Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Recap: Week One

The two hour premiere of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on ABC had me squirming on my couch and shaking my head in disgust. Did you see that chicken and how he chopped it up and threw it in the blender? Oh, that was just so awful.
All the fat that he threw in the dumpster to show the community of parents and children how much fat they eat every year, and he just sat on it. I was happy to see that the parents cared and were in shocked about what Jamie was telling them.
Jamies attempt to make his own batch of healthy foods was a success… but it didn’t start out that way. The nurses do not like him. Actually, I think it’s kind of funny and I feel bad for Jamie. He’s just too cute when he says You’re kidding me, right? Are you kidding me? in his accent of his. The moment when he asked if the children were using silverware and the cook just looked at him like he was out of this planet was priceless.
Go Jamie! It’s your birthday! Go Jamie!
Excellant point about teaching our kids to read and spell and add numbers together but not teaching them how to eat properly or even what to eat.

The meals he made cost twice as much as they processed foods they were using before. No wonder school’s struggle to serve healthy fresh foods. It’s obviously more expensive and school’s are always on a budget.

But, shouldn’t the health and the fuel we spend on our kids be a top priority?
What’s the point of having a state-of-the-art gymnasium with top quality sports equipment if they kids are eating junk?
My case stands firm.
I wasn’t surprised that the show will continue couple weeks and that the Director of Food Services decided to allow him to stay a little longer. It is a show after all, and I have to believe that the network as something to do with the show continuing. I think really though, more than anything, is that Jamie had an affect on the parents. He convinced the parents that the food needs to be changed, and I’m sure if the Director didn’t allow him to stay cooking, she’d be hearing from some angry parents.
Did you watch the show? What did you think of it?

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

19 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Recap: Week One

  1. I watched last week… saw there's a new one waiting for me on my DVR and I was utterly DISGUSTED! I had my son watch it too, but he already does a pretty good job at eating healthy 🙂 He LOVES the cheese pizza at school & only gets that once a week… other than that it's PB&J on wheat bread, fruit and goldfish and he loves it!

  2. I had my 5 year old daughter watch it with me as well. She hid her eyes when the fat got dumped in the dumpster! I loved the show and love what he is trying to do. I hope America is watching and is deeply effected in SOME way!

  3. I'm a mom of an almost 2-year-old, with one on the way and I teach at a public school in TX. JAMIE, COME TO TX!!! Our food is atrocious! My kids' eating habits are deplorable! A student brought A BOX of Girl Scout cookies for snack the other day. (Sigh.) Yes, she ate them all. I am beyond pleased that he is bringing nutrition to a national stage that is viewer-friendly and less “self-help” sounding, which can be a turn off to some.

  4. I am LOVING this show! I was so grossed out by the foods that they were serving their kids, but even more than that I was mortified at the first graders that didn't even know what vegetables were! The next day I was quizzing my TWO YEAR OLD on what different veggies we were eating at dinner and he just named them- “Potatoes, carrots, green beans, broccoli” without a second thought. AND THEN HE ATE THEM! 🙂

    I've said it once and I will say it again: It is all about the PARENTS and the things that we teach our kids. We should not expect our schools to teach our kids what to eat and how to eat with utensils. My one and two year olds both eat with a fork and spoon at every meal and we plan on teaching them how to use a knife when they are a few years older, but obviously before they go to school.

  5. Courtney,
    I agree with you.. it is the parents job to teach our children.. but I still think the school should be encouraging/using utensils/healthy foods, etc.

    I couldn't believe those kids didn't know the names of any vegetables either!! Good for your two year old! That is awesome!

  6. Oh I agree with you Samantha- the schools SHOULD be encouraging kids to use the right utensils and eat the right foods, and they should offer better choices for kids to eat. I just think that as parents we need to know that it is our responsibility first- a lot of parents blame schools for things that they should be responsible for in the first place.

  7. i watched it and i KNOW from having lunch with my kids at school that this happens EVERYDAY! it's awful! our lunches cost $2.30 and with 2 kids in school that could add up fast. and not to mention most of it gets thrown away. so, we pack lunch everyday! yes, everyday for both! we are used to it now but it does take some getting used to. they each got $25 in their lunch account at the beginning of the year and could choose what hot lunches they want. they both still have money left! this has really worked well for us!
    oh, and my 10 year old said she will never eat chicken nuggets again! i'm lovin' that!!!

  8. We live nearby huntington and let me tell you, the nutrition programs here are a JOKE.

    Per State Rule, at Holiday Parties (Halloween and Valentine's day) The only things allowed to be served are fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and crackers. This is only twice a year though that they have these parties..

    However, Every month they have a birthday lunch, complete with square pizza, buttery corn, birthday cake and ice cream.

    Not to mention random days where they just have “pudding” or “Jello” or even just cups of “Ice Cream”.

    I believe the priorities here are extremely flawed.

    This isn't the kind of world where you can eat what you want as long as you work it off during gym class later.

    A- Our schools don't have gym class everyday – or recess for that matter.

    B- The calories consumed outweigh the calories burned. = Pointless

    C- Not all children have the same metabolism and can't burn food as quickly.

    Enough said.

  9. I've been seeing the commercials and wanted to check it out, but, much like Krystal, I missed it! I love the moms who commented above that they had their kids watch with them. Great idea. I wish I could show it to the baby in my belly!

  10. Agreed that most school lunch programs are terrible, but I have to disagree with your statement about schools having “state-of-the-art gymnasium with top quality sports equipment”. There aren't many public schools I've come across that can claim that to be true, and PE/athletics are typically on the chopping block pretty early on when budget cuts are being considered. The combination of bad nutrition and little to know structured exercise is a HUGE problem in this country.

  11. anonymous,

    I know that most schools don't have “state of the art gymnasiums” it was more of an analogy or an example… to get my point across that we teach exercise but we don't teach healthy eating habits.

  12. I am watching and I LOVE it! I'm definitley not letting my daughter eat school lunch unless something drastic changes! And I totally agree that it is the parent's job to instill good eating habits. Education starts at home.

  13. Did anyone else feel like the lunches they were serving were gynormous? I don't think I would be able to finish that much food in one sitting so no wonder there is waste.

  14. I live in Huntington and unfortunately less kids are eating the school food since the show was here. Most kids I know did not like the changes. BUT the good news I can share is that everyone I know who watches the show loves it and is making some changes at home. I personally haven't watched it yet because I have a newborn and rarely sit down to watch TV.

  15. The reality is school funding probably needs to be doubled across the nation (with some exceptions — there are school districts that are very well funded due to property values).

    In Chicago, they're talking about increasing class size from 30 to 37. Maybe only going 4 days. And some schools don't have adequate books.

    And now we see that the kids are being fed crap.

    Do our kids matter? Are we all willing to pay taxes so they get an education and fed better at school?

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