A Love(ly) Day

We don’t celebrate Valentines Day in this house. It’s not because I’m a mean person or don’t love… love. It’s not because I’m not romantic or love sappy cards or chocolate or roses or diamonds. Because I do. Oh, do I ever.

But please. If you’re going to buy me flowers, do it on a Wednesday. Or a Friday. Or some other day when every other guy in the world isn’t doing it.

Try harder.

My husband knows this. Every year I say you didn’t get me flowers, did you? Please don’t get me flowers. And he says, So.. does that mean I’m suppose to get you flowers??

What. Do women do this? Say don’t buy me diamonds when they really do want diamonds? I would never do that. Nope. Never.

I would never complain though, if (and when) my husband DOES buy me diamonds.

I’m just being honest.

Anyways, we have been together for something like 6 years and we have never celebrated this holiday.


Ho Ho Ho happy heart day to you.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

12 thoughts on “A Love(ly) Day

  1. When I woke up Aedan was crawling all over me, Jeff said “here's your flowers” it was cute. (our last name is Flowers) We don't really do anything today, but I like the holiday for little kids, handing out valentines at school, having a party. It's sweet.

  2. Love the photos! we don't get to see you and your hubby that much. you're a cute couple!

    i feel exactly the same way. i WISH my hubby would give me flowers, but for no reason. i don't want him to feel like he's expected to get them.

    this morning he presented me with a jar of almond-stuffed green olives! love it! i wasn't expecting a gift or anything. i gave him a bag of wasabi-coated peanuts. we're so goofy! 🙂

    happy valentine's day anyway, sweetie!

  3. We don't do anything for Valentine's Day either. When people ask my husband why he doesn't do anything for me for Valentine's Day, you know because the wife is never asked why she doesn't do anything for her husband, he says, “I show her love everyday of the year I don't need a holiday to do it. And if I want to do something special for her I'll do it on a random day, not the same day as every other husband in the world.” It's true. Why would you want something from your husband on Valentine's day? It just seems to me like he wouldn't put any thought into it. He just did it because that's what is expected of him.

  4. we dont do much for valentines – now w/ 3 kids we do a little more as we fun w/ it with our kids. The kids helped me make hearts our of paper earlier in the week and we decorated the house yesterday. And we made valentines for daddy a few days ago at the library. My hubby and I just gave each other cards, I got a few chocolates, and I made him a heart cake (taht we all ate together as a family after lunch). Then we had some wine w/ dinner after the kdis went to bed. nothing fancy, but enought to help teach the kids about love 🙂 We laught that the “hallmark” holidays are only more fun w/ kids. We never really celebrated them before we had them!

  5. I know its cliche, but my husband has NEVER bought me flowers. I guilted him into getting a rose. Then he felt bad for wasting money on a dead plant. I got pissed, and well yeah I hate Valentine's Day. Its just a reminder that my husband is never romantic.

  6. I loved this post. Samantha, I always try to hate this holiday but secretly inside all I want is for Josh to remember it and do something silly. I hate flowers and chocolates on this day too. But I love his hilarious gifts. One year it was a 3ftx3ft wooden heart he made and painted red with the words “I love you” handpainted on there. Another year he did nothing on the 14th but the day after he bought a TON of choclate on clearance and sprinkled them all over the radio station I work at. He cracks me UP!

    You 2 are so adorable together! You are so blessed to have eachother!

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