Baby Got Back

We’re proud of our fluffy butts around here! I sure did miss this cute cloth diapered butt when we were using disposables last month. How can you say no to that?

I’m curious, for those of you who don’t use cloth, why not? I’ve always wondered what was the main reason people had. Maybe it’s the money issue up front, doing laundry, touching pee… I would love to hear your reason. If you don’t use cloth, have you ever thought about making the switch, or are you not convinced yet?

Published by Samantha Mellen

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32 thoughts on “Baby Got Back

  1. I would love to use cloth, but the main thing for me is getting started. The money up front is daunting. and then the laundry. I just dont' know if I could keep up.

  2. when i had logan i never even really considered it. Now i'm kicking myself. the worst part? i had no good reason! i guess i just didn't realize how easy it is these days. you don't have to use flat diapers and pins and rubber pants. I didn't know about pockets, all-in-ones, etc. I had no idea at all how easy it would be. i really regret not doing it with logan and not doing it earlier with jordan.

  3. I use cloth diapers with my second child, now 7 months old. I love it! I am starting to make my own (none completed yet) with a pattern and supplies from

    With my first (born in late '06) I didn't know much about cloth diapers. I thought they'd be really hard/gross to wash. The Ellen show got me intrigued when they talked about gDiapers, but I knew my Target disposables were cheaper at 12-14 cents each.

  4. I didn't have a washer until now and we just started. I am using cloth at home and disposables when out until we use this last box.

  5. I was grossed out because of the dunk and swish. Now I have been schooled on the fact that there is no more dunk and swish! or pins or plastic pants! I am in the midst of switching and I just can't wait!!!

  6. I would love to use cloth. I researched it and was going to do it with my 2nd baby, but he had major issues taking a bottle when I was at work, so I had so much stress dealing with that, I just couldn't take anything else on.

    With working full time, when I get home at night, all I want to do is spend time with my kiddos and make a healthy meal. Then, after they are in bed, I use my last hour to spend with my DH and do a little blogging. There's just no time left to wash cloth diapers on top of everything else.

    I checked into a diaper service, but there are none in my area.

    Love the adorable cloth bum!

  7. We've been cloth diapering since Tommy was about a month old. We had a really bad night the other day with him constantly waking up and I was so stressed that I wound up putting a sposie on him in the middle of the night. Man, did that think STINK in the morning. It was so disgusting. I'll take 12 hour cloth diaper pee over that any day.

    For those of you who say you don't because of the laundry, it's only 1-2 extra loads per week, which you'll probably end up doing anyways with blowouts and other baby “mishaps”.

    And those who don't like the start up cost- I built up a stash of 50+ diapers for under $100 scouring craigslist, freecycle, and trading on diaperswappers. If you really want to use cloth it CAN be done! Don't talk yourself out of it πŸ™‚

  8. Honestly I had no clue how far cloth diapers have come. my reason for disposables was because I thought they were easier. I wish now that we cloth diapered. I don't even want to think about the money we have spent the last 2 years disposable diapering our twins.

    Where were you and all these other amazing blogs when I was pregnant? πŸ™‚

  9. I try to convince my non-cloth diaper friends all the time…I love it and would never go back! I even use good old fashioned pre-folds and still love it. In fact, i have several Bum Gemius pocket diapers and would pick my prefolds over them any day. They are much easier to clean and never stink!

  10. Oh Mama Bear I hate prefolds!! πŸ™‚ Okay, I guess its not fair that I say that because I've never tried them but I just love my fuzzi bunz and bum genius so much I THINK I would hate prefolds. ha! πŸ™‚

    Just like Alycia said, the laundry isn't a big deal. I wash our diapers about every 4 days or so. Not bad!

  11. Hi Samantha-thanks for being my first subscriber at POM…I didn't know that! Well, I have to say you were one of the first blogs to inspire me…so right back at ya!
    Your little guy is just too cute.
    Btw…I am really curious about using cloth diapers…do you have resources you can recommend?
    It's cheaper isn't it?

