If this was YOUR Kitchen…

Here is an inside peek into our (soon to be) house! If you were expecting a super fancy kitchen, then I’m sorry (except not really) to disappoint you.

These are the original pictures form when the original owners lived in it. So all the decorations/colors on the wall will be changed.

The kitchen is a small, cute little thing. I looks out to the family room and to the dining/eating area. It has white tile counter tops which I love. We will eventually be updating the appliances to stainless steal.


They need help. I’m going to paint them. I don’t know what the steps involved are, but I think I can figure it out. Right now my thoughts for color are a light blue, maybe? For the walls I was thinking a shade of yellow or red.

Do you see where that red couch is, in the family room? Our couches we have are a “mossy” green. If I paint the kitchen something fun, will it clash with the family room? Do I need to make them all match or can I separate the rooms with color?

Thanks for all your input and ideas for Lucas’ room! I have a post coming about that and I think I’ve decided what to do! Oh, and I will (obviously) be sharing the before and after pictures of my kitchen once I get it finished! And tips too, once I become a professional!

HGTV hasn’t got back to me yet…

* edited to add: I am (like usual) responding in the comments section and I am SO excited that so many of you think white would look good! I love white kitchens!

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22 thoughts on “If this was YOUR Kitchen…

  1. I am a fan of neutral colors so that it is easier to change one piece if you want to. For instance, you may not like blue cabinets forever.

    We have natural colored walls (Oyster is the exact name) in most of our house. I get my color fun in by decorating and with my bathroom that has white wanescoating (spelling?) on the bottom. However, I go for the “Pottery Barn” look if you will, so I am kinda boring, maybe?

    Decorating is such a hard decision! I would say get all of your furniture in and any artwork that you have that will join you in your new house before making the decision =)

    Can't wait to see the new pics!!!

  2. Hi….just stopping by from your An Island Life interview!!

    I love to see before and after photos, so I can't wait to see what you do with it. I hate making decisions like paint color, but I always love the finished product.

    Have fun!!

  3. i dont think you want to paint the cabinets any other color than neutrals. it will put you in the 1950s and clash with your house. plus light blue with yellow or red? too busy and clashing already. maybe a black or neutral to modernize it and then add your accent wall.

  4. I have the same cabinets in my kitchen and both bathrooms at my house. We plan to just replace the kitchen ones because the oak is peeling on ours. But we are going to try to reface the ones in our bathroom that might be an option for you since the kitchen is small.

  5. Maybe just paint them white and give the wall some color or you could paint the cabinets a light yellow nothing bright and paint the wall something like a grey color and then accent with red, I say get some nice hardware for those cabinets too!!

  6. I love a white kitchen, I think if you painted them white and added some new hardware they would look amazing! But that's just my opinion, I'm a sucker for white kitchens 🙂

    I love love love your kitchen, it is SO cute!

  7. Cute space! Not a fan of the cabinets! I have two thoughts. 1) Go with white and paint the wood trim to match. White-white with modern knobs. Paint the walls guacamole! 2) My aunt just redid (okay, that's SO not a word!) her old kitchen and painted her cabinets a dark sage (look at lowe's olympic brand guacamole) and it looks amazing! And…you could maybe paint the trim a shade lighter? I think if you go with a color on the cabinets, the walls pretty much have to be a shade of white. Or a very light tan.

    Can I just mention again how much I am in LOVE with Lowe's guacamole color? It's the color of my living room, everyone looooves it! I'd call it “mossy”, so maybe you could use it to tie in your couches in the lr? We have an open floor plan too, so the kitchen and living room HAD to coordinate. This is making me what to send you pictures of my kitchen. I have a nice sunny yellow and the guacamole in the living room. Works so well together! I have pops of orange here and there just for fun.

    I'm liking the home decorating series! Can't wait to see what you do with the space!

  8. Our kitchen and dining is a red…it was painted when we moved in and we really like it…so we kept it. Our living room is a different color…so they do not need to match, but I would not paint the cabinets anything but white, like your other suggestions. Good luck!

