Our Childrens Names

Once we found out we were having a boy and had to pick a boy name, it was so hard! There weren’t really any boy names I like, but I finally decided I liked the name Luke. I remember thinking I really wanted a name that could only be one name, not something like Matthew or Matt or Lucas or Luke or anything that could be shortened. I had it set in my mind that I liked the name Luke, but I did not like the name Lucas. So, we would call our boy Luke not Lucas. Funny, because once he was born I automatically started calling him Lucas! Now his name is totally Lucas and we of course love it!

His middle name is Marshall which is a family name. Lucas Marshall.

If our next baby is a girl, her name will be Olivia Jane. And I joke with my husband that I will call her Jane because I just love that name. If our next baby is a boy, I seriously have no idea what his name is going to be! I don’t really like many boy names! His middle name will most likely be Thomas though, which is my husbands name. My middle name is Jo, named after my grandpa Joe.. but I’m not a big fan of the name Joe.

What are your favorite names? What boy names do you like?

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33 thoughts on “Our Childrens Names

  1. I was big on a one way name too. My son is John… not Johnathan. I have so many people confused by that but whatever. I named my son after my dad (John) and husband (Michael) so he is John Michael. We call him Johnny though.

    My baby girl is Joley Ann… another name that hopefully won't be shortened. haha!

  2. So are you going to pick a commenter's name that we suggest? πŸ˜€

    For a boy: If we had another boy it would have been Brady Joseph (another city in Texas πŸ˜‰ and Husband's middle name)

    For a girl: I don't think we ever agreed but I liked Dakota Marie (mom and sister's middle name) or Trinity (Trinity again is a city in Texas) We were wanting to stay with that theme but for girls it was slim pickings (Anna -my mom's name or Paris-yeah not happening)

  3. I named my son Brody- #1 – I LOVED that name- and #2- there really isnt any way to shorten it or other nicknames! My name is Cassandra- and no one has called me anything but KC my whole life. I did not want that with my kids! haha! BUT- my daughters name is Ayla- and we call her LaLa- because that is what Brody calls her! Whatever! πŸ™‚

  4. Oh oh I love names!

    Caleb's name came to me when I was 7 weeks pregnant…I read the story of Caleb for the first time in the Bible and I felt a tug on my heart towards the name Caleb that day. That day I knew he was a boy, I knew he was Caleb! πŸ™‚ We found out at 16 weeks he was for sure a boy and we named him then.

    My favorite boy names (right now) are Abram and Jude. Right now, if we had another boy we would name him Abram. But I really like Jude, too πŸ™‚ I like Abram Cole and Jude Elliot (after Jim Elliot)

    Favorite girls names are Avigail, Cora, Eva, and Miriam. Girl names are way easier! πŸ™‚

    I love the name you have picked out for a girl, so sweet and beautiful! πŸ™‚

    My hubby just told me that the most popular names are Jacob and Isabella right now, along with the fast rising name “Cullen” – he also mentioned that these are all Twilight character names. Hmmm. Interesting.

    Wow, I just talked a lot.

    Good luck with your boy name…can't wait to hear what you are thinking of! πŸ™‚

  5. My dad's name is Andrew (Andrey in Russian) and my cousin's name is Dmitry or Deema (Dima) and somehow my American boyfriend keeps saying that he loves the name Dmitry and wants to name our son that (when we have kids), my sister's name is Julia (Yulia) and I think it's a beautiful name, whoever, mom wanted to call her Anna initially. I'm Svetlana which is a known name in the West now so I don't suffer but I'd still pick Russian names which can be easily be pronounced in both languages.
    Alla (after my grandmother),
    Galina (mom),
    Alexander (Alex, Sasha).

    Fav english names – Amanda and Brian. Brody is cute too!

  6. So funny because we are having a boy and struggling with a name. Girl names were a piece of cake, but with boy #3 on the way we're stuck…
    I loved our 1st son's name (Logan) and had no trouble coming up with it. The day we knew he was a boy, his name was Logan.
    Our 2nd, a girl, was easy too.
    Our 3rd baby (a boy) we named Erik… It wasn't a name I loved. I didn't hate it, but didn't love it either. DH wanted it and so did FIL so I agreed (since we couldn't find any names then either) and now I LOVE his name!
    I presume that will happen with this little guy too. I am loving reading the names the others suggested though… Maybe I'll see one I love! =)

  7. I'm due in October and if it's a boy he will be Dustin Jonathan. Jonathan is my dad's name and Dustin starts with D like my husband (whose middle name starts with J too) so he would have the same initials as his dad. This is important because he would be our 4th son (two are from my husbands first marriage) and we want him to have something special.

    As for favorite boys names:
    Isaiah is my FAVE but it's our nephews name (And Isaiah Thomas sounds so good!!!). I also love Nicholas and Benjamin and Mason and Asher!

    Btw your girl name is perfect!

    How come you are being surprised this time but found out with Lucas? We are finding out and I really have no secret hope either way but my older boys want a baby sister! We find out in 5 days….

  8. I have 3 young boys and had a hard time picking out names as well. I have always had a girls name picked out- Nekimi but never a boys. So of course I was blessed with 3 boys πŸ™‚ The first 2 were named a couple months into being pregnant- Colin and Kyler (Ky for short and my favorite b/c it is unique)but our 3rd wasn't named until I was 7 months pregnant. My husband and I could not agree on any names and I could not find anything I liked. My mom kept telling me that once we saw the name we would know- we just did not figure it would be in 3 foot letters on a jumbo screen! We were at a Brewers game and saw the name Micah and fell in love with it and knew right there and then that our baby boy would be Micah Quinn.

