20 Things You Can Eat & Do During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant…

You can’t drink too much caffeine.

Make sure the bath water isn’t too hot.

Careful with the tuna.

No margaritas.

No soft cheese.

Don’t lift too heavy.

Limit your amount of deli meats.

Everything in moderation, right? Sometimes it can be hard when you’re pregnant and you want to eat this, do that, lay this way, and just, you know, live. Wait, you’re pregnant. So you ask yourself is that allowed? Can I have this? How much? Let me ask Google. Dear Google….

Here are 20 things (there are lots more too!) you CAN do and eat during pregnancy. It makes me feel better to talk about what I CAN eat, rather than all the things I can’t. πŸ™‚

1. Chocolate

2. Milk

3. Walk

4. PB & J Sandwich

5. Salmon

6. French Fries

7. Salsa

8. Chocolate (it counts twice)

9. Squats

10. Apples

11. Taco Salad

12. Enchiladas

13. Read

14. Fruit Smoothie

15. Pizza

16. Swimming

17. Cheese

18. Strawberries

19. Crackers

20. Soup

Leave at least one thing in the comments section that you CAN do or eat during pregnancy…. it’ll help us all out!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

35 thoughts on “20 Things You Can Eat & Do During Pregnancy

  1. Jog, swim, play catch and whiffle ball with the kids, kayak… I don't like to let pregnancy slow me down!

    Eat vegetarian and cooked sushi.

    Take lots of photos.

  2. Thought it couldnt hurt to ask…

    I joined the Body after baby challenge while i was still pregnant, and put the button in my sidebar. but by the time I had the baby you were pretty much not posting it any more.

    I'm starting a biggest Loser challenge on my blog, with prizes. I was wondering if you would consider posting about it on your blog, for the readers who were doing it with you, who might still want to continue.

    A tiny bit of the details are on my blog for today….and I'll post more on Friday. Waiting on my button to get made before i put up all the rules.

    I'd be willing to scratch your back in some way! But not really use my nails cause that grosses me out.

  3. I wanted to add that you CAN eat “soft cheeses” *if they are pasturized*. Many soft cheeses available in the US are actually pasturized these days, which means you do NOT have to worry about Listeria (the bacteria, if it had ever been pregnant at all, would have been killed during pasturization).

    You still need to avoid blue cheeses, but check the labels on all other soft cheeses. You can usually find a brand at the grocer's that will suit your needs!

  4. Dance! (Like no one is looking!)


    I danced on pointe til i was 5 mos pregnant with Logan and actually got to dance the part of the pregnant virgin Mary in the dance school's Christmas program. It was fun!

    Oh, and I indulged in pasteurized feta while pregnant. I was so happy that I didn't have to give up my beloved Greek salads! Lots of warm baths, too.

  5. I'm surprised no one mentioned my favorite thing to do while pregnant: NAP! i took a nap DAILY when i was pregnant and now that my son is almost 2, i don't get to nap much because i use that time for paying bills, cleaning, etc. so NAP AWAY! πŸ™‚

  6. (don't forget that chocolate has caffiene) and you can eat light canned tuna in moderation (about once a week is just fine). sour apple slushies, A&W root beer (it's caffiene free), yogurt with strawberries and granola :), pineapple ice cream sundaes! Run through sprinklers with your kids, go shopping with friends and get a massage πŸ™‚

  7. I was going to say the same thing Brassy stated: soft cheese is okay if it's pasturized and usually it is unless you're in a swanky restaurant in which case it may not be. Bring on the goat cheese baby!!

    Olives and pickles: YUM!

    A&W Root Beer is caffeine free?! SO GOOD TO KNOW! Guess where I'm stopping for lunch tomorrow.

  8. Spinning! Helps you keep in shape! Yoga and Pilates! Spend a day (with sunscreen) on the beach! Enjoy time with friends. Take a pregnancy glamour shot or two. Feel the little one kicking and squirming inside. For every thing I hated about pregnancy (Sorry, ladies, I didn't love being preggo all the time!) there were plenty of things I miss a lot. Feeling the baby kick was one of them. Oh, and not having to get a sitter when I wanted to do something alone! LOL.

  9. Are you taking progressive belly shots? I didn't with Logan but did with Jordan. It's neat to see how I grew. I put them together on one sheet on scrapblog.

  10. I love all these! πŸ™‚


    I took shots with Lucas, haven't any with this baby. Will at 12 weeks though.

    Good info on the cheeses everyone!

    Yes, I realize chocolate has caffeine.

    LOVE naps and baths!

  11. SING

    Chocolate is so worth the caffeine

    Wish I had taken progressive belly shots…meant too.

    Get foot massage, from hubby. (especially for Krystal)

    Prepare Lucas to meet sibling πŸ™‚

  12. Get foot rubs from the hubby.

    Take a warm shower.

    Drink lots of water.

    Rub your own belly 400 times a day. πŸ™‚

    Talk to your baby growing within you. πŸ™‚

    Have the pregnancy glow.

    Have the hubby paint your toenails.

    Urinate more times a day than anyone else on the planet.

    Grow luxurious locks of hair.

    Wear stretchy pants (or stretchy anything for that matter) all the time.

  13. Oh for things to eat…

    I didn't eat deli meat at all during pregnancy, it was so hard! Sandwiches are one of my favorite things so to get my sandwich fix I ate…

    Chicken Salad Sandwiches (homemade I use grilled chicken cut into little pieces mixed with mayo, pickles and cheese on a toasted bread so good!)


    Hot sandwiches from Arby's (their chicken club is so good)

    Egg and cheese sandwiches (on grilled, toasted bread or an english muffin)

    Grilled cheese with tomato soup (yummo!)


  14. I have a favorite salad when I am pregnant. I grill chicken (outside over charcoal is the best) cube it up toss it with lots of cold pasta and fresh summer veggies (all of my pregnacies have spanned most of a summer). Top with your favorite dressing, the creamy ones are the best, like creamy italian, ranch, peppercorn ranch, etc. This is so yummy and it keeps in the fridge for whenever you need a pick me up.

    I also love love love to take walks while I am pregnant. It helps me feel better and sleep better.

    And I agree with others, I rub my growing belly and talk to my unborn child hundreds of times a day.

    I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!!!! Check out my post at http://www.ourheartandhome.com

  15. Eat peanut butter and M&M sandwiches… I was craving PB & chocolate like a lunatic during 2nd trimester. Sometime's a mama's desperate! πŸ™‚

  16. And Don't forget NO ULTRASOUNDS!

    You can take nice long showers though….ahhhhhhhhh

    Oh, and don't forget to request nightly footrubs from the hubby πŸ™‚

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