4 Rooms

I didn’t mean to leave you hanging a while ago when I mentioned that I would be sharing and asking for decorating advice with my house. It’s not that I’m not asking.. it’s just that I don’t have anything to ask!

The weekend we moved in, my husband and I painted the family room, kitchen and dining room. We did all of our painting at night when Lucas was sleeping and stayed up till around 1am. Since then we’ve been adding little things here and there and trying to pull things together. Here’s a little bit from four of the rooms in our house.

The cloth diapers are hanging to dry on a rack in a laundry room (the walls are a bright orange-ish red color that I will be painting over eventually) but I want to get a close line hanger for them. 

We painted two of the walls in our family room a gold color.  I was hesitant at first, but I love it.  I found some white frames on clearance at Target (my 2nd home) but I still need to get black and white pictures developed. If you’re looking for frames, keep your eyes out at Target. I got the two larger frames for under $4! 

I have always loved black and white pictures. Awhile back we had dinner at a home that was decorated so beautifully. I loved everything about it. The women had a ton of black and white pictures in her home; in the bedroom, the family room and up the stair wall. She told me, “there is something special about black and white pictures. They are so timeless. It’s almost like they make time stand still.” I think she is so right. 

I also love the color that we have in our eating area! It might be my favorite, in fact. We are still without chairs. Still. I’m refusing to pay $70 for a chair at Fred Meyer so I’m counting on craigslist to pull through for me. We got the table off craigslist, but no such luck with chairs!

The main wall there -left to the clock- might just stay as is. I really have no idea what to put there right now. Any suggestions? Maybe a cool piece of art or something.

Our kitchen is… well, a work in progress. I actually have the toaster under the cabinets now- I don’t like things on the counters. A round mirror is hung (It makes the room look bigger my mom says. She is right) , but I realized after doing so that it reflects the other round mirror in our house, pictured above in our eating area.  Is there a rule about what shapes you can and can’t reflect? I don’t know why I thought about that, but it seems like maybe I’ve got a little too much “round-ness” going on. What do you think? I’m not returning the mirror… but I would love to hear your opinion either way. 🙂

The walls we painted a light green. I don’t like it, and I joke with my husband that one day he’s going to come home and it will be totally different. And it will be just as soon as I decide what color to paint it!

So there you have it. A little bit of our new house, which we love!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

18 thoughts on “4 Rooms

  1. Your kitchen color, that looks like the exact color we painted our kitchen!!! I didnt like it either.

    One day I told my husband, Im going to home depot and Im going to paint…this was when brook was a few weeks old lol.

    I got a tan paint, red curtains, and red wall decor and I LOVE IT now!!!

    Good luck with painting it again. Painting is always such a hassle to me lol but I love the end result!

  2. Neat!

    My hubby is afraid of bold color. EVERY wall in our house was white until around Easter, when we painted the living room and hallway a greenish color. He made me tone down to a lighter one than I wanted though. I am in desperate need of COLOR in this house! My goal is to get at least our bedroom an actual COLOR.

    never thought of the round mirror thing.

  3. I saw (and coveted) a RETRACTABLE CLOTHES LINE in better homes and gardens magazine a couple of months ago. I bet they have it on their website still. It was pretty darn cheap and was in an article about mudrooms. So you can hang the diapers and when company comes over, you can let the line loose and it will suck back in!

    you asked about your living room wall. Hmm. How about a B&W blow up of baby cuteness?

  4. i actually like the color green in the kitchen! i think if your cabinets were all white with no brown, the green would really pop! but refinishing your cabinets would be a huge project!

  5. Love the pics.. Thanks for the heads up about the frames at Target…
    I try to stay away as much as possible, but now I need to go! 🙂
    I like the clock hung… But, if you are looking for more things to hang, I say more family pics! You can NEVER have enough!

  6. I love the color of the eating area! Do you guys have a Marshall's or TJ Maxx? I have found great artwork at both places in the past.

    I am a huge fan of picture frame collages and just pictures in general. You can also check IKEA for ideas. They have stuff that is very reasonable in price and functional.

    I like the circular mirror in the kitchen, although a nice piece of iron work decor might look neat there. Thinking something that is in that antique white paint look???

  7. Wow love the colour in your dinning room.. I would love to have the name of that colour.. AS for the Retractable cloths line, you should contact a restraunt supply store (check the yellow pages) they would have one for sure as they are popular in the Hotel business.. I can't imagine they would we overly expensive… Do share that colour though!!!!

  8. you are making great progress. i love your paint colors!!!

    i too hate stuff on the counters. i have as little as possible out – coffee maker, my most used stove-top utensils and a bowl of bananas! toaster under cabinet and is pulled out when needed 🙂

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