Ask the Moms: Do You Have a Drop Side Crib?

I feel like I’ve been seeing a lot of articles on the dangers of drop side cribs. Millions have been recalled and kids have been seriously injured because of broken drop side cribs. There is talk of all drop side cribs being taken off the market and many people are getting rid of their current drop side cribs to replace it with a four solid side crib.

Do you have a drop side crib?

I do.
We got ours brand new from my in-laws before Lucas was born. It’s beautiful and I love it and we’ve never had any problems with it. I have checked to make sure ours isn’t recalled and, of course, if I see or feel that the drop side is loose or broken in any way I would fix it immediately. Honestly, I don’t see how it’s that dangerous. Dangerous once it becomes broken obviously, but right now I don’t feel like my crib is not safe.
It would take me a long time to get used to using a crib that didn’t have a drop side. I’m short and, especially with a growing belly, I can’t put Lucas in his crib unless the side is down or unless I put him in there standing up… which doesn’t work too well for middle of the night wake ups. Especially with infants or babies who aren’t yet crawling, our side was always down. If the side was up I wouldn’t be able to put a sleeping baby straight from my arms to the mattress!
I have to do more research I suppose, to see if we need to get a new crib for the new baby or if our current one is safe.
What do you think? Do you have a drop side crib?

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26 thoughts on “Ask the Moms: Do You Have a Drop Side Crib?

  1. we have a drop side crib. (okay, FOUR drop side cribs). i don't think they're unsafe, but i probably wouldn't buy one again (not that i NEED anymore!) for the simple fact that i've never dropped the sides on any of them. i'm too lazy… i just reach in and grab the babe. LOL.

  2. Ours was just recalled (we had a Graco crib). I'd been growing increasingly hesitant about having it after watching recall after recall this past year – but we rarely drop the side, so we didn't look into replacing it until they announced the recall.

    Fortunately we bought it at Target where they will take back any recalled products and we still need to take it in, but we'll be replacing it with a stationary crib soon. I know that there can be danger with everything, but I'd rather not take the risk – especially after there have been SO many recalls by so many different brands.

  3. My daughter's crib was in the Graco recall too and I ordered the repair kit, although I don't know what needs repaired on it & I have a feeling that the kit will make it NOT a drop-side (but I don't know for sure). I ordered the kit about 2 weeks ago and still don't have it. I think I might do what another commenter said and just take it back to Target where I bought it. I didn't know that they would take it back!

  4. we have a drop side handmedown that is well built, so i'm not worried about it, and i actually prefer having a drop side as a transition from bassinet to crib, and as an easy way to take care of baby, esp at night (quickly change a dipe, etc)

  5. I have a drop side crib also! I bought it used from a co-sleeping family who never ever used it!

    I have never been worried about it! Like you, I can't imagine not having a drop side. I am short also and wouldn't be able to put my baby in it otherwise, especially as an infant. If it starts to loosen up or gets sketchy, obviously i will replace it.

  6. I have a drop side crib…sitting in my MIL's basement, we never really used it. Our son slept in the family bed until he moved to the toddler bed.

    I would not have used it after they started recalling them. I am crazy over protective though.

  7. Lucy sleeps in our bed so I'm not really qualified to comment on cribs. But I think if your crib hasn't been recalled, and you're keeping an eye on it just in case then there's no reason you shouldn't keep using it.

  8. We have two drop side cribs made by an Italian company called Pali (I think that's how it's spelled). I'm 5'8″ so I've never dropped the side down. When I had an inhome daycare I was required to inspect the cribs every month and once a year I had to call to see if there were any recalls. It was really comforting to know that (as of 2007) NONE of the Pali cribs had ever been recalled.

    We couldn't afford to buy them new, but thankfully I found both of mine used.

  9. We have a drop side crib that we used for our first and now our second child. I don't feel like it is unsafe at all. I don't know why we even bought a drop side though, because the only time I ever drop the side down is when I change the sheet!

  10. We have one! I love it, especially also because I'm short and can't put in a sleeping baby with the side up. I can't imagine using a crib without that feature.

  11. We have a drop side as well. My parents bought it new when I was pregnant. I always check the recall lists, so far it has been safe. I can't imagine not having a drop-side. I'm short and would have to practically drop my little one into the crib without the drop side.

