Sneak Peek of Lucas’ Room

We still have a few things to do this weekend and a couple accessories to buy (anyone know where I can get free shipping on rugs?!) to put the finishing touches on Lucas’ room. It’s ending up to be a fun room, despite it going differently than I had hoped or planned. I wanted to do stripes on the walls or a bright color and… well, you’ll just have to wait until it’s all finished to see!

Apparently Lucas is loving his new room finished or not, because last night he slept from 7:00pm-5:30am without waking up once! Then I fed him and put him back to bed of course. We don’t wake up at 5:30am in this house!  He is doing really great though, and I’m excited to tell you all about it!

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18 thoughts on “Sneak Peek of Lucas’ Room

  1. Cute stuff, you will have to post where you got all his things once you put the whole room pictures up. I would say to check out 'site to store' shipping from stores like WalMart, Kmart, JC Penney, etc. A lot of them do that, or 97 cent shipping on larger items. You could also call in an order instead of doing it online and see if you can get free shipping that way.

  2. Love the colors!!!!

    Since Twitter doesn't allow for a long comment, I will leave a list of some of the stuff Maddy got for her 1st birthday and Christmas (4 days apart)

    VTech Paint and Learn Easle.

    A Leap Frog Learning Table
    Playschool Busy Gears ( She LOOOOVES this!!! She has a fascination with my older two's gear magnets that are on the fridge… so I bought her this and she goes nuts over it!!!

    She got the VTech learning sort and spin blender (

    She also got a Radio Flyer 3 in 1 walker that she loves!!!

    She got a few ball popper toys, several VTech storybooks, sensory balls which she also LOVES!!! (, lots of books, savings bonds, money, and lots of clothes!

  3. Rotzime- His “normal” schedule is very random right now. we are working on getting him to sleep though the night. But he usually always goes to bed right around 7 and then after waking up a few times is up at 7 or 8 for the day.

  4. This is only sort of free shipping, but I've ordered rugs from, and you can get free shipping to their store. You have to go pick it up, though! We have a Honda Civic and we were able to bring home an 8 x10 rug with a little bit of creative rearranging.

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