  9. My son's name is Killian, other boys names my husband picked out (well, i got Killian, he'll name the other boys) Stellan Robert, Galen Elliot. Too many L's for me but, :\

    Girls will be Isla Sophia & Cora Elaine, as of now πŸ™‚

  10. Funny . . . my daughter's middle name is Jane, and i just love the name! And, we will name (if we end up having one) our second son Luke, after my cousin who died when I was in highschool. It's really my favorite boy's name.

  11. One of my classmates was John Thomas and everyone called him JT or by his full name, never just John. And I wouldn't reveal my favorite boy name for a million bucks. Okay maybe a million. But I will say it's Irish, like our daughter, Keeley's name.

  12. Our boy picks were:
    Harrison, Sam, Milo
    I also like just about any name that starts with a J:
    Joseph, Jay, James, Jason, Jeffrey, and that could incorporate your middle name by using the same initial.

  13. Our baby names were easy. Hubby picked Gabryel's name on the spot and I loved it so we went with it. He is our angel boy Gabryel Alexander

    I picked Aiden and Hubby changed the spelling to Aedan, then added the middle name. I didn't love it but now I do. Aedan Luther

    Our girls name has stayed the same since the beginning if we have a girl in the future she will be Alyson Evangeline

    If we have another boy he will be Bishop. No middle name is decided yet. Hubby picked Bishop, but he gets final say on boys names and I do girls names. So Bishop it is.

  14. Clayton James

    I too like Jane. My daughter is Samantha Jane and it is the only girl name he even liked after 9 months of thinking.

    Best of luck with your boy name choice!

  15. I had the same problem when I was pregnant! We had no girl names but tons of boy names. And of course Violet was a girl! She is named after my grandma.
    For boys I love:

  16. We had NO trouble deciding on boy names for the twins (Noah Michael and Jacob Scott). But of course, both were girls. We still wanted to use Noah Michael, but never ended up with a boy. Oh well. πŸ™‚

  17. The boys name was easy- Thomas IV! If we had had a girl it would have been either Isabella Lynn, Gabriella, or Sophia. For other boys names I really like:

    Max (just Max, not Maximillion, sp??), Giovanni, Anthony, Vincenzo/Enzo, Rocco, Kyle, Andrew….I always found boys name to be much harder than girls though!!

  18. I like a one way name as well. I have Avery Mae

    Boys names
    Austin Thomas sounds really good!!
    Noah Thomas also sounds good

    Those are a few of my favorites…

  19. I LOVE the name Olivia! For a boy I really love Benjamin. I almost named Gavin Ethan Isaiah. I am still in love with it but when I got pregnant with Gage, hubby agreed to that name but he just didn't “feel” like an Ethan. I don't know how I could tell that when he was inside me but it just didn't feel right. Gage Michael suits him perfectly! He's all boy and very masculine for a 2 year old πŸ™‚

  20. There are soooo many great boy names! πŸ™‚ Lucas was on our top 5 list along with Elijah. Kieran, and Cole are names I really like too.

    We've narrowed our list down to three now: Kian, Liam and Ethan. I'm pretty sure he'll end up being called Kian or Liam. It's not long now before we'll have to make a final decision! Yippee!

  21. I love his name! It was on our boys name list when I was pregnant with #2.

    We have a Dylan and an Alexandria (Lexie).

    If we have another child, it will be Liliana (Lily) or Arabella for a girl. I'm not quite sure for a boy, because a lot of friends just took our boys names, lol. I'm thinking Caden, Cullen, or Cooper.

  22. Jordan's middle name is Thomas and we call him “Joe.” πŸ™‚

    I didn't like any boys' names, either, until Hubby suggested Jordan Thomas. I named Logan (Logan Christopher) so Hubby got to name Jordan.

    I was all about Leah Lucille, so when I found out he was a boy I was totally stumped!

  23. We're mostly set if we end up with 1 of each. Beyond that, we haven't even started thinking of more names. About a year ago we met a guy named Elias and both really liked it. then as a joke, after seeing Star Wars, I suggested Tiberius as his middle name. And it stuck. So our son will be Elias Tiberius.

    Our daughter is harder as he doesn't like any of my favorite names! Clara was my paternal grandmother and a name I really want to use. Instead we decided on Coraline (yes, from Neil Gaiman!), but haven't selected a middle name yet.

    I love your name choices!

  24. We knew right away we liked Henry for a boy, but of course we had a girl (Ingrid)…Now when we have another we have another boy name (Gus) but not a girl's name. Which means we'll probably have another girl!

  25. Hi mama! Just started following you from your post on DS.
    My DD's name is Olivia Ashleigh. We call her Livy most of the time.
    My DS's name is Kellen Joseph. We saw it while watching a Packers Game and both really liked it. My DS was Owen until he was born and didn't look like an Owen so he's Kellen.
    Our DS2 is due in July and we have no name picked out at all! YIKES!

  26. We did the same thing! Luke was supposed to ONLY be Luke, no we were NOT going to call him Lucas, but Luke Wayne did not sound as good as Lucas Wayne, so his “real” name is Lucas….little did we know that we'd call the little guy LOTS of things including both Luke & Lucas and the DREADED Lukey-Pookie (which I am the ONLY one “allowed” to call him that…but still…) We also have Olivia on our short list for a girl…but I like M middle names for it & that would make her initials OMG…which just won't work…so unless we come up with something better who knows!

    I also struggle with another boy name to “match” Lucas. I want it to be classic but not trendy, masculine but not old fashioned…you know? It's difficult but I'm sure you'll find the PERFECT name!

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