Ask the Moms: Toddler is Taking Diaper & Clothes off at Night- Help!

One of my good friends has a question for ya’ll! She has a little boy who is 15 months old named Dylan. Lucas and him are only 2 months apart so naturally they are going to grow up as friends too!

Here they are at Christmas. Aren’t they just adorable! 

So Dylan’s mama needs your help! Lately Dylan has been waking up from his sleeping (at night or from naps) with his diaper and clothes off. He takes his diaper off and his pajamas. He is wet, his crib is wet and his sheets are soaked in urine because of this.

He knows how to un-zip pajamas in the front. But, he hasn’t figured out how to un-do a onesie yet. I think it’s only a matter of time though! 

Why is he doing this? Is this just a phase? Is he uncomfortable or bored? Or, maybe it’s time to potty train? 🙂 Are there any solutions to get him to stop taking off his diaper?

What do you guys think? Have any of your little ones ever done this? What can she do?

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22 thoughts on “Ask the Moms: Toddler is Taking Diaper & Clothes off at Night- Help!

  1. Maybe try zipper or snap pajamas put on backward? Or I've heard putting a onesie on backwards can help too, the snaps are more toward the back that way. We didn't have this problem, thank goodness. My cousins used to do this so my aunt would duct tape their nighttime/naptime diaper, lol.

  2. Yup! What Sarah said, snip off the feet on some footie pajamas and zip them up backwards, that should stop the little Houdini.

    I've also heard that a little duct tape on the diaper works a treat, but that just seems annoying to me!

    Good luck to your friend!

  3. sounds like he's ready for potty training! My daughter started doing that around 12 months so we started introducing her to the potty. She's almost 20 months old and is almost fully potty trained!

  4. Don't have much advice, but my daughter went through a phase like that. Luckily, she only did it for about a week and half and then she just stopped. It is startling to walk in and find a naked baby 🙂 Maybe try putting stuff on backwards so it's harder for him to get to.

  5. Our little girls went trough that phase too, last a little while.

    But I did find a few PJ that the zipper was on the back instead of the front! it helped some (our kiddos are Houdini's when it comes to undressing themselves)

    For a few night I had also had to resort to duct tape to have them keep their diapers on LOL!!! but after 3 day of that they stop 🙂

  6. I thought all babies go through this phase at one time or another- it's one reason baby will be in all snap diapers when he gets a little older!

    My friend has used duct tape, works well!

    But it's worth a try to potty train.

  7. I agree! Find a way to put the pj's on backwards! I actually just buy a bit bigger size and turn the feet so they are facing the front with the zipper facing the back. That's if your friend is in a colder location or needs the toes to stay warm. I have also heard of people who will put a tiny strip of duct tape over the diaper tabs to keep them secured. I would start with the pj's backwards though!

  8. Most babies go through this phase. If it's only at night, he probably wakes up and is just fooling around/bored. (It wouldn't hurt to try toilet training, but that's most likely not the issue).

    Put him to bed in a onesie, but put the diaper and the onesie on backwards (that way there's no easy access to the tabs). If that doesn't work, fasten it with a safety pin (on the inside of the snaps).

    It's too hot for footie jammies, but many companies make jammies for littles that are tops and shorts that snap together. Again, safety pin it (in the back/sides)
    Like these.

  9. I wouldn't think he is ready to potty train that young (especially as boys tend to train a little later). He is probably just fascinated with being able to undress himself. Along with putting on PJs backwards, you can put diapers on backwards, too. You have to fold it in a little to make it fit, but it can be done! 🙂

  10. Would you believe it? I read this post earlier today then got my Parents magazine in the mail and perused it during lunch. In it, I saw an article about this:

    A mom with the same problem actually designed pajamas that kids can't get off!

  11. Krystal, I wish I would have had those for my little one that is now 3 1/2!

    She was a stripper for several months – day & night. It was so annoying, but she thankfully outgrew it. However, she was potty trained pretty early on. I don't think she liked the diaper once it got wet – it was her way of telling us she was ready 🙂

    But, cutting the feet off and putting them on backwards does work. I often put my little one's jacket on backwards when she won't leave it on at the part in the winter 🙂

  12. my son did the same thing but with poop. Pj's backwards worked great and it only lasted a a few months. now he doesn't do it anymore. he's 2

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  13. EWW I found a piece of poop in their playroom the other day. We have just started potty training-I asked who did it and my daughter said “Me, me, me”.

  14. LOL…my daughter did that too so I had to keep a onsie on her 24/7. The good news is once she was ready to be potty trained she was trained in one day! She didn't like the feeling of being wet, which is probably the case with your friends baby. Do those new overnight pajamas pull the wetness away any better than regular diapers?

  15. Some people will also take a safety pin, pin the zipper up, and then duct tape over the zipper head on both sides.

    Other friends have also duct taped the diapers, had the pjs on backwards, and such. IT all boils down to what you are willing to do every diaper change.

  16. We did the safety pin on the pj's zipper because about 9 months ago our daughter started doing the same thing. We still do it only because she asks for the safety pin every night, not sure if she'd still take her pj's off or not at this point.

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