Switching Roles

My husband texted/emailed/called me several times today because Lucas “is being a pill.” He woke up (Lucas.. but I guess us too!) at 6am this morning and wouldn’t go back to bed. I, honestly, didn’t try too hard to put him back to bed because I had to wake up at 7 anyways to get ready for work, so I just stayed up with him and played. Read: he crawled around on the bed and talked about his fire truck dream while I laid half asleep in bed cursing the clock and the fact that I had to work in a couple hours.

The thing is, if Lucas wakes up earlier than normal- like hours earlier- it sort of throws off his morning and/or afternoon nap. Anytime he wakes up before 8am we put him back to bed which is usually very easy and successful.
Not this morning. He was up and please, don’t tell me it’s time to go back to bed mom. I want to play and sit on the dog.
(I taught/showed him that when he wakes up from sleep he keeps his lovie and pacifier in the crib. Now whenever he doesn’t want to sleep he throws his pacifier and lovie in his crib and shakes his head. It is so adorable and smart of him.)
So, he was up and took one nap in the morning for an hour. And that’s it. I think what happened is Lucas was so over tired that he just couldn’t fall asleep for a longer afternoon nap for whatever reason. He was cranky this afternoon and the hours dragged on I imagine.
There is this really mean part of me that just had to laugh when my husband called in frustration that he couldn’t get Lucas to sleep. He asked me what to do, how to do it, asked me why he is not sleeping, etc etc. I felt like saying well know you know what it’s like when I’m at home and he doesn’t nap for me! but I didn’t. Instead I suggested just keeping him up. He will go to bed earlier than normal tonight most likely which is no big deal.
Oh, and apparently Lucas “crapped a big load in his pants” two times today as well. He had to change his diaper in the car once, and the other time at my work in the bathroom.
Ha. Ha.
I have never changed a poppy diaper. Especially not in a car.
I got home and I had full on “Lucas duty.” I was in charge of the night, of taking care of the whiny over tired toddler while my husband relaxed on the couched and played on his computer and read articles on New York Times about computers or something. (Super Interesting.) At bath time, my husband (his name is Thomas- can we go with that? I’m sick of saying my husband.) came up to say hi and play with Lucas for several minutes. Because he missed him of course.
Just like I did. Just like the days when I was at home with him all day long and it was the best day and the hardest day of my life all in a 24 period and still, after all the poppy diapers and the whiny and the short or non-existence naps and the throwing of organic home-made baby food on the floor, parenthood is still the best thing. Ever.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

7 thoughts on “Switching Roles

  1. No truer words than those last two sentences.

    On like the 3rd day home from the hospital after Brax arrived I was soooo exhausted from juggling two babies. When my husband's alarm clock went off for work I turned to him and started bawling and said “I wish I could go to work for you!”

    But the truth is, no matter how overwhelming parenthood is, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

  2. It is the best thing ever!

    I had a rough day yesterday too but after Hubby came home and took the kids for a few minutes, I was over it and missed them.

    Seriously, he talked about his fire truck dream? How much is this kid of yours talking?!?!

  3. You are so right. I laugh each time my husband calls me & says “what do I do with him? He won't sleep/won't stop whining/won't stop whatever it is that is driving him crazy!” lol… so true. And I just want to laugh & say it is the best thing ever!

  4. Your story made me laugh because while Demi is still a tiny little one (not even two months old) my hubs just can't deal with poopie diapers or a baby not sleeping.

    I went to the OBGYN for my 6 weeks post baby check up and he kept texting me asking me why she wouldn't sleep, why is she crying, how come she pooped so much. I texted him what to do and when I got home I told him, “And this is what I deal with on a daily basis…”

    I wouldn't changing being Demi's mommy for anything.

  5. don't you think it's interesting that when moms work, they are all FULL-ON baby duty when they get home from work?? and dad gets to totally rest?? I work full time and that's pretty much how it goes for me too.

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