  12. I don't. The first crib I looked at and liked was a Simplicity. They've gone out of business since having so many recalls. I ended up with a DaVinci that converts to a toddler bed (with or without rail, then a full bed. The mattress has 4 levels, so it was never aproblem getting to James. It is getting a little harder now that it's on the lowest level because he's pulling up.

  13. I have one. We got it for our son. I agree with you. When I was pregnant with my daughter, it was the only way I was able to lift my son (2 years) in and out of his crib. When we bought my daughter's crib the drop side were no longer available. We have checked our drop side. It was installed correctly and has not broken. So, we will continue to use it.

  14. I just returned who of our recalled drop side cribs, that's right we had 2! Our children are very close in age so we needed two.

    I do not feel that I could live with myself if anything did ever happen to my children after I was warned of the danger and did nothing.

    Our kids are heavy and squirrley too.

    Better safe than sorry, thats what I like to say!

  15. I have a drop side crib that was hand-made by a friend's father. I don't worry about the safety of it. It seems very firmly attached in its sliders. We actually leave the side down a lot of the time. Our daughter walks now, but she has never tried to get out of it on her own, and I often forget to raise the sides when I put her in there late at night. I'm planning to transition her to a toddler bed soon, and I'm thinking with our next baby we might just go straight from co-sleeper to toddler bed. We'll see.

  16. We did have a drop side crib and sold it last summer (a week before I found out I was pregnant). So we have a new crib for our little one and it came to be made non-drop side. It's funny though I never used the drop side with the 1st 2 kids because I always thought the noise and motion would wake them up.

  17. We have one and i relied on it heavily until our baby was around 15 months old because I am VERY short. Once she could figure out that I was putting her in bed, she started helping by laying down and it was easier to put her in it. It was VERY convenient for having a small baby that didn't move much and the side didnt make enough noise to ever wake her, if I put it up! A lot of times we left it down for easier transition. This stopped once she could pull up, of course.

  18. I have a drop side and a non-drop side and I'm pregnant with my third. When I'm pregnant I have found that I prefer my non-drop side crib, even when the mattress is at the lowest setting. With my drop side I have a hard time laying my baby down on the mattress, its hard for me to reach up and over. With the non-drop side I don't have any problem, even at 9 months pregnant. When I have my third, I'm moving my oldest into a twin bed and am getting rid of the drop side crib (not recalled), and just getting another crib. I don't want to mess around with it.

  19. I've read a bunch of articles on drop sides and it seems those who have had issued with their cribs had installed things incorrectly, had broken/missing parts etc.

    We have a hand-me-down drop side crib that's a Stork Craft but it was not involved in the recall. My sister-in-law used it with both her boys and had no trouble whatsoever. It has metal parts which I definitely trust over plastic and like you said, as long as you check for loose/broken parts and take good care of the crib I think you're safe.

  20. Not anymore – after that last round of recalls I returned my death trap to Target for instore credit. Not sure why I ever owned a drop-side to begin with, considering that I never bothered to learn how to drop the side properly. Or use the crib at all, really.

  21. We've never owned a drop-side crib. The crib both of my kids slept in (and the 3 year old is still in) is a convertible crib. I love it, and since it's the only thing I've ever owned, I'm used to it. I don't think I'd buy a drop-side crib now, due to all the recalls. I just prefer convertible cribs.

  22. My crib's a drop-side. I borrowed it from my aunt. Jordan's the seventh baby to sleep in it. I don't even know what kind it is or if it's been recalled! I never use the drop-side, even though I'm short (5'4″). The “click” sound when I raise the side always woke up the baby when I tried to do it that way.

  23. I look at drop-side cribs the same way I look at putting your barely 20 pound one year old in a forward facing convertible car seat. Yeah, it's legal. It meets the minimum requirement. But is it the safest option?


    On both counts.

  24. My drop side crib has never been recalled. I'm not sure how I would have managed getting the babies into a fixed side crib being short and all. All three of my babies slept in it. There has never been a question of their safety in it. I wouldn't even think of doing something that was knowingly putting them in harm's way. To think otherwise is ridiculous.

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