Covered in Food

One of my favorite times to photograph Lucas is when he’s eating. It’s the only time he is sitting still and I can capture all the details of his sweet face. It also shows me just how messy he is, and how I need to learn how to use a bib. I should learn, right? That’s what bibs are for.

But the dog ate one and the other one is lost somewhere in a pile of laundry. Yes, we only have two. My mother will probably wonder where the 10 are that she bought me that one time at Target. It was like Heaven, a big pack of large bibs. Sorry Mom, I have no idea. The sock monster who steels all our socks probably told his friends about us and now the bib monster and him come over for appetizers.

The appetizers on the floor that my child put there. The ORGANIC EXPENSIVE appetizers.

Usually I just take his shirt off before meal time. It’s much easier. Well usually…

Oh he starts out very sweet and innocent. Just wait a few minutes, you’ll be sorry you ever kept my clothes on mom. He is totally sweet. And I might need to look up the definition of innocent, but when he throws his food on the floor and gives me that look like he’s knows what he’s doing does not make mama happy but it’s too cute and I can’t help but smile even while sternly saying no, that is definitely not what I’d consider innocent.

I don’t know how he does it, but food always ends up under his shirt. Sometimes I even find chucks of food in his diaper. I’m not kidding you. It’s everywhere.

It’s an entire process feeding this kid. I don’t know if this is “normal” or not. This is seriously what ever meal looks like around here. Do you feed your kids with a spoon? I’ve always let Lucas feed himself by just putting his food on his tray and letting him have at it. It keeps him occupied for a bit, if anything, and I think (well I know- just look at these pictures!) that he enjoys it.
I was reading somewhere the other day, that kids around 12 months should eat their food with a spoon or fork off a plate. Well. He eats with his hands. And I don’t own any kid plates.

Cottage cheese in his nose. Do you see that? Also in his neck crevices.
I hate the smell of cottage cheese. When it’s all over my baby, the smell is so overwhelming… oh it’s just awful. Bath time immediately follows cottage cheese, for it’s the only way I can stand to clean it off his hands, head, ears, stomach and probably toes. I’ve found cottage cheese in his ear. Seriously, in his ear.
Oh and the combination of soggy bananas with cottage cheese. Gag me. I carry him up the stairs and throw him in the shower, which by that point means I’ve also got cottage cheese on my hands or shirt and I want to throw up on myself so heck, we both jump in the shower and wash food off ourselves.
I’m not even going to tell you that yesterday Lucas dumped water out of the dogs water dish and started licking it off the floor. I’m not even going to go there today.
Then he gets tired and starts rubbing his eyes. Food goes flying. Okay, I’ve learned my lesson. Clothes off always before eating. Don’t give him cottage cheese if you’re dressed nice, and add “spoon and fork” to the to do list of things I want/need to teach him and things I need to buy and things I need to clean.
Side note, but somewhat related: Yesterday Lucas pulled off all the newspapers off the chair and the papers were all over the floor. I walked over them all day. My husband comes home and ask what happened. Oh Lucas did it. I’ll pick it up later.

And later I did.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

24 thoughts on “Covered in Food

  1. Yep, that's what it looks like around here, too. And I have no excuse because I make and sell bibs!!! I have tons of them! I just never remember to put them on…It's fun to be messy!

  2. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E

    Some of the best pics I get of my boys is when they are in their high chairs eating too! The mess is the fun of it all!

    And don't worry about utensils. You have plenty of time for that.

  3. Emerson always has food in her diapers, even if she hasn't eaten recently. I swear she finds stuff and hides it!

    I start her out with a fork (but it's not a baby fork or anything- just the small salad forks that came with my silverware) and I always put a bite of food on the fork for her at first. She will eat that and a few more bites, then she gives up on the fork and moves to her hands. I don't mind.

    Target usually has great kids plates in their $1 section- they are the divided ones so the food doesn't get all mixed together… well, that's the theory.

  4. That's mealtime around here too. I feed Jordan the messier stuff like oatmeal and cottage cheese because he THROWS everything. He is starting to experiment with spoons.

    LOVE the pics!

    P.S. I don't use bibs either. Jordan just pulls them off anyway. And yes, the food gets inside his clothes and diaper too.

