Using Safe Bath Products on Your Children

Have you every thought that the products you’re putting on your kids could be harmful? A product that is full of toxic chemicals? That idea- the idea of chemicals in simple things like shampoo or bath bubbles- never occurred to me until I started looking into it, months before my son was born. At this same time I learned and was introduced to the idea of making my own baby food too, and things like a natural and organic shampoo or crib sheets (or cloth diapers!) was introduced to me and thus part of my parenting style was born.

Thanks to a really helpful website, Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database, I learned that the ever popular, or so I assumed, shampoos like Johnsons and Johnsons and Huggies are actually loaded with chemicals. Tons of chemicals and toxins and ingredients I’ve never even heard of! Do I want all those things on my child’s skin? My fragile brand new soft baby skin? I don’t think so!

Do all those chemicals really get our children clean? Is this stuff even necessary?

I did a little research before he was born and decided on Super Sensitive California Baby shampoo and body wash. I liked the smell of it, and it has a rating of 1 or less. What more could I ask for? We’ve been using it ever since and the bottle is just now running out. I like it, and I recommend it (I even listed it as one of my “must have baby items”), but I’m looking for something new. I’d like to try a different brand!

And, as a side note, babies need very little soap at bath time. In fact, many times when Lucas was younger we didn’t even use soap! The bottle of California Baby would have lasted longer I think, but someone (my husband) likes to use a little too much.

What do you use?

Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Reviews is a great resource for finding out what’s in your bath products (or sunscreen, wipes, lotion…) for you and your kids! You can search your desired brand directly (like California Baby) or look through the entire list of baby products to see how they score.

I love hearing recommend favorite brands, so I asked my followers on Twitter and Facebook what shampoo/body wash they used. Here are the results: (# of people who use each product)

Aveeno Wash: 6
Natures Paradise Baby: 1
Body Shop: 1
Dr Brooners: 2
Arboone Baby: 1
Natures Baby Organics: 2
Burts Bees Baby: 9
Arbonne ABC: 1
Johnson’s and Johnsons: 5
Suave: 2
California Baby: 2
Ecostore USA: 1

Quite a wide variety! I was surprised to see that so many people used Johnsons and Johnsons and so little people used California Baby! For some reason I thought California Baby was more popular.

I picked up some Burts Bees at the store yesterday. We used it at bath tonight and I loved it! It smelled so yummy. It rates as a 4 (out of 10) on the hazard scale which is okay, but I wish it were a little lower.

What’s your favorite lotion and shampoo for your little ones? How does your shampoo or body wash score? Are you surprised at how high or low the number is?

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26 thoughts on “Using Safe Bath Products on Your Children

  1. Wow! I'm thrilled that the Dove Sensitive Beauty Bar we use (the pediatrician recommended it when Jordan was suffering from eczema. He said it was the least drying/most moisturizing soap) rates a 2. That's not too bad. A 0 would be nice, though!

    I had bought Dr. Bronners as well, thinking it was “better.” Nope! Just more expensive!

    Looks like all the Suave shampoo and conditioner Hubby and I use are a 4.

  2. I check this site before buying anything new for my family. And I quit using the products that we already had that were too high up there for me to feel safe.

    I can't believe they put some of this stuff in body wash, lotions, and soaps. Yuck!

  3. We like burts bees stuff. At my baby shower I got tons of Johnson and Johnson products, which I took back right away and got the BB soap and lotion!! I have used the California Baby stuff, too, but I like the smell of BB, which unfortunately is why they're a little higher–they use fragrance. We only use soap on days Ingrid gets super messy, otherwise it's just warm water and lots of splashing.

  4. WOW…we use Earth Mama Angel Baby Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash and it is a ZERO…I am so happy…I did not know how good it is!!! We love it too…it smells so good and we have had the same bottle for one year exactly and still have some left…totally worth the money…thanks for the site!! 🙂

  5. We use Arbonne as well – but we put it into The Suds Pump from pampered chef. You just use a little of the baby wash/shampoo and then fill the rest with water -it makes it into a foam, especially since babies don't need that much anyway – I think when our little one gets older, she can do it herself and I don't have to worry about her using too much – and who doesn't love foam! We have one at every sink!

  6. great post, thanks for this reminder, I have used California Baby too but it doesn't smell good enough for me! 🙂

  7. I love Burt's Bees Baby Soap, especially the way it smells! Yum! I think the higher rating is because of the generic term “Fragrances” on the bottle. I heard that someone verified with Burt's Bees that their fragrances come from safe and natural sources, so I feel okay using it. Thanks for this post though, just because something is in the baby section of the store does not mean it isn't loaded with harmful chemicals. 😦

  8. California Baby is the best! A big bottle of it will last us a year or more. Their sunblock is awesome, too, and it's also rated as a “low-risk” product… it's hard to find low risk sunblocks.

    I also love Earth Mama Angel Baby products, which are completely toxin-free. They smell delicious without the use of any artificial fragrances. The shampoo doesn't have any artificial numbing agents, though, so it's not tear-free. We'll often use EMAB as body wash, then use a touch of California Baby (which is tear free) to shampoo. The EMAB body lotion is so, so yummy.

    I used Burt's Bees a few times, and I love the scent and the affordable price. But, I'm not at all impressed with the Cosmetics Database rating. We have decided to stay away from artificial fragrances in our body products, since the manufacturers don't have to tell you what chemicals they use in creating such fragrances. No artificial fragrances for us = no Burt's Bees.

  9. On the Dr. Bronner's…. it is expensive, but it's ridiculously concentrated. You get much, much more use out of a bottle than you would with the same amount of virtually any other soap.

    A tip I use is to fill a foaming pump dispenser (like a Method brand hand soap one) with 1 part Dr. Bronner's to 4-5 parts water. One pump gives enough suds for a baby body, and 2-3 is enough for me! A $14 bottle of Dr. Bronner's is all the soap I need for 8 months.

  10. I am good with the kiddos… use Aveeno for the most part. However, I am a sucker for Bath & Body Works. I know without checking the list, they are a “no no”. Besides that, everything else on my list of things I use is a 4 or under. Thanks for sharing this – good reminder!

  11. Babies don't smell like PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate or Methylparabens… A baby's skin is so porous, it just seems better not to soak it in neurotoxic chemicals. If I don't recognize every ingredient, I don't put it on my baby's skin.

  12. Jennifer,
    I'm going to have to agree with anonymous on this one! Babies don't smell like lotions! They smell like…. babies! I bet once you smell some of the other lotions like California Baby you'll see that they smell BETTER and are much healthier for your baby's skin! 🙂

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