could try painting an image you like! Much cheaper! And you can paint over it if you don't like it. πŸ™‚ I love talking about this stuff!!!!

  26. Okay. I like the idea of stripes. I've seen it done on HGTV tons of times! David does it and it always looks good. It's usually more like a fade out. Light–> dark (know what I mean?) or dark –> light. I think you should go for it! Be bold!

    Totally with you on the baby-ish prints. He's gonna get older and then you're gonna have to re do it- who wants to do that?

    You could do different walls different colors too. I like that Cool Cobalt (but I'm really impartial to blue, it's my fav.)

    I'm not a fan of the color that looks pink/peach next to 'French Country' that doesn't seem like a boy color to me.

    I like the greens. You could do the fadeout look with the greens. Bright green to like pastel-ish?

    I am a really bad decorator, though- that's my husband's expertise, cause his mom is an interior designer- he's ALL OVER the design and color stuff. I just work here. πŸ™‚

    ~ @ABittersweet1

  27. I just want to support your stripe idea! We did a chair-rail strip in DS's room and I'm still pretty obsessed with it. We did a super neutral color on the walls (Greenwich, Ralph Lauren paint from Home Depot) and then I found a grosgrain ribbon I liked (that's actually a REALLY good place to look for color combos!) and we copied it as a chair rail. Our colors are navy, light blue, orange and white. Here's a good site for grosgrain ribbon inspiration:

    There are some pics of our nursery here, including a close up of the stripe:

    If you go that route, I would be happy to share my lessons learned! It's a kind of tedious process, but if you go slow it can be so cool when you're done!

    Another thought is that since you have dark wood furniture, maybe lighter on the walls? That way the room isn't too dark?

    Have you checked out HGTV's Rate My Space site?? WAY too many rooms to actually look through, but great inspiration!

    Good luck. Designing kiddo's rooms is way too fun.

  28. How FUN & Exciting for you! Congrats by the way πŸ™‚ I have a boy and a girl and each of their rooms were painted green, both a different shade of green. For my little guy it was almost a grass green. I did that because I didn't want to keep changing the paint colors when he got older. I figured it would work with any style or change in comforter/sheets/curtains, etc. Green goes great with brown, red, blue, orange. When he was born we got the Cocalo Alphabet soup for his room. So it was kind of bold with oranges, yellows, blues, reds, etc.
    Same with my little girl. We did a girlier shade of green, not mint but light green almost pastel. It went well with purple/lavendar, or pink/light pink.
    I'd love to see whatcha do, I'm sure it will be FAB!!

  29. Hey if you have any good ideas on painting safely with a baby in the house could you share them as you go? We are thinking of painting our kitchen and bathroom but are wondering how to do this safely or if we just need to have Caleb out of the house the entire time? What do you plan on doing? Thanks! πŸ™‚

  30. I just did some painting (of furniture) and used a non-toxic no-VOC paint that is safe for kids to be around. It literally has NO odor! It is more expensive, but worth it in my opinion.

    Also, we bought a house last year and painted our bedrooms orange, green (2 colors) and blue. My bedroom is the blue one, and least bright color, and I like it the most. Just a word of caution if no one has said this before – colors will seem much more bright/intense once they are up on the wall than they do on the sample. So, my advice is to choose the color you like, and then go one shade lighter. I wish I had done that with our green room. The orange is a little intense, but I do like that it is happy and bright, and feels like a good color for our baby (girl) to grow in. The art on the walls is green, and the furniture is all brown and white. Hope this is helpful and GOOD LUCK!

    Also, another blog I read has a great example of stripes/designs on walls:

  31. I have a 11 month old girl and we painted her room a nice green to go with pink and brown accents…and that way we would not need to change it if we ever used that room for a boy in the future…green goes with EVERYTHING…picking the right green was hard though…but we found what we liked eventually.

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