Unique Hand Made Salt & Pepper Giveaway

* Giveaway closed

This is an awesome one of a kind unique hand made giveaway! My friend Sarah (we went to the same High School!) makes super cool salt and pepper holders and these amazing spice racks.

The salt and pepper holders are 2 x 2 wooden blocks that hold 4″ tall clear glass vials with cork stoppers and labels. The wood is covered in water resistant sealer and is countertop ready! This salt and pepper shaker comes in four colors: sleek black, sterile white, manor oak and contemporary crome. Don’t you think this would make a fun accessory and practical item for your kitchen?!

She is just starting out making these and is looking for some feedback to further help her business. How much would you pay for something like the salt and pepper holder or the spice rack? What color would you like? Anything is really helpful and appreciated.
Sarah is giving away a salt and pepper shaker to a lucky reader!
To enter, you must leave her one piece of feedback about this piece. What you like, what you don’t, price, if you would buy it, etc…
More options to enter: (please leave a separate comment for each entry. Giveaway open to US only.)
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Good luck and thank you for helping out my friend Sarah!

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39 thoughts on “Unique Hand Made Salt & Pepper Giveaway

  1. This is gorgeous – I love the wood! I think Oak or Chrome would look really cool in my kitchen. I am torn about price. It's so terrific, it probably should be $30 to $40, but I find it difficult to think about spending more than $20 on salt/pepper shakers. Maybe if she was able to make them salt/pepper grinders – that would be awesome!

  2. They're neat. I think it would be cook if it had salt or pepper written on the tube instead of a tag hanging off or an S or P printed on the top. You could also make the blocks they sit in different shapes.

  3. these are so unique! I love the sleek shape of them… they look like they'd add to my kitchen w/o cluttering it up.
    erinsl at gmail dot com

  4. I LOVE the idea? I'm not a fan of the tags, so I think I would like some kind of imprint or seal on the cork as a label. As far as color, I think color-stained wood would look awesome, and I would probably think $35 is a fair price.

  5. These are so cool! For a price, I would say around $20. It would be cool on the wood block holder to have painted an S &P for where to put the salt and pepper. You could do it in different colors/fonts, etc.

  6. I think that they are really cool looking. I would love the chrome choice. I would prefer if they had written salt and pepper on the vial somehow. They tags are cute but it would give one more thing for my little guy to pull on if he got in reach. I don't know what price I would sell them at (I am never good at that).

    taylacy504 at yahoo dot com

  7. I would price these around $15-$20.

    I like that they are unique but think it might be an issue since there is no screen to control how much is coming out of them.

    nancy at 513ventures dot com

  8. This is neat and I like that it is a bit smaller in scale that most items along these lines. I would say that around $15 seems about right for the two pack with stand. I think having the option to customize your selection would be neat!!

  9. I would do no more than $15 for the salt and pepper holder and $25-$30 for the spice rack.
    These are awesome!
    I do wonder how the tags are attached. When cooking, I would be scared that the tag would get dirty and ugly. Will extra tags be sold/part of the set? Are they somehow laminated so that they can just be wiped off?
    Just suggestions.
    Fabulous ideas!


  10. This is gorgeous. I like the chunky wooden block. I'd expect to see this for $30-50 in the kitchen stores I admire, but (since I only window shop there!) I would probably pay $20. I'd want another top than a cork though for actual use… some sort of a shaker and maybe include a little funnel for adding more salt/pepper?

  11. These are cute! I actually don't mind the tags, it makes them more home-y. The fact that the vials are clear sort of negates the need for the salt/pepper labels at all though. I really love the wooden block.

    tomandcourtney (at) gmail (dot) com

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