Ask the Moms: How Warm do you Keep Your House?

My husband wants to know.

We keep our house between 66-67 degrees. I turn it down when we leave, if we’re going to be gone for a while. At night we turn it down to 60. I sleep with two light blankets (I’m pregnant so I get extra warm) and my husband sleeps with a huge down comforter plus sheets. I get hot just looking at him. Lucas has a blanket also, and he sleeps in fleece pajamas. His room is also one of the warmest rooms in our house.
66 is the average temperature our house is at, but it’s been in the single digits outside the last couple days so it’s been up a little higher!
** maybe I should add that it’s at 66-67 degrees right now. Obviously in the summer or as the weather changes, the heat might change a little too. 🙂
What temperature is your house?

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31 thoughts on “Ask the Moms: How Warm do you Keep Your House?

  1. I would freeze in you guy's house.I wear full on long sleeved everything and keep it at 70 is too cold for me, so sometimes its 71 or 72, however it is MUCH better in this place than the drafty apt where people would leave doors open all the time, and our new house should be much better insulated and as it is brand new, you know, not cost as much to run, either!

  2. I'm not a mom, but temperature is important to me. I'm like Jill – we keep our house set to 73 when we're home (66 during the day when we're at work, 68 at night). Even at 73, I usually wear long sleeve shirts, slippers, and sometimes a sweater around the house. I'm easily chilled though – my husband has to go around in shorts and a t-shirt because we keep the temp at 73 and he gets hot! 😛

  3. 65-67. My digital indoor thermometer always freaks me out because it always seems to be at 66.6 degrees.

    Before kids we kept it closer to 62, and turned it down to 55 during the day and at night.

    We've noticed that, as a family, we tend to get uncomfortably HOT if we go to someone's house or whatever where the temp is over 70. I guess we're just used to being cooler. I heard it's better for you and it saves money!

    Of course, you get those occasional damp, chilly days when you can't seem to get warmed up and on those days I might turn it up a bit just for a little while.

  4. 68-70. But we also have a wood stove, so it can potentially be 80 in our house. I just keep the bedroom doors closed so it stays cooler in there.

  5. Between 69-72. At our old house it was a bit lower, but it seems that since we have all tile floor here…the house gets unusually cold. Of course we are also in Texas, so we are not used to being cold often.
    My husband thinks I waste too much electricity by turning on the heat that high. Maybe I should turn it down as you do and just see if we can get used to it. We sure could use a break in our electric bill!

  6. We set our themometer to 61 during the day and 66-67 while we are home in the evening. We have dual zones and only turn the dowstairs on because the upstairs gets SO hot just from that.

    My husband will walk around with a t-shirt on saying, “It's cold in here!”. Put a sweatshirt on then!

  7. We set our themometer to 61 during the day and 66-67 while we are home in the evening. We have dual zones and only turn the dowstairs on because the upstairs gets SO hot just from that.

    My husband will walk around with a t-shirt on saying, “It's cold in here!”. Put a sweatshirt on then!

  8. We dont turn the heat on during the day. At night however we set the temp to about 70 at the highest. We spend most of our time in the living room, and if it gets chilly I will turn the pellet stove up to 65 or 68. It regulates itself so it never gets too warm. Even at 68-70 at night, my husband and I are both sweating but Brook stays warm so that is the most important =)

  9. I'm a stay at home mom, so someone is always home. We keep our house at 62 both day and night. We tried 60 for awhile, but we were worried about pipes freezing because of how icy-cold the water was coming out of the tap. We're in CO, so in the winter it can be around 0 degrees F outside sometimes.

    We also have a space heater in the nursery because, unfortunately, the bedrooms get the coldest in our house.

  10. Wow. I would freeze! Haha. We keep our house at about 70 all the time. Since I'm a stay-at-home-mom, it needs to be a steady temperate all day. I have tried to drop it down to 68 during the day and at night, but I really just freeze, even with a sweatshirt on during the day and with two warm twin babies next to me at night! And, my Peanut gets cold very easily, regardless of what she's wearing (she's a good 4lbs smaller than Pumpkin these days).

  11. Wow, you guys must be roasting. We keep ours at 62 degrees 24/7. Bumping it up and down really wastes energy. We're a little chilly sometimes, but we've saved a TON of money this winter!

  12. I used to keep the house at 74 in the winter. Then I realized how much money I could be saving, and I've turned it down to 68. It now stays at 68. I cannot go lower than that. I have no idea what we'll set the thermastat at for the summer though. I would rather be cold than hot.

  13. We keep it around the same temp as you, although in Vancouver it tends to be really damp and cold. Hubs is fine-I'm the one in full flannel pjs, a down comforter, socks, and an extra blanket.

  14. At night in the winter, we turn it up to 70 degrees. During the day I keep it at 68 or 69, but again at 70 for nap time. We have hardwoods on a crawlspace and it's drafty. I'm cold at any lower.

  15. well. i turned the thermostat down until my children stopped running around naked. because there's no way i was going to be keeping my home a sauna for the little naked natives.


    always 60.

  16. 65 in the Winter. We live in Arizona; we're used to HOT temps, so 65 is about as low as I can handle. My husband wouldn't mind it cooler, but the kids and I get cold easier than he does (and although I'm 12 wks preg, I do not get hot! LOL!).

  17. As far as how I was brought up, the heat is no higher than 68…..and goes down at night and when no one is home. And I agree with that. I grew up in WI……

    However, in our current living situation, the heat is left on all the time……….sometimes it is frustrating, but it's that way basically because of my fiance's mother, who gets cold easily and is ALWAYS home…………….

  18. Wow, I had no idea that we keep ours so cold compared to everyone! Our bedroom thermostats are kept at 62-64 in the mornings and evenings (when we're getting up and going to bed) and 55 the rest of the time. We have a wool blanket, a cotton blanket, and a down comforter on our bed. I like to be in a cool room with heavy blankets. Our living room is set for about 60-65 when we're home. If I'm feeling chilly, I turn it up as high as 68 but never have gone higher! I do sometimes turn on a space heater in our daughter's room (1-year-old) before putting her to bed, and then I put her under a couple of blankets. We wear sweaters all winter. When we were poor students our house was even colder! I used to drink hot tea and wear a robe over my clothes at home, so turning up the heat to the mid-60s in our house now feels pretty good to me!

    This has been interesting to read everyone's responses.

  19. Someone is always home at our house and we keep ours at 73…we live in Minnesota…so it is cold here, and I freeze easily. My husband wishes we could keep it lower, but we have hardwood which seems so cold all the time. I am still not warm…I would prefer 75 degrees. 🙂

  20. We used to keep it at 67, but we've gotten really lax since we have a baby in the house (one who is still too small for a blanket). So we keep it around 71 or 72. It feels nice, but the utility bills suck.

  21. We put in an adjustable thermostat. We keep it at 67 during the day and 62 at night. I would keep it cooler, but I have a toddler that isn't a big fan of pants and a new baby. I did learn that keeping the fan cycling keeps the house feeling warmer while using less gas to heat that house. That's what I get for not living in a 2 story home before.

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