    Oh…and I'm following you now! and of course…I love your blog, but I probably already told you that!


  12. I honestly never really gave it a chance or even much thought w/the first.

    I thought about it with the second, but she had gastro problems from the start causing her to puke up to 3-4 times a day! Needless to say, I had more than my fair share of laundry (and stress) to deal with.

    And now, we are almost out of diapers so I won't be making a switch to anything else besides big girl panties!!! Yeah!

    I think they are great if they works for the parents & babies!

  13. Honestly using cloth never even entered my mind. Mostly because no one i knew was and no one even asked if i was doing cloth or disposable. Disposable was just there staring at me in the baby section, lol so thats what i used…

  14. I didn't CD until my baby was 5 months old because we didn't have a washer and dryer. It just didn't work out economically or any other way to try to launder diapers in a coin-op (especially as a newbie). Now I have been CDing longer than I used sposies! Yay!

    I love how I developed a little system that works for me using lots of other peoples suggestions. I started with 24 prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers and a few covers with the thought that I would add pockets and such as I went. Well, I've WON about a dozen diapers and other diaper related goodies over the months. What a blessing!

    On the downside, my husband does not change diapers as willingly as he did before. He finds all the different diaper styles confusing (I love trying all different kinds of covers, etc), although he reaches for the prefolds and snappis first. I think it might be a tad more icky, although I do not handle soiled diapers as much as you would suppose, but it's definitely not worse than those blow-outs I used to get using sposies! Yikes!

    Truly I think we've saved a lot of money from cloth diapering. I wander randomly down the grocery store baby aisles to look at the baby stuff, because really I don't buy any of it. I also am so thankful that I am not carrying big bags of plastic, chemicals, and poop to the curb to go in our landfills. And, the thought that harsh chemicals aren't sitting against my baby's bum all day? It's just priceless.

    I can't wait to start CDing from day one with Baby #2 (whenever that happens). All of the infant fluff is so precious! I will enjoy building a “welcome” stash through my next pregnancy!

  15. You know, Samantha, I have a set of prefolds and a couple PUL covers, which I use when I run out of my “good” diapers and haven't done laundry. I like the all-in-ones and pockets like FB and bg and Smartipants because they're cute and convenient, but basically, a prefold used as a liner inside a cover isn't much different. There's just no pocket.

  16. We have been cloth diapering for a few months now and I love it. My son is about to grow out of his fitted diapers from Miracle Diapers and we are going to have to upgrade to a larger size but reading some things about daycare not allowing cloth diapers. I guess I will need to call around before I invest $100 or more into something I can't use in the near future.

  17. I LOVE LOVE Love cloth diapers. We aren't using them because my hubby doesn't like them. He thinks they are un-sanitary and gross. I would rather not have a fight about diapers so I am using sposies. I hope that as Zach gets older that I can convince Hubby that cloth is best!

  18. Sarah, i tought my hubby would fight me but he's done really well. i think he puts up with it for $$$ reasons! saves us $10 a week on the grocery bill!

  19. I use Pampers and love them. I would never consider cloth because it's just not what I am into. It's great for those that like it but I only have a few more months of diapers anyway so I stick to what I know and like!

  20. My 8th baby is my first cloth diaper baby!

    At first we didn't use them because we did not have a washer or drier, but had to do the coin op thing. That was baby 1 and 2.

    Baby 3 came along just a year later and I was overwhelmed – a newborn, a 1 yo, a 2 yo. And I took a sales from home job. I was barely hanging on (I was only 23!) and the thought of adding ONE MORE THING was – impossible.

    My 4th baby came along and husband's job made him move a lot. A LOT! We moved every 4-6 weeks. living in month to month houses or motels. (It was still better than ME at home alone while he worked.)

    My 5th and 6th babies, I was working one full time job and a part time job; my oldest son was dx with a medical condition, and I was overwhelmed again.

    My 7th child – my husband put his foot down and said NO WAY to cloth. Also, the cost to get started was so much! It was easier for us to find $20 a month for disposables than to find $200-300 all at once for cloth.

