How to Make Rain Gutter Bookshelves

One of my favorite thing about rain gutter bookshelves, besides the fact that they promote reading and display cute books, is they are inexpensive to buy, and easy and fast to install. You know those bookshelves that you can buy at Target or another home store that come in a box? Those require some basic assembly. Well, I promise you, these rain gutter bookshelves are easier and faster to make… and cheaper too! 

My original post on rain gutter bookshelves is here, with pictures of our shelves in Lucas’ room. I explained briefly how to make them and the things you need, but I wanted to address it again, because several of you have asked me how to do it. I am by no means a “handy man.” Trust me! In fact, my husband put up the majority of our shelves. However, it is a pretty simple project and I’m going to do my best to explain the process and supplies needed in easy to understand terms. This is something you can do, or ask your husband to do. It’s really a quick way to store books and add some color to any room!

For the rain gutters (the bookshelves) you will want vinyl gutters. There are several different styles available depending on where you buy them from. Each work fine, they’re just a little different looking. Each gutter will range from about $6-9 in price. If you end up cutting your gutter with a saw, each shelf would be cheaper. The gutters are rather long, so consider that you will probably cut them- at least in half. Along with the gutter, you will also want to buy the end cap that fits that particular gutter. This is what you put on the end of the gutter so it looks nicer and doesn’t have sharp edges. It just snaps on.

You can cut the shelves with a basic hack saw. Sometimes the store will cut them for you, but it’s not likely. If you don’t have a saw- you will have to buy one. (Stand real pretty and ask the nice gentlemen in a orange apron to please cut them for you! Say you’re pregnant or something…) 

I will warn you that if you ask the people at Lowes or Home Depot for “some rain gutters to make bookshelves” they are going to think you’re crazy. Your better off just asking them where the vinyl rain gutters are and if they say something like, “yeah but these aren’t the right ones for the season,” just smile and say thank you.  
Then, you will need some wood screws. Find studs in the wall, and nail that sucker in! It really is that easy.  Although I have not done it, I have seen people paint the gutters. So, if you want another color besides white, panting them is definitely an option! I actually think it makes them look better. I’ve seen them painted black before and I thought it looked so great and fancy!
I really liked the look of ours before, when we had two longer shelves. However, we’ve been trying to rearrange to make room for a second bed so we tried it in the corner. This is just a right angle vinyl piece that you can also buy- as is. No cutting required!

I don’t like the look of this one as much, but it does make a fun little reading corner, especially with a bean bag and blankets! It also takes up less room which is a great option if space is tight.

I hope this helped a little. If you have any other specific questions, let me know! Send me a link to your pictures too, if you end up putting these up. I’d love to see more bookshelves! 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

6 thoughts on “How to Make Rain Gutter Bookshelves

  1. You're my hero! Just today I was thinking about what to do for book storage in my son's room (which is the size of a small shoebox). This would be a GREAT idea. Thanks!

  2. Those are really cool. I have been trying to figure out kid friendly book storage that displays the book covers. Thanks for showing yours.

  3. Ohh, the corner one is a great idea. My boys share a room now too and there isn't much room for a big one. If the store won't cut them for me, my hubby is very handy w/ a saw!

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