Ask the Moms: Will Your Family Watch Alice in Wonderland?

The new movie Alice in Wonderland was playing in a gym day care the other day. I caught about 45 seconds of it and my first reaction was that it looked scary! It didn’t look like a “family movie” to me. I probably won’t see it- I don’t really have any desire to- but I’m curious to hear what other people think of it, specifically those with young kids. I know myself I wouldn’t let Lucas watch a type of movie like this till he was.. I don’t know.. 7? Or 8? I’m not sure. I haven’t seen it yet so I can’t really say. And of course a lot is going to change in the next few years!

On the back of the movie cover it says “A great adventure for the whole family!” Is it? Really? What type of adventure am I taking my kid on here?

I think this picture is creepy and totally weird!

I would love to know… did you let your kids watch it? Did you/your family like it? Was it scary? How old are your kids?
I know it’s Disney so they rated it PG but, this didn’t look like a Shrek or Toy Story type of movie to me. And yes, I get that it’s not suppose to be. A smoking caterperillar though? Really? Then again, I only saw 45 seconds of it! I obviously know nothing. 
Is it really family friendly?

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11 thoughts on “Ask the Moms: Will Your Family Watch Alice in Wonderland?

  1. I don't think it is for young kids at all!! I think it should be rated PG-13!!! I absolutely loved it but it is definitely not for young kids!! It's kind of dark and scary! I bought it but it's for my husband and I to watch!

  2. There is absolutely no way I would let my 6 and 8 year old watch this… it looks super creepy to me. Maybe when my kids are in middle school… until then, I don't want to deal with the bad dreams!

  3. We took our 6 year old daughter to see it. I think it depends on the kid. It wasn't scary to her, she actually loved Bandersnatch which I think could freak out other kids and did think some parts were boring. (Than again she also loved Coraline so I think she likes the darker side of things.) IMHO I'd rather her watch Alice and the likes than say Shrek since to me it has such potty humor like belching, passing gas etc which I'm just not into. Though I didn't know it would be quite so grown up, not language or sexual content anything like that just a bit more serious. I always say when in doubt rent it and watch it before viewing with the kiddos.
    I also think that in a public setting like a day care something a little more low key and known would be better though.

  4. There is no way that this movie should have been playing in a day care! That's just crazy to me. It'd be nice if there were NO movies, but I understand that they probably need something there… but what about a nice, normal, geared-towards-kids movie? You can get Sesame Street DVDs… or Blues Clues… Or even (my personal favorite) Milo & Otis which is great for kids of any age.

  5. We actually sat down as a family and watched and my children, (2,4, & 6) Absolutely loved it!
    I guess it depends on your kids and you though. I know what kind of movies they will like and this one was one they loved. They Now make- believe they are in Wonderland. It is fun to play with them.

  6. haha Of course! It's just a movie. In fact, we all watched it today…including Story who is only 16 months old. She loved it. It's definitely dark but it's Alice in Wonderland! Even the original was creepy. It's about a little girl alone in a fantasy world. The idea alone is creepy for a child. But it's also important for them to realize the concept of fear, which is something I never want to shield from my child.

  7. I won't let me kids (2 and 4) watch pg and even most G. We are sticking with sesame'ish type programming still, but I will say that when they are with my parents or with cousins, they have watched shows I probably wouldn't normally approve of, but I definitely choose my battles in those situations.

  8. The caterpillar smokes a hookah in the cartoon version as well as in the book so that's kind of a non issue with the movie.

    As for the rest…I would say it depends on the child.

    We'll rent it and watch it. Cain is 2. He'll probably play in the same room we're watching it in so he may see portions of it but I doubt he'll be too interested. Unless it's about fish or has a chorus line dancing, he's just not interested. Lol.

  9. We have it, but haven't watched it yet. I think my husband and I will just watch it alone. Neither of my kids will sit through a movie. They don't get scared by much, so I think they'd be okay, but since they don't sit through movies, there's no point in watching it with them.

  10. I didn't realize the new Alice in Wonderland movie was only rated PG. From the commercials, I got the impression it was a PG-13 type movie. Of course, maybe it would have been PG-13 if it were made 15 years ago…

    I think PG generally means that your average 8 or 9 year old is probably going to be just fine with this movie, but the parent still needs to evaluate it.

    I'm also a bit appalled that a gym daycare is showing ANY rated PG movies. I assume that they take kids under 8 years old – it's not appropriate to show PG movies to a group of 3 year olds in a daycare setting.

  11. No our daughter (3yo) has not seen it, we watched it after she went to bed..
    Alice in Wonderland & Where the wild things are in my opinion Movies for the Grown-Ups that grew up with these books/movies..

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