  5. This is hilarious! We haven't had food in the diaper yet, but ours have good elastic around the whole thing and velcro, so they are pretty tight (most are bum genius), plus a lot of her shirts are still onesies and usually we remember a bib, however, there are those times I wonder…sigh. Anyway, I'm glad someone said 18 months for using a spoon because I'm going nuts trying to get my girly on board at 15 months. If you 'load' it for her, she's good and gets it to her mouth, but she can't 'scoop' or 'fork' anything yet. She'd rather use her hands, and really, who can blame her? If you're following baby led weaning, plenty of people scoop food on the spoon (such as cottage cheese) and then let the baby lead from there, not a big deal. The most awesome spoons we have found are the little 'disposable' ones that people can take on trips and then throw away or recycle, they are in a package of like 16 fork and spoons combined and they are short fat handled green blue yellow and orange and I think, we run through the dishwasher or wash with soap and water and it's no biggie. It's only like $3 for a pack of the 16, and that last through a couple of days of course 'providing' a utensil 3x a day or more with snacks before needing washed. They aren't showing any signs of wear and fit in a diaper bag pocket or plastic baggie, plus are shaped for toddler hands. I say if the cottage cheese yucks you out, spoon it up for him and teach him to lick the spoon. Practice with applesauce first, it sticks to the spoon well! Our key phrase is 'you do it', versus 'mommy do it' which means mom's had enough of you slinging it, or whatever I've giving you I deem too messy for independent feeding, or I don't want you stealing my fork just to get a snack off of my plate…because she will take my fork and attempt to keep it and poke her eye out with it. Sigh. That's my baby…dangerous!

  6. Oh yeah we didn't give a plate or bowl until after first birthday and even then it was heavily supervised, and sometimes we still take the plate away and give her a handful of bites on the tray instead, because the slinging has begun, much later than a lot of kids, but we're in a rental with carpet in the dining area, and it's murder getting it clean, when we do give a plate, we just use a standard saucer or a 'berry' dish as a bowl, they're pretty small.

  7. I will recommend holding off on the kiddie plate until he stops throwing stuff on the floor, since Aedan does it too. And if you give him a plate it goes FLYING off the high chair and onto the floor. I can handle throwing food on the floor in little bits, not the whole plate of spaghetti on the floor, or the cat whichever happens to be in the spot the plate lands.

    Our boys are so much alike. If we weren't thousands of miles apart I am sure they would love to play.

  8. Well now, that is a messy little dude. He is absolutely precious! That is how my daughter looks after meals too. We take several baths a day around here:) I love the picture where the cottage cheese is pooled in his sleeve. AWESOME stuff!

  9. Our messy eating, dog bowl licking boys should hang out! : )

    At 14 months, we give Brady a plate w/ dinner. He does fairly well with it. Thankfully he dumps in onto in chair tray and not on the floor! And when he dumps it, the plate goes ByeBye.

    We also use the “disposable” spoons. Super cheap and he likes them the best!

  10. Too cute! We do not use bibs either, unless in public i want people to think we are not animals. Nope we just go to town. I try and take her shirt off too, but forget a lot. I think it is a great way for babes to learn tastes, textures and the skill of feeding to get it EVERWHERE!!!!

  11. So cute. He looks happy though. Of course I'd be happy too if I could eat as much as I wanted and people told me my chubby thighs were ADORABLE! 🙂

  12. Oh my. If it makes you feel better, my daughter is almost 16 months and when I give her a fork or spoon she just bangs it on the tray. I do usually spoon-feed her but we've been trying to get her to eat what we eat for dinner, and just let her go at it on her tray. But it's not nearly this kind of mess. 🙂 She is a dainty girl.

    And completely off topic, may I ask what plug-in you use for your blog comments? I like it a lot!

  13. Wow, these are great photos! And such a cutie pie! Our little darling is turning one this week and doesn't seem to be even close to using utensils herself to eat. Sometimes she doesn't even want ME to use a spoon to feed her. She has been so fickle with this whole eating thing! She prefers to finger feed herself, but then gets impatient with her pace of only being able to get one thing in at a time. We do best if she is finger-feeding herself something like crackers or cheerios, and in between bites I am spooning food in. It's like, it's JUST TOO BORING for her if she has to sit around waiting for the next bite while swallowing the first. Sometimes I give her a water bottle or a toy to keep her occupied, too. And sometimes no matter what I do she won't take a bite at all.

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