    My 8th baby – a friend mailed me some homemade diapers. I tried them. They were WAY easier than I thought! I went online to order and died at the cost. Then I found HappyLeakFree covers on ebay. They look just like Thirsties but cost $4 a piece, and are a one size adjustable brand. I got 2 dozen Indian cloth inserts from Cotton Babies for less than $40.

    So far I've spent less than $100 on cloth for baby 8 and I LOVE her little bubble butt.

  21. Hi Samantha,

    First of all I want to congratulate you for your blog, I simply love it!

    My name is Anabela, I'm from Portugal and I've been following your blog for a while but I've never made a comment, until now.

    I'm having my first baby in July and my husband and I want to use cloth diapers, however we have some issues. One of them is to know if whether the cloth diapers absorb the pee as well as disposable ones and, if they don't absorb as well, will it harm the baby. I've read that you always prefer cloth because you never noticed any problems with Lucas' skin but my question is if you change cloth diapers more often. Another issue has to do with the fact that we are planning to use disposables for the first time in the newborn because they change more often. What did you do when Lucas was born? Did you always use cloth diapers?

    Thanks in advance and best wishes for your family. Lucas is an absolutely adorable kid.


  22. I would LOVE to go cloth, but Hubby said right up front that if I did, then I would be the only one changing them as he absolutely refuses to change them. SO, alas we used disposable diapers.

  23. Crystal,
    My hubby doesn't mind changing cloth but I still change all his diapers anyways since Im always the one home and with him!! πŸ™‚

    What is the difference between changing cloth and changing disposable? The only difference is with disposable you throw it away and with cloth you put it in a different can to wash it. And moms usually do all the washing anyways!

  24. Hi Anabela!
    Thanks for the sweet compliments on my blog.

    Cloth diapers absorb pee great. As long as you have a good detergent they work wonderful. I change Lucas' diaper right now every few hours or so. We didn't start until he was 3 weeks old. Those first 3 weeks he was using a diaper up eveyr hour or less and I didn't want to deal with cloth then! Plus we had a small stash in the beginning.

  25. I use cloth and LOVE it. You might say I'm obsessed πŸ™‚

    I have often wondered why people don't choose cloth diapers when there are so many benefits (money savings, the environment, health of your baby, and the cuteness!), but I also remember being pregnant and overwhelmed by all the choices. I was lucky I had two friends who were already using cloth to guide me a little.

  26. Anyone ever heard of Smartipants – the price seems pretty decent – and we are going to be asking for cloth/babyG diapers for her upcoming first birthday. She is going to be using disposables when at childcare 3 days a week and the other 4 days cloth. Thoughts though on the smartipants?

  27. I seriously contemplated it when my son was born in Jan 09. I had a friend who tried earnestly, but her son kept getting diaper rash (not sure what kind she was using). That held me back a bit. Now that my son is almost a year, I know there is NO way I have the time to keep up with the laundry. I travel for work quite a bit, and when I am home Laundry is the LAST thing I want to do. (I only do it every other week now!) In addition, my son is in daycare, and it doesn't fly there.

  28. I didn't know that cloth diapers existed until my son was three months old. I've been using cloth for 5 years now.
    The cost is one thing that deters most people. I built up my stash a diaper at a time. I figured any time not in a disposable was better than nothing.
    I've personally noticed that people are grossed out by washing the dipes in their washer. I think that's silly.

    I've hand washed cloth diapers for months on end. I've drove from NC to Canada using cloth diapers.

    I prefer prefolds when they're newborns and when they hit the toddler stage and decide to lay still again for a diaper change. lol. I like the simplicity and the absorbency.

  29. This is such a great question. My answer is that I am COMPLETELY overwhelmed by all the cloth diapering options, and all the cloth diaper “lingo.” Maybe that's a silly answer, but it's the truth! I just don't know what to choose and how to start. I'm also totally not interested in having to rinse poop. Just sayin'…

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