  9. oh my gosh, I am SO happy that other people love white kitchens!!! I LOVE them.

    Now, will you help me convince my husband!?!? 🙂

    So.. white cabinets with white counter tops… okay, good thoughts. Then fun brighter accents. I like it…

  10. Have you considered leaving the cabinets as they are and just replacing the doors? That would be a pretty inexpensive option, and less time consuming than painting the existing doors.

    Have fun decorating!!

  11. I also like the idea of either painting the cabinets white or replacing the doors and going with white or a light color on them, and then a brighter color on the walls. My long-term plan for our kitchen is white cabinets, yellow walls. My friend's kitchen is bright red though and it looks great! Look at as many magazines/website as you can for ideas of what your taste is. Try showing hubby some photos that look really great to convince him! If that doesn't work, challenge him to find a picture of what he really likes so you can have a common starting ground. 🙂

    And, like I mentioned before, I would only use low- or no-VOC paints. I wrote about it on my blog too 🙂

    So exciting!

  12. Hi!

    I wouldn't paint the cabinets light blue..it can give off a cold feel, and can depress some people. I think a warm color would be best for a cozy kitchen feel. Yellow can be irritating to the senses..that's why restaurants use it so you don't stay too long.

    I would choose a fun, non-abrasive color for the wall and maybe do a light chocolate or tan for the cabinets..that way if you get tired of the wall color you won't have to redo the whole kitchen.

  13. Haha..I was thinking…maybe you want yellow after all..it would keep you from sitting around eating LOL!

    Anyway good luck, and let us know what you pick!

  14. Since the spaces are so open to each other I think you definitely need to use colors that go together. I'm a big fan of white too. Another favorite is white with very pale green cabinets. It adds a little freshness or something. I don't know exactly, but I like it. Here's an example (it's the second page in the picture slide show in this link)


    Someone mentioned replacing the doors, but doors are 70-80% of the cost of whole new cabinets. So still NOT cheap.

  15. I like white too… but I'm wondering if your doors will be easily paintable. I would check into that very carefully before investing in paint. It might be much easier, like someone else suggested, to just order some new doors. Not to mention that the paint you would have to use is likely quite toxic, and who wants a little person breathing that in…

  16. Give your cabinets a fresh coat of paint (light, neutral color) with a glazing over them. This would update them! I don't know about a color- might think twice about that. I like this kitchen- thanks for sharing pics!

  17. I've been meaning to comment all week (leftyhis open on my iPhone since you posted it)

    I love what everyone else has mentioned, but here's a different thought…
    Take all the cabinets off their hinges (be sure to mark them & their corresponding spots somehow, if not you can end up w a bunch of wonky doors like my sister in law had)
    Using a ruler, a level (or other straight edge) & a pencil draw a border that's about 3″ (depending on how thick or thin you want it) around the entire thing. Go ahead & make a 3″ line straight down the middle horizontally & vertically.
    Using a skill saw cut the panes out.
    Make a decision on whether you like the panes or not. If you do, great! If not, cut it out.
    Now comes the fun part…either use a thick plastic & fill in the holes for a clean, contemporay look (I suggest frosted unless your shelves are always in order)
    OR you can have even more fun by picking out a fabric & covering the holes with that!
    One easy way to put up the fabric is simply to staple or glue it to the back of the doors. BUT you could install a little curtain rod at the top & bottom instead. That way you can change the fabrics to suit your mood. You could even keep the same colors, just different patterns. Damask, floral, stripes, even animal prints! Whatever you're in the mood for! No sewing necessary. Just get the fabric, lay down your rod, draw a line on the reverse, & hot glue it together! Voilà, instantly change the entire look of your kitchen!

    *whew* glad I finally remembered to say that 🙂

  18. Oh, forgot to mention, whatever you do, if you want to paint those cabinets you NEED to sand them a bit & really ought to prime them. I didn't prime my bathroom cabinet & it's already scratching off in some places (I painted them April 4th)

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