Favorite Summer Activities

Lucas is almost 16 months old! Having a toddler in the summer is really fun because we can spend lots of time outside. Especially here in Alaska, we really have to take advantage of the summer! We try to be outside as much as possible. Lucas is a pretty active and easy kid. He is happy just walking around outside. He sill doesn’t really play with any specific toys or objects- he just likes to move!

Here are a few of his favorite activities!

1. Walk Bubba

He loves walking… he could walk for hours probably. His favorite thing to do is hold the dogs leash and walk with Bubba the dog. Aren’t they so cute?!

2. Swimming

He LOVES swimming! It’s so fun to take him. We usually go in the evenings (the only time there is family swim time actually!) after dinner and before bed. It’s at in indoor pool (no such thing as an outdoor pool here!) but it’s still fun. We go about twice a week right now as a family and it’s such a great time. This is a picture of his daddy and him going down a fun slide at a water park!

3. Visit the polar bears at the zoo.

We have a great zoo here. Lately the polar bears have been really active, playing with each other in and outside the water. They are such huge animals, it’s so cool to watch them.

4. Painting

A great indoor activity is finger painting. It also makes great art for your walls! Check out Lucas’ painting he made for our kitchen wall HERE!

Lucas also loves going to the indoor bounce house (which we try to save for winter time) the library, and he loves playing in his room. He loves pushing the cart while grocery shopping, sitting on top of the dog, walking around the house carrying his dads tools and occasionally I’ll catch him playing with blocks or his trucks and my jaw drops. That doesn’t happen very often, if at all. Sitting still is boring!

We have really been wanting to go bike riding as a family but haven’t had a chance to get a trailer. We also want to go camping! There is so much to do and as our kids get older I think it’s just going to be more fun! This summer has been great and I can’t wait till next summer when I’m not working!!
Looking for more fun activities to do with your kids this summer? There are lots of great ideas on Kellys Korner- check them all out!

What do your kids like to do in the summer? Also- how hot is it today? About 70 here- nothing hotter please!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

6 thoughts on “Favorite Summer Activities

  1. My daughter is almost 4, and she is just like Lucas when it comes to playing and outside. I think it is great! We can travel to my in-laws 3 hrs away, and she will entertain herself with teh view outside, her hands and her imagination the whole way!

    It is nice most of the time that they are so easy to please and so active. Cute pics, btw!

  2. Keeley loves being outside (just turned 20 months), although if she thinks you are too close, she wants you to 'do' with her, but if you walk apart, she will content herself! It has been more like august (high 90s) here in IL but today is 82. Even though I have a summer cold (good Lord have mercy), I would rather get the grass mowed today than anything, so when hubs gets home, I'm going to beg that we do it. It has just poured rain every day for weeks. So hard to keep up!

  3. The first picture of Lucas walking Bubba is SO adorable!!! A toddler and a dog in the same house makes for many fun activities I'm sure!

    We want to go camping too once it's a bit cooler. That would make some really awesome family fun and great memories!!!

  4. What a great idea. I'm sure my 16 month old would love this. We just bought a new house and our walls are still bare. Thanks for the tip!

  5. I have a 10 month old and she loves to be outside too! We have a bike trailer and I definitely recommend it – we have a lot of fun with it! Lucas and Bubba are precious together!

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