Where I’ve Been…

I really apologize for my lack of blogging lately! If you’ve noticed, I have seriously decreased my amount of published post around here. Honestly, I didn’t really think it was a big deal- if a deal at all- and I figured, or assumed maybe that no one would notice and that I didn’t need to tell my readers why I’ve almost “disappeared” from Mama Notes.

I read blogs, and for some, when they don’t post for many days I miss them or wonder about them. Even though none of us (or most of us) don’t “know” each other in real life, many of us feel like we know each other, even if it’s just through blog world. We share pictures and stories. We share parts of our lives with each other!
Here is where I’ve been… if you’re wondering.
About a month ago I went from being a stay-at-home-mom to a working-full-time-mom. Yikes. Big difference. What used to be days of house sitting, playing on the floor, taking walks and zoo trips with my baby, and blogging during naps are now days of busy mornings, spending hours at work, and coming home exhausted and asleep by 10pm. I simply don’t have the time or mainly the energy to blog frequently right now! I know many people who work full time still manage to blog, and maybe I’ll get there eventually, but right now I’ve put the blog on the back burner. And, I’m okay with that.
I took on a management position and basically, I’ve been working a.lot. Lucas has been watched by my neighbor who has two little girls and is now home with my husband who has summer’s off! (Best part of a teacher’s job…)
So, that’s my excuse from the lack of blogging! I’ll still be here posting occasionally and I have some awesome giveaways coming up. Hint: one is a product used to carry baby items, the other is an item used to carry the baby on your front or back! Stay tuned friends, and thanks for hanging in there with me!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

11 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been…

  1. Life can get so busy so quickly! Glad to hear that the delay was intentional, and not from something bad happening.

    Best of luck with the job and getting linfe in Balance. It is not easy, but you'll figure it out eventually. :0)

  2. I almost sent you an email tonight just to check in and see how things were going 🙂 I had a hunch you had been working more! 🙂

    I hope all is going well with you and your family! My husband is trying to find a teaching job right now, it's so tough!

  3. I am glad you've got a job- I remember how stressed you were trying to find one that was right for you! But we have missed you around here, and I am glad to see you pop up every now and then!

  4. Wow you're a go-getter! 🙂 I did begin to wonder how things were going, I thought you were just really tired from the bun in the oven! I'm glad things are going well! Take Care Samantha!


  5. Glad your back!! Don't work too hard, I ended up having to quit my labor intensive job when I had gotten pregnant because I was sooo tired. Take care of yourself!

    And my husband also gets off tomorrow for the summer and I'm so excited. I'll be going to back to work then also and he gets to watch the squirt!!

  6. It actually makes me feel better cause I work full time out of the house, and I hardly have time to blog. It takes most of my time to just read through everyone's blogs let alone right my own. Not to mention the pregnancy fog. And hey when you are away from home spending time with your family is more important than blogging so I am sure everyone understands. I have yet to do this but I am thinking about setting aside some time each week to write blogs then post them through out the week. or at least once a week. If I ever get there I will let you know how it works for me. Cause after little man is born this mommy has to go back to work.

  7. Well, you've been missed but at least we know where you've been now! Glad all is well.
    Congrats on the job too! I admire you.

    Next time you blog, give us a preggo update!

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