Gisele’s New Law: Breastfeed for Six Months

Have you heard about this?

Gisele Bundchen, a skinny model lady that gave birth to her child a while back, stated that “there should be a worldwide law that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months. ”

Is she for real?

I’m sure what she meant to say was that she encourages and wants moms to breastfeed for at least six months. I am giving her the credit for that. It was probably one of those moments where the media made it sound like something it wasn’t, or exaggerated to a point, but either way, I can see what she is saying here; she wants moms to breastfeed for six months. As you know, I’m all for breastfeeding. I did it for 12 months and I promote, encourage, believe in it… but a law? I don’t think that’s the best thing to do.

There are so many situations, so many different people and circumstances in life!

Encouraging and doing all we can to help moms breastfeed for six months? Absolutely!

But a law? Um, no.
What do you think?

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

18 thoughts on “Gisele’s New Law: Breastfeed for Six Months

  1. Outrageous. Some people physically cannot breastfeed. I know the general population can, but not everyone can. I fully planned on it, and went through hell for 2 months trying to get my milk supply up. When I wasn't pumping I was feeding and still getting very little. Taking fenugreek and doing everything I could possibly think of. I had to supplement with formula because my baby wasn't getting enough. Then I finally decided formula feeding was better for my sanity than getting a couple of ounces at best of breastmilk into my baby. I found out shortly after that I don't have enough tissue to store milk in my breasts so I would have never been able to make enough milk for a full feeding. I do think everyone should give breastfeeding their best shot, but I don't think people who wind up formula feeding should be made to feel evil for going that route. There's lots of women who work and cannot find time to pump, or women who just can't physically.

  2. Hmmm …. I agree with you and breastfeeding is all well and good if you can physically do it. A law for six months? Not likely.

    I *had* to switch to formula at 3 months with both of my babies since I just didn't produce anymore. So it certainly wasn't my choice and as you say there are different situations, people etc and some people just physically can't do it, despite wanting to.

    This is such a personal choice that the idea to impose it on everyone is pretty ridiculous.

    (Hope I didn't share too much info lol … just a hot topic I suppose and a sensitive one for me in particular).

  3. I heard this & it made me so upset. I fully WANTED to breastfeed both my kiddos & gave it a valiant effort, but eventually I had to put them on formula because they were starving. I am with the other gals & you- give it a shot & try try try, because it is so important for your baby. But sometimes it doesn't happen the way you want and you have no other choice. The 6 weeks I could breastfeed (& supplement) were better than 0, but having my baby finally reach birthweight after 2 agonizing weeks of losing & losing was much better.

  4. Thanks for sharing your stories mamas!

    I'm sorry breastfeeding didn't up working for you, but I'm SO PROUD of you for trying. 🙂

    Some of us just can't do it! I think a law is so crazy… plus, how on earth would they regulate such a thing??!

  5. LOL! I heard about this earlier in the week and I was like well that is not fair. I for one and am mom that would have LOVED to breast feed but, Ryan not so much he wanted nothing to do with it. So in this situation baby made the decision. I did however bottle feed my milk to him for 2 months before I dried out.

    I hope Baby #2 is much more cooperative!

  6. Yep. I heard about that. Crazy. I have been very lucky to be able to BF for 13 months so far after a VERY rough start, and I do encourage moms to do everything they can to bf for as long as it's right for them. But a law. Holy buckets! Not so much. I would like the government to stay the heck out of my personal life, thank you very much.

  7. haha ryan, good point! Stay out of my personal life please!!

    Next there will be a cloth diaper law and cloth diaper police will be coming to our house to see if our babies are in cloth or not. haha!

  8. There ought to be another law: morons should keep their opinions to themselves. How about we check back with her in 25 years and see just how well her baby turned out as an adult human being. There is a lot more to being a Mother than how and what they eat during their first year of life.

  9. There definitely should NOT be a law. Some women are unable to breastfeed due to circumstances beyond their control and I think it would be awful for them to “break” the law because of that.

    I am all for encouraging women and making it easier for them to choose breastfeeding but not for a law. What I would love to see is a law mandating longer maternity leave at full pay!!

  10. I'm pretty sure that when she said that it was hyperbole, and she was not suggesting that there should be any actual law requiring breastfeeding.

    What I would love to see, though, would be some laws requiring companies (and others) to adhere to the WHO Code in the US, and requiring hospitals to adhere to the “baby friendly” guidelines.

    That would eliminate many of the “booby traps” that prevent so many women from reaching their breastfeeding goals – whether to breastfeed for 6 days, 6 weeks, 6 months or, hell, 6 years.

  11. In theory, I agree with her. However, there's no such thing as a perfect world and there are many women who would LOVE to breastfeed for 6 months that physically can't.

    My personal opinion is that every mother should TRY to breastfeed. Whether it's for a week, a month or a year, I think everyone should try. I admit I'm really judgy of women who won't even try. If you try and you're unable to, at least you tried.

  12. That would be absolutely ridiculous. I have to take medication in order to stay healthy and live a normal life, and my medication is incompatible with breastfeeding. I think my child would rather have formula than have have a dead mother, you know?

  13. you couldn't pay me to have breast fed my children for a year.
    besides, my kids would have starved to death because my milk never came in that much so i had to supplement with formula. AND…i would have gone crazy nursing for that long.
    i just said this on twitter but, i'll say it again for posterity…
    these people should concentrate on feeding their own children and children in need and not worry about what/how we are feeding ours.

  14. While I completely agree with the comments that a law would be ridiculous and very difficult to enforce, but I do occasionally wonder what would happen to breastfeeding rates if it were truly treat as the norm and infant formula required a prescription as it does in Sweden for example.

    If there is a reason why nursing is not possible or if you need to supplement (as I did) then of course by all means ~ but am curious how we make formula the exception and not the rule.

  15. She came back with a statement saying her words were taken out of context and all that she meant was women should try as hard as possible to breastfeed because it's the best thing for babies. But she didn't literally mean a law.

    That said, everytime I see or hear about a woman who just didn't want to nurse, or didn't even try I want to cry and scream. I wanted to nurse SO BADLY but the hospital wouldn't let me (that's another story). A few days later when they finally came around Tommy wouldn't latch on. I did try nursing immediately after birth but he wouldn't latch then either. I continued to pump but I kept trying to breastfeed too. He refused to take to it. There were a few times he'd do some comfort nursing but he wasn't able to get any milk out.

    I pumped every 2-3 hours for 8 months straight. I had to stop at 8 months because I was so cracked and blistered and in so much pain I just didn't have a choice. I felt so incredibly guilty. I'm not more okay with my decision, but I still would have given anything to have been able to nurse for at least a year. I just don't understand when women simply don't want to nurse or count down the days until they're done. It's not fair when you WANT to nurse with all you have but other women who could care less about breastfeeding can nurse as long as they want to, no problem. It hurts.

  16. I am a libertarian, and I don't believe the state should involve itself in private matters. I am all for breastfeeding too – I have been at it for four years now. But I think statements like these do more to harm lactivism than to promote breastfeeding.

    (By the way… WHY does the computer's spell check never accept “breastfeeding” as a correct word?)

  17. it's such a personal choice…and there is no one right way or not..
    so..I agree she got carried away with her comment!
    I noticed your blog..with MOM in it..and that is who I'm looking for..I'm writing a book and need a mom's input…it would take a moment of your time..If you go to my above link it will give you a link to by other website for my book. I would appreciate you time in doing so…thanks!

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