Body After Baby: What Motivates You?

This week we’re asking ourselves the question, What is my motivation behind my weight loss and health goals? WHY do I want to lose weight and be healthier? I think this is something we have to ask ourselves often, because if we’re not motivated, we’re not going to reach our goals. If we have no reason to reach your goals then it probably won’t happen. Just as we have a purpose to brush our teeth (get rid of bad breath, keep our teeth healthy, have teeth until we’re old) we must find the purpose of losing weight. Maybe it’s to look better, feel better, be healthier, or something along those lines.
While we probably all have numerous little reasons, I can assume that the majority of us are motivated by our children. We want to live long lives for them and with them. We want to enjoy life with them and be happy with ourselves. We want to set good examples.
I am definitely motivated by my son. When he grabs my can of Diet Coke I can already tell that I’m not giving him a positive example. However, when he sees me eating something healthy and reaches for it- that’s a great example! I’m a young mom, and I want to stay that way. I’m able to chase after him without losing my breath, and I want to always be that way.
What about you?
I feel like I am finally getting back on track with my eating. Being in our own house and having a fridge and cupboard space is just wonderful! We’ve stocked up on healthy snacks and meals, and I now have a place to prepare something. As I type this I’m snacking on an apple with peanut butter and sipping water out of a mug. Delicious! Lucas and I are also starting our walks again, which I just love. It was cold today! Lucas stays really toasty in his stroller with layers, blankets and a wind protector over the stroller. I on the other hand need to wear more layers next time!
I think I burned a ton of calories moving this weekend and painting four rooms! I’ll be getting a gym membership eventually. I’m waiting to see how a few things work out- more details on that later. Once my living room is cleaned up, maybe I’ll do a few Shred workouts. Maybe.
How are you doing? Did you reach your goals for last week? What about this week- what are your goals and plans?
Next weeks question: What are your favorite healthy snacks? Do you like to munch on things throughout the day? I like snacking on nuts, crackers, carrots, chips and salsa (a “healthy” snack actually- at least I think so!) and anything crunchy or sweet. What do you snack on?
This weeks challenge: How many days a week can you do some physical activity? Going on a walk or run, hitting the gym, swimming laps, doing a workout DVD. Can you reach 5 or 6 days of exercise for at least 30 minutes? I dare you!
If you wrote about the Body After Baby Challenge this week, please feel free to leave your post url link. Copy and paste the code beneath the Body After Baby button on my sidebar if you’d like to add it to your post! Remember, I’ll close this linky two days after it’s posted. Please try to visit others and leave encouraging words! 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

9 thoughts on “Body After Baby: What Motivates You?

  1. I wish I could go out & walk, but with rain & wind this week in Northern California it's a little much. I would get blown away!

    You must be so excited to be in your house! I'm excited for you 🙂

  2. My children motivate me too! As they've gotten older, I see them play with energy less and want to watch TV or play video games more. Um, not much different than me sitting my bum on the computer all day! I want to show a good example.

  3. I try and stay as motivated as possible. It's always easy to say I'll go to the gym tomorrow, but then I feel like crap! I do it for myself and want to feel good in my skin. If I don't go to the gym, then I do mommy & baby yoga at home and work out while I clean. (I saw that part on The Dr's)

  4. My main goal is my health. I want to FEEL healthy and BE healthy, so I eat the best food I can – whole, organic, fresh. It isn't always easy…or cheap…yet feeling horrible after eating something processed/packaged is a major motivation to do better next shopping trip.

  5. Im motivated by my kids. After having four of them the most recent just in december your left with quiet a bit of extra “baggage”. I managed to get back down to my “original” size after baby number two but then we added 3 and 4. Now im left with an extra 45lbs. I want to be able to chase after them and not feel like im going to pass out. I want to be the girl that every one looks at again when i walk in a room for a reason other than my red hair. i want to see that look on my husbands face that says damm she's hot. luckily i have one of those husbands who loves me at any size. but mostly i want to do it for me because i want to feel good about myself again!

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