Things to Fill Your Weekend With

What are your weekends for? Catching up on chores, running errands or relaxing at home? Staying up late and sleeping in early? Visiting family and friends and exploring life? Working?

We do a little bit of everything here. Laundry, house projects, long walks, outings and movies. It’s nearly light till 9:15! Here in Alaska, we’re getting something like 5 minutes of additional light a day! Which means by June, it’s going to be light until like 2 in the morning. When I say like I’m not talking valley girl talk, I’m talking like for real. 2am. Maybe 3am. I don’t know, I haven’t lived here long. But you can bet we’ll be having parties until wee hours in the morning all summer long. We so will.

Lucas is plenty busy picking up rocks in the front yard. He is oh so serious.

Maybe you’ll have a chance to get caught up in your reading. I’m reading Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult now, which is, so far, a good book…. but probably not the best one to read while pregnant. Have you read it? I also just finished her other book, House Rules which is about an autistic teenage boy. It was a good book, I finished it rather quickly I was so into it. But, I wasn’t thrilled with the ending. It sort of dragged on in my opinion.

If I have any say in what you read this weekend, here are some of my favorite links from the past week or so from the Extraordinary Life Network.

This weekend, I’m also (attempting to) re-painting the kitchen. Thankfully the wall space is small. I’ve got a few samples, but see, I’m the type of person that can’t get the full effect of a color unless I paint a good portion of the wall. I need the semi-full effect to decide if I’ll like the full thing or not.

And this color. Well, I’m just not sure. It’s making those terrible cabinets stand out even more which definitely isn’t something I’m going for.

Thanks for all the tips you gave me on rearranging and decorating my sons room! I’m loving all the ideas so far (keep ’em coming!) and I think we’re going to move the bookshelves under the window like many of you suggested and shorten the curtains. Why we didn’t put them there in the first place, I don’t know.

I think, also, that I might leave those two walls blue. Seriously. I’m thinking of painting the white wall a yellow color and then accenting with some orange and other primary color stuff. Oh! I think I might also paint the bookshelves the same yellow. Are you following? Nod yes or no.

As I write this it’s 9:52PM Friday night, so don’t hold me to it if I tell you something different tomorrow.

Something totally random, but I want to talk about it. I’m only accepting friends on my personal Facebook page if I know you in real life. Please don’t take it personal, I think you’re cute, I just have to stay private and safe. Oh, and also, just because I do know you- or did know you at one point in my life- doesn’t mean I want to be Facebook friends. I have some of my dads friends asking to be “friends” with me, and I’m sorry, but I knew you when I was 12. And you’re in your 50’s and I haven’t talked to you since I was 15. I don’t want to re-connect with you. Or, some “friends” I knew in high school or dated for 10 days. And it’s like, really? Is this a contest that I didn’t know about? See how many people we can be friends with on Facebook? Facebook, WHO ARE YOU?

Wow. Sorry guys. Totally didn’t mean to go on a rampage there about Facebook.

This weekend…maybe try some arts and crafts. With your 13 month old. Trust me. I really recommend it. I’ll share more on that later, but let me just tell you that having a child, particularly a boy named Lucas, was the best thing that ever happened to me.

And when he says “Mama Mama Mama” and brings a book to me and wraps himself in my lap, I just melt and wonder why I got so lucky with this boy of mine. His brother or sister is moving inside me, and I am so blessed to be a mom of two.

No matter what you do this weekend, be blessed and live big.

Do marvelous things today.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

5 thoughts on “Things to Fill Your Weekend With

  1. I read Handle with Care. The ending was disappointing. I started House Rules, but it seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle of packing. I'll have to start again. Jodi Picoult is one of my favorites, I've read most of her books.

  2. Is House Rules a new book? I thought I had read all of the Jodi Picoult books. She is my absolute favorite. I was warned not to read Handle With Care while I was pregnant, but I didn't listen 🙂 What else was I supposed to do with all the hours I was supposed to spend resting? 🙂

  3. I've read most of Jodi Picoult's books. Some are amazing, others just okay.
    I can't believe it will end up being light that long. I wonder how long it takes to adjust to that? I guess you'll find out!
    Weekends are always busy around here. They are filled with errands, trying to get work done around the house, going to birthday parties, visiting family/friends, and now T-ball.

  4. Oooh, I might have to check out “Enemy of Debt.” I really want a good plan to teach my children about finances. They don't teach you a damn thing in school!

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