He Got Those Dance Moves From His Mama

This is probably because Lucas is my kid, but I seriously laughed my butt off watching this video. I had tears rolling down my face I was laughing so hard. I watched it four times in a row and my stomach hurt every time because I was laughing that hard.

It’s probably funnier to me because he’s my kid.

Maybe if you’re related to him it will be funny too.

Actually, it’s probably because I’m pregnant and everything is either really funny or really sad.

Yeah. That’s probably it.

Either way, if anyone wants to know where he learned to shake his butt like that, he learned it from me. 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

5 thoughts on “He Got Those Dance Moves From His Mama

  1. That was funny! Don't you just love how children are so care-free. They never worry about who is watching them or what others will think. And that is something that I am amazed at daily!

  2. LOL! SO cute!

    The other day we were walking into walgreens and there was salsa music playing…..Ryan started busting a move….I was shocked, where did he learn that! haha! Mommy is a dancer too! Kids are sponges….well that and they have our genes!

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