Welcome to Our Play House

Help. Me.

My house has been invaded with toys of every style, shape, color and form. My son is a non stop moving child and pulls everything out from everywhere and carries it around the house with him.

We have no sort of toy organization going on. There are toys in every room. I am getting rid of things. I cannot stand my house being so crazy. My mind is busy when my house is busy.

I. am. going. crazy.

Here is my house, as of 4:47 this afternoon (time matters, people. It can change in moments.) un-edited. This is embarrassing to put these pictures up, but in some strange way, it almost makes me feel better. I started in my family room and worked my way upstairs and took pictures of every toy/Lucas object I saw. That would be funny if we all shared pictures of our house with toys and clothes and food everywhere. Funny or disgusting, but either way, we can relate on some level, right? Even if you don’t agree with me on birth or cow’s milk or whatever.

If you have a spotless house, we can still be friends. Send me a picture so I can be motivated and get new ideas!

Here we go…..

Keeping the kitchen, no question. I found it on craigslist for a good deal and I love it. Lucas actually plays with it a lot to. It needs to be moved upstairs though. Keeping everything in this picture, actually. The truck is more of an outdoor toy ’cause it’s so big, but um, where are we going to store it outside?

I was organizing this. I made a new rule (effective 7.14.10) that we will only keep enough toys downstairs to fit in this basket. If it doesn’t fit- get rid of it or find another place for it. I like my rules.

Good quality toy. Crayon needs to go in the art basket. Magnetic letter needs to be put back on the fridge. Bad sunscreen needs to be returned to Target. Ritz crackers…. I’ll probably leave those there.

Plastic crap. Get rid of it.

Stacker toy. Excellent toy. I need to take it upstairs.

Are you still with me? Hang on, I don’t have that much more house.

Book on stairs. Keeping, no duh.

Milk on ledge, left over from this morning. mmmm yummy.

The start of our playroom or something. A work-in-progress room.

Lucas’ room. Usually just full of books and clothes.

The bath tub. I guess he threw a magazine in there. The tupperware and cooking utensils are suppose to be there, those are his bath “toys.”

A popper impulse buy toy that my husband got at a toy thrift store. This thing is SO annoying. It’s in the bedroom which means Lucas carried it upstairs which means he dragged it on the carpet which means it was going POP! POP! POP! the other day while I was trying to nap. Getting rid of this thing tomorrow.

And that’s it.

I don’t even know what to say about it, so I’ll end this right here.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Play House

  1. Oh my goodness, girl… At least you can see your floor! I'd trade you in a heartbeat! 🙂 If I get brave, I might share some pictures.

    But yes, I totally know how you feel. I can never seem to keep my house clear of toys for more than 30 seconds! I think mommyhood needs to come with complimentary maid service, straight from the hospital!

  2. Check out the toy bin that Julia (www.workwifemomlife.com) posted on her blog on Monday. I have somethng similar and it is so great! Most of the little things/books will fit in the bins.

    I have also found that purging toys more often helps. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with toys (especially ones they never play with).

    I have also learned to eliminate all of the little things and mainly only keep building blocks, 3-4 puzzles, stacking blocks, musical instruments – good, hardy, things that they always seem to come back to. And of course the umpteen babies and Barbies, which all live in one big basket.

    We have a rule – all toys are picked up before bed time (granted my kids are a lil older 4 and 2 1/2) because if I come downstairs in the morning to chaos, it starts me off on a bad note. My oldest daughter actually has caught onto sorting things by their purpose – LOL!

    But before bed time, our house looks very similar!

  3. This is so funny. We don't have quite that many toys. Small basket, bucket of blocks, and rack of books in the living room. Large bucket in her room (mostly nearly outgrown toys–it was $5 tub at WalMart, probably meant to be a drink holder/ice for parties. I was just about ready to purge some of her smaller toys when she drug them out again yesterday for the first time playing with them ever. so.. yeah. I guess maybe I'll slowly take things away and put them in the closet where she can't see them and see what she doesn't play with and take that away, too. She for the first time yesterday carried a toy from one part of the house to the other, with purpose, a stuffed dog, and hugged it in the other room. Usually, she just doesn't realize she has it. Fun times.

  4. I am with you on the messy house busy mind thing.

    I find that the LESS toys my children have access to, the cleaner my house remains.

    When there are a lot of toys around, it's as if they can't focus on one or two things because there is just too much around. Does that make sense?

    I finally organized their play room which is upstairs, and bring downstairs 2-3 things. If they want something else, we bring those toys back to the toy room.

  5. When did he start playing with the stacker? Does he like it? Asher is turning one next week, and I've been hesitant about buying a stacking toy. We have a billion other toys strewn about the house, mostly made of plastic crap. (No, I didn't buy him all those toys. I bought the wooden ones, and painted two myself.)

  6. hahaha, you fit right in. Our house looks much worse than that! 🙂 We swore we wouldn't have so many toys, but they just seem to appear out of thin air!

  7. Oh gosh are house looks worse than that! Tommy is 10 months and is just starting to grasp the concept of certain toys. Cars that he likes to move back and forth, drum type toys, books. All the rest he just kind of picks up, looks at, and throws on the floor. He'd much rather open and close cabinet doors, cruise along furniture, and play with us.

    I already know we're going to have a massive amount of toys for his birthday and christmas- I already told everyone he will NOT get all the toys at once. I'm going to give him a few toys at a time and rotate them regularly. That way he can't get bored with all the toys at once. I'm not looking forward to these holidays lol

  8. Goodness your house is way tidier than mine! I'd be too ashamed to show what my house looks like! The kids have WAY too many toys. I think they leave them laying around to booby trap the place. I can't tell you how many times I've almost killed myself tripping over junk in the floor. I've gotten rid of a bunch but somehow it seems the toys just multiply overnight!

  9. You house looks nice! Just looks like a clean house with a few toys laying around. Come over to my house complete with not only lots of toys, but also a shedding Husky and cats that hack up furballs at random and you will apperciate the cleanness of your home!

    On another note, my daughter loves to throw things in the bathtub too! I will find the oddest things in there sometimes…

  10. I know exactly how you feel! Wait until you see the mess that two kids can make! 😉
    My 5 year old is in charge of cleaning up his room every night, and he does a great job. I still have to follow my 3 year old around, cleaning up the path of destruction.
    My solution? Lots of baskets and bins!

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