Does the Easter Bunny Come to Your House?

This bunny is cute, right? Easter Bunny’s on google are creepy and I’m sticking to cute fluffy things.

Does the Easter Bunny come to your house?

I asked my husband…
me: Babe, does the Easter Bunny come to our house?
husband: I havent decided yet.
So… what does that mean?
It means I have another year or two till he knows what it means… so I haven’t decided yet.
Oh. Okay.

Well. This year Lucas is getting two easter books and a new pair of shoes. From me or Target or the bunny or santa or the President of the United States (ha!) … whoever they’re from.. he is getting two books and a pair of shoes. I’m sure he’ll be absolutely thrilled.
What does your family do? Does the Easter Bunny come to your house? What did he bring?


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20 thoughts on “Does the Easter Bunny Come to Your House?

  1. same here! my baby is still too small to understand easter… and this year I'm on the road. maybe next year she'll be old enough.

  2. The Easter Bunny never came to my house as a kid. We celebrated Resurrection Sunday, but eggs and bunnies and candies were never part of my family's tradition. Now, my son and I are living with his dad and grandparents, and I haven't a clue how a not-Resurrection-Sunday Easter is celebrated!

    — Serene

  3. Keeley got diapers last year, and she's getting bubbles this year. Oh and save yourself some hassle and just shred some paper to put in the basket instead of that fake grass stuff. We probably will leave it empty this year and use the shredded stuff next year, because our shredder is packed..somewhere!

  4. Yes, the Easter bunny definitely comes to our house. They are each getting a pair of PJ's and a few things for their babies to play with. We will also do an Easter egg hunt with about 50 eggs… all stuffed with 1 jelly bean each and there will be two that each have a $1 bill. I reuse the same basket each year.

    My mom still gives me an Easter basket at the age of 31 and it is the same Easter basket she gave me when I was 2 πŸ™‚

    We love traditions here. Happy Easter (and Good Friday) to everyone!

  5. I haven't thought about the Easter BUNNY at all- but we have done Easter baskets this year. I think that last year we did baskets that were eaten by our dog, so this year I got teenly felt baskets that will last longer than those wicker or plastic ones (they were 99 cents at Target).

    I gave the kids 3 eggs each with 2 jelly beans in each (they are 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 so a little candy is not going to kill them, but I don't want sugar high babies) and also a $5 movie. My son got “Robots” and my daughter got the classic cartoon “Charlottes Web”. That is more than enough! We are dying eggs at their grandparents houses and will probably do a little hunt but nothing fancy.

    I tried to tell my son the Resurrection story today and he kept asking why Jesus didn't go to the doctor to get better. He might be a little young! πŸ™‚

  6. Yep, good old EB comes hoppin' around here.

    When I was a kid, I put out my fluffy cloth bunny basket the night before and I always got a box or two of Jell-o and a new pair of flip-flops for the summer, along with a few goodies and small outdoor toys like a jump rope, bubbles, a bug container, etc. The EB also colored these awesome reddish-brown eggs (I have since learned my dad boiled the eggs with onion skins to get the color) and hid them for me around the house. I loved it.

    We never went to church growing up but we will this year (unless we're all still sick. I'm hoping we'll be better in a couple days!)

    It was super heartwarming to see my little Logan standing in his underwear this morning and saying a prayer thanking Jesus for dying on the cross and then coming back for us. He had asked me what Good Friday was, and I had just told him. He crossed the room, turned his back to me, bowed his head and prayed. PRECIOUS!

    So, I know he gets that it's not all bunnies and eggs. He IS excited about the EB though. He wants a Zhu Zhu Pet so badly, and actually, he and Jordan are each getting one in their (REUSABLE, for pete's sake!) baskets so they can play with them together. They're also getting a couple books and some yummies, and there will be a small egg hunt. Last year I got Logan some Legos and just put a couple pieces in each egg. By the time he found them all, he had all the pieces to build whatever it was.

  7. what a cute post. I love the years until they understand. It's when they start asking questions that these things get hard! πŸ™‚ In our house, easter bunny, santa, tooth fairy are all fun things to pretend but our girls all know they are just that: pretend. Jesus is real and He is the real reason we celebrate. We can still have fun but the meaning of the holiday stays Jesus. Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  8. Most definitely! He will hide the eggs we have colored this week and leave a few goodies in the Easter basket…we too just do things like books and bubbles with just a few pieces of candy!!

  9. Our children are too young for the Easter Bunny but we will dye eyes and have a simple easter egg hunt for our 2 year old. When he finds all 10 eggs (which are empty) he gets 1 small chocolate.

  10. Yep!

    Well, she's too young to know what's going on this year but it didn't stop me from making a basket (or either of her grandmas from sending little Easter gifts up to us!)

    I got her a book and a stuffed duck, and then put candy in her basket but that's more for me πŸ˜€

  11. Easter Bunny hops over here! We use the same baskets every year. I bought small party favor type toys to put in them and the boys will get some small toys in their baskets as well. Our 7 y/o will get a child's first Bible as he is old enough to read it and begin to understand it now.

    After Easter we will reuse the eggs and party favor toys as potty training rewards for our youngest!

  12. Yes the Easter Bunny is coming to our house. However I did try and explain to Lauren the real meaning of what Easter is all about. But take that for what it is worth with a two year old. Tell your husband this is probably the last year he can get away with not really having it or not. Lauren was very much aware of Santa and now the Easter Bunny this year. She turned two in January.

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