Lucas is starting these temper tantrums that I’m not so fond of. I thought I had a few months left until they were going to start, but I guess not. If I take something away from him that he isn’t suppose to have he gets angry. Like, MAD. He squeezes his first together and then his whole body and starts crying or yelling… or a combination of the two.

In situations like this, and at such a young age, I’m not sure what’s the best way to handle them. Some say to completely ignore the behavior, but I want him to learn to communicate his frustrations with me. I always speak to him like he is a person, not a wee baby, and tell him why I took whatever a way and here is a better option. They usually don’t last long, and although they are angry sprouts, they’re also sort of cute.

Today at the post office, as Lucas and I were walking out the door a man held the door open for us said, that’s not your Oregon State license plate out there is it? And I said, Heck YES it is! We began small talk, he is from Bend and he is a duck fan. Ohhhhh a duck fan! When you meet a duck fan and you’re a beaver fan yourself, there is a sort of vibe that’s put out. Either way, it’s always nice to meet someone from your home state.

I will, eventually, get my license plate changed and registered in Alaska. Just as soon as I tell myself, yes Samantha.. you live in Alaska. For at least a few more years… get used to it. So fine. I’ll change my license plate and drivers license if that’s what you’re suppose to do when you move somewhere.

One of the awesome toys that Lucas got for his birthday (thanks Grandma!) was this geometric stacker. It’s so neat to watch my boy put the pieces on and take them off. Such simple things that get your heart racin’! I feel so proud every time he puts one on, as I remember just a month ago when we were at a friends house he couldn’t do it at all. It’s almost like I can see his brain working as he tries to figure it out.

We’re off to the Zoo this afternoon. I hope the polar bears are out to play!

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Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

7 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. It's an emotional reaction. I don't think you can ever make them stop but a non-reaction that is boring will certainly discourage the beginning of the cause and effect thing babies like to play at. As his understanding comes in he'll understand and learn more patience. Meanwhile, he's adorable. Enjoy him.


  2. Cami started her tantrums right around that age last year.
    You will learn whether it is a time to ignore (so they don't get the reaction they're looking for) or to address the issue.
    When I do address it with her I have her fold her hands together (calms them down immediately) and “look at mommy”, and I give her a very brief little “talk” and then distract her with something else to get her mind off of why she was tantruming.

    The “talk” is usually something simple with mostly words she understands: “Mommy said no. Do not fuss. It is not nice. You need to calm down and be sweet. Say 'yes mommy'.” (she repeats 'yes mommy') and I continue with: “Is that your purple ball over there?!”… etc.

    At this age they are learning how to express their most extreme emotions. We wonder why they make such a big deal or throw a tantrum over something so little, but to them it might be the worse thing that's ever happened to them in their mind. So they explode! They don't know how to judge things that happen to them on a scale of one to terrible. Notice how he will also get WAY excited about the littlest things? Seeing a squirrel outside (or not so little, like a moose! haha) or a stuffed animal, etc. It's the same thing. He is trying out his emotions at both extremes.
    And keep in mind he is always watching your reaction.
    I still don't always know what to do w/her tantrums, but when I first heard this info it at least helped me understand the why.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE Jill's response. That is basically what i do with my son, too. if i take something away or we have to leave the park and he throws a fit, i put words to his feelings: “You are angry (frustrated, sad, disappointed)that we have to leave! I know you are angry!” but i do not respond much more than that. if he gets angry enough and hits me, i say “oh, that is soooooooo sad! mommy doesn't like to play when you hit.” and i walk away (still within eyeshot). he will usually follow me and cry until i pay attention to him. then we have a “talk” like Jill was talking about: “Mommy doesn't like it when you hit. that hurts mommy. please be sweet. say yes mommy” and he repeats “yes mommy” (jill and i must have read the same book!) and gives me a hug & a kiss. a good book to read is Happiest Toddler on the Block or Parenting Toddlers with Love and Logic (i think that's the title). great resources. Good luck! hope some of this is helpful!

  4. I ignore Lauren during the tantrum and when she has calmed down then I explain to her why I took something away or wouldn't let her do something. I don't see any reason wasting my breath while they are throwing a fit. They aren't going to listen until they calm down anyways.

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