Ask the Moms: How do you Stay Organized?

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Today I want to talk about organization. I need to be more organized in all areas of my life. It keeps my head, um, organized which makes my brain more clear and leads to smoother and happier days.

Let’s just get to the point. It’s more organized that way.

Right? I think so. πŸ™‚

1. How do you keep your family organized? Or, do you at all?
2. What sort of “system” do you use?
3. Do you use a calendar of some sort- please explain.
4. Do you have an organizational system for cleaning house? What about meal planning?
5. Oh. You cook? Rah! Rah!
6. Do you use baskets? Folders? Binders? Pocket notebooks? Highlighters? Sticky Notes? What products or items do you use to stay organized?
7. What are your favorite organizational blogs or websites?

Please share!

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Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

7 thoughts on “Ask the Moms: How do you Stay Organized?

  1. My biggest thing I do to stay organized is to stay on top of everything. I simply don't procrastinate or let things pile up. That makes more work in the end. My hands are always full as I go from room to room. And everything in my house has a place. As well as we live a minimal lifestyle which makes it easier to maintain. Also,I don't sweat the small stuff. I do not sort and fold socks. They get dumped into a drawer…things like that. Piddly things that I dont have time or energy for. This is how my house stays organized.

  2. We aren't organized at all actually. I try to be with my day to day schedule but i always forget to write stuff down! Im working on it. looking forwar to seeing what people ahve to say about this, i would love to be more organized

  3. For cleaning…I wash the sheets, clean the floors, vacuum, (all the main things) once a week (usually on Saturday morning) we just clean as we go for the other things (dishes, countertops, etc)

    For laundry…we do laundry each day, but it's not a hastle. We just say “I'm going to go switch ou the laundry” and just keep up with it, and we always put it away immediately after it's out of the dryer, no piles of unfolded. We may have baskets of dirty clothes, but no baskets of clean clothes, clean it's put away.

    Cooking…we just started a meal calendar, we plan for 2 weeks out and go shopping on the weekend for the week of. It's working out great so far! It helps so we aren't saying “what are we going to eat?” each night, and then end up not cooking because we feel stuck πŸ™‚

    Thanks about it! πŸ™‚

  4. I don't think I'm “good” at it yet, as a SAHM, but I LOVE to organize things and I love projects, so I try. So I'll try to answer your questions (I've never been accused of saying to little….)

    1. How do you keep your family organized? Or, do you at all?
    2. What sort of “system” do you use?
    It's a hodge podge of systems, actually.

    3. Do you use a calendar of some sort- please explain.
    My mom's group uses Meetup, and that merges with my Outlook on the computer. We both have Blackberries, so we sync our blackberries with that. And DH and I review our calendars once a week or so, or we send each other meeting requests via outlook. I also have a dry-erase calendar on the fridge with the month update.

    4. Do you have an organizational system for cleaning house? What about meal planning?
    I REALLY need to get better about meal planning! Right now – if I'm on top of it – I sit down on Sunday and pick 4-5 recipes and make my grocery list from that. I try to keep my pantry stocked with the same essentials all the time – so if we run out, it automatically goes on the list (I use the pantry list from Rachael Ray's Express Lane Meals). For cleaning, I have a few constants that help: 1. Diapers are washed on Wed and Sun. 2. Regular laundry is on Friday. 3. Strip the beds and change out towels Thursdays. 4. Empty all trash cans on Wednesday (Thursday is trash day). 5. Monday is groceries. Then I have my regularly daily stuff I do – While DS eats breakfast, I put away clean dishes and then clean the kitchen (load dishwasher/put away clutter/clean countertops and sink). We never go to bed with dirty dishes. During morning play time I always tidy the playroom around what DS is doing. If I have laundry to do that day, that's when I start it. During afternoon play time I tidy the family room – I HATE clutter. I really only “clean” as needed – which means if we're having company. And I believe that if it can't be cleaned with a clorox wipe, it's doesn't need cleaning :).

    5. Oh. You cook? Rah! Rah!
    um, yeah, sometimes … πŸ™‚ I mostly marvel at the moms who use coupons religiously and make freezer meals. I'm just not that good. My strategy is 30 min meals and semi-homemade meals. And the slow cooker…I'm becoming a believer.

    6. Do you use baskets? Folders? Binders? Pocket notebooks? Highlighters? Sticky Notes? What products or items do you use to stay organized?
    Yes. πŸ™‚ All of the above. My cannot-live-without item is my Brother P-Touch label maker. Everything in my house is labeled. And lists. I love lists. I have this AWESOME little notepad that I got in my stocking one year. It's call “the short list” and it has 9 lines per page. So you can put 9 things on a list. I use that for daily to-dos. Including showering, btw. I can never have more than 9 to-dos going in a day. Keeps me from feeling too overwhelmed. I also keep other lists in a spiral notebook: long-term projects, wish lists, commitments I've made, etc.

    7. What are your favorite organizational blogs or websites?
    Unclutter is good; I think it's a blog. My friend swears by the fly lady. She overwhelms me, but I do buy into her theory about having a sparkling sink!

  5. Ryan,

    Fly Lady overwhelems me too!

    I love the idea of putting a magnetic calender on the fridge- I usually like my fridge pretty clutter free, but this might work. Especially if I got a cute one πŸ™‚

    Love all your ideas, tips… thanks for sharing! s

  6. I am an organizational “freak” so I probably OVER organize things. But I use binders for my daily life. You can find a detailed post on my blog.

    I also use tubs/baskets/ totes for everything. We literally have a container for every “set” in the house. The Rescue Heroes in one tub, the animal in another, the Polly Pockets have their own as do the cars, play food and dishes, and baby doll clothes. My children know that they can only have two tubs open at a time. One boyish one and one for the girls. While they do play together they often want different things, obviously.

    I don't really have a certain day to clean certain areas but I do keep up with my house most of the time. When it is the end of the day and almost time for daddy to return the children and I work together to clean the entire living space of the house. By keeping up with it each day it doesn't take too long. And even the four year old knows what it needs to look like before we stop “cleaning”.

    I also use my outlook calander for everything (logging school hours, church events and meetings, dinner plans etc.) Then I can upload it to my palm pilot and have it with me all the time. It is estential for me because without it I was double booking us all the time.

    I also make a menu plan each week on Sunday nights. That way I know what I have for the week and am ready to go each Monday morning. I feel so much more “in control” when I am organized and if I am less stressed my children are that way too. being organized is the only way I can balance homeschooling 2 children, training 2 children, “growing” one child right now, plus being a pstor's wife. It works for me and its the way I like things!!

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