Blueberry Pancakes

Lucas had three blueberry pancakes this morning.

THREE. I’ve seen him eat four before.

Do I need to control this?

I will eat maybe two pancakes for breakfast, and my almost 15 month old kid eats double that.

I don’t know what that means.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

15 thoughts on “Blueberry Pancakes

  1. Just my opinion: I remember when my kids were little worrying about what they ate – how much – and how little…Until I got the best piece of advice…kids – babies esp will eat when they are hungry, stop when they are full and might go weeks eating like birds depending on what they need. That was told to me by my pediatrician – and I have never forgotten it…I say let him eat 4 pancakes if he wants to! He'll stop when he's full. :)I think the most important thing is what you are offering them to eat anyway – give them good wholesome food and then you really don't have to worry about overeating…now if it was 4 cheese burgers…well that might be another story.

    He looks like such a happy camper!

  2. It means he's hungry 🙂 and growing!
    My son out eats me all the time too…though some days it seems like he hardly eats and other days like he's completely ravenous.

  3. Because of my own weight issues as a child, I also wondered about the question you are asking..

    I found this article that may help you..all the below text is from the article.

    Research shows that children cannot make rational, healthy decisions about choosing the right food. However they can make the decision of how much as this allows them to learn how to monitor and regulate their own food intake. Too much parental control prevents children from learning when to stop and not overeat. Allowing your child to decide when to stop eating is a VIP step in helping them to be in touch with their bodily needs for food, drinks and calories. It will also, eventually, help them to control their weight.

    Bottom line – YOU must decide what is going to be eaten as well as where and when it is eaten. The kids get to decide how much is eaten. This division around food is now considered to be the best way to feed children.

  4. I was always told that parents decide what food is given and when and the child decides how much to eat.

    There most be something about blueberry pancakes we had them this morning (with bananas mashed in) and my toddler ate twice as much as me!

  5. Just be glad, I can barely get my 13 month old to eat solids at all sometimes!! lol

    Really, though only you are the judge of that and a lot of factors play in. I would read his cues (does it make him act grumpy like he has a tummy ache, etc.) and if he seems happy and not over stuffed then maybe he just was really that hungry.

    He looks very happy and very, very cute!!! Now I am hungry for pancakes and it's bedtime… lol see what you did! 😉

  6. I just love the comments on your post–the only thing I have to add is how much I truly love your blog. I am thankful for your thoughts and sharing! 🙂 I am often inspired when I'm writing my blog, after reading yours! Thanks again.

  7. Well, if my toddler is any indication, you may *want* to try to limit the amount of blueberries he has in one sitting. Because post-blueberry diapers? Are utterly gross.

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