Sunny Day

Oh it has just been such a beautiful summer here. It’s perfect with weather warm enough, but not too hot. 

Many of you have asked about our dog. His name is Bubba and he is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. (Say that 10 times fast.) Without pictures, I explain to people that he is sort of like a Golden Retriever except smaller and with more red hair. He is about 40 pounds and is 4 years old. He’s a great dog! Lucas loves to say “Bubba” and throw the ball for him.

This is pretty much what it looks like until 11 at night. Minus the sun- but it’s still a heck of a lot of brightness. I think that’s what I was suppose to do today, buy a big sheet of black fabric to put over my wall. You get used to it though- ain’t no thing.

Lucas is getting molars. Which = crankiness. He’s been refusing to take a second afternoon nap, but going to bed at 7 with no problems. Of course, today he did end up taking a morning nap for 2 hours and than another nap in the afternoon for an hour, so I guess I should say it really depends on the day. 
Tomorrow, I get to sleep in past 7:30 am and stay in my pajamas for as long as I please and I simply cannot wait. I might celebrate by staying up past 10:30 today, but I can’t say that’s too likely. I do have a project in my garage I’m trying to finish with my husband (organize and clean it) so that might be on the agenda. I was also thinking about watching The Lovely Bones. Has anyone seen it? I read the book.. but movies usually aren’t as good as the book. 
Next week I’m in a good friends wedding. I’m a bridesmaid and if I could explain to you what I looked like while wearing my bridesmaid dress and being pregnant, I would. But, the truth is, I really can’t without using foul language and  I’d just rather not do that today. I will probably have my picture taken, but the chance of you seeing it on this here blog is slim. Sorry. 
We are so ready for football season to start around here. We are spending a ridiculous amount of money on cable just so we can watch football. That is one thing I don’t dig about Alaska- cable and internet prices are insane. At least compared to Oregon- it’s about double what we used to pay. Because we’ll only have it for the few months that football is on, I suppose it won’t be too bad. 
I have a post coming.. but we’re thinking about putting Lucas in a Montessori school this winter a couple days a week for various reasons. I’ll get into our decision why and benefits we see to it with a separate post (mostly for social reasons, to have fun and to give me and baby a break for a few hours a day) but it’s expensive (about $300/month. Is that average? Not sure!) so it made me think of it. I think it’d be way worth it though, and obviously much more so than cable TV. I’m really excited about it! 

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12 thoughts on “Sunny Day

  1. Lovely Bones was nowhere close to as good as the book. I was bummed. But had I not read the book first, it would've been ok.

    $300 seems like a lot. I've been looking at preschool for my almost-3 year old and there are some church-based schools for $150 a month for 3 or 4 days a week. But I haven't looked at Montessori schools.

    He is getting so big! Too cute.

  2. Love, love, love the pics. Especially the one with the ball. He is so unbelievably cute!

    Enjoy your not so hot summer; the heat indexes here in Southeast Texas started topping 100 in early June. I will gloat in the winter though.

    It has been a very long time since I have been in the pre-school business, but a quick Google says that around here you can get a Mother's Day Out program at various churches for $70-80 a month for one day a week, $140-160 a month for two days a week.

  3. I hated being a pregnant bridesmaid! Especially when the bride was a size 2. Our Montessori school is $440 a month, once you factor in the admission fees. Parents are required to volunteer a minimum of 5 hours a month, or pay an additional fee. Our church playschool, by contrast, is $185 a month for the same amount of time as the Montessori school. Not that the education received at both places is equal, though. It just depends what you are looking for with your child's education. Frankly, given Lucas' age, I don't know how different a Montessori school would be from a traditional playschool. 1-year-olds don't receive too much group instruction anyway in a regular class setting.

  4. Lucas is adorable!

    My cousin owns a Montessori school and both my brother and I went there as young children (my brother until 4th grade actually!). I can't say enough good things about Montessori schools but def. do your homework and make sure it's a true Montessori. I've heard of care centers just using the name- make sure they use the method too. I think Lucas would LOVE it though!

  5. If it's an actual Montessori style school, then yes – the price sounds right (from the very limited research I've done on the options around here, bearing in mind that Boulder, CO is home to a huge variety of early childhood education options). The pre-k we'd love to use is ~$4,600 per school year for 3 hour sessions, 3 mornings per week (about $500 per month) and starts at age 3+.

    Tuition for that school increases with age – for K-5th grade we would be paying $10,800 per school year (note: these rates are on a sliding scale and we are at about the middle or a smidge lower on their scale).

    Our city's pre-k for ages 3+ is significantly cheaper. 2 hour sessions, 2 days per week, $76/month; or 3 days per week at $110/month.

    I've known folks who pay $500 per week for their daycare and some who pay $500 per month – it just depends on where, what you get, and how often they go.

  6. Alycia & Brassy,
    I'm 99% positive it is a true Montessori school- I mean it sure LOOKS like it (we toured each classroom) and it's been open since 1979.. but is there a way I can check for sure that you know about? Thanks! 🙂 That is a really good point that I never thought of!

  7. The best way to find out if a school is “true Montessori” is to ask if they are accredited by the AMI (Association Montesorri International). Not to say that it isn't a good school anyways, but that will let you know they are serious about the Montessori philosophy and teacher training. We had Jacob in Corvallis Montessori school from the age of 3until he started 1st grade. I feel his first few years were particularly amazing there. From what I've read here and know of your parenting style from Thomas, it seems like a perfect fit. Many Montessori schools have a long wait list for kids older than 3, so getting your foot in the door now is smart if you are planning on later. As far as costs go-well I'm just hoping the strong early education will lead him to a full ride college scholarship in the future! Kind of joking about that, but all his friends from that time are now excelling in their middle school academics at a variety of public and private schools. Let me know if you have other questions!

  8. You're getting good advice about the Montessori school. AMI means good stuff. I used to work for one, and my boss used to call the wanna-bes “Kentucky Fried Montessori.”

    I love seeing Lucas in his Beavers gear!

  9. Love all the “Beaver” gear! Glad Lucas is representing OSU pride up there….I'm just getting used to not being around a constant sea of the orange and black 🙂

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