Soaking Up the Sun

We have been spending lots of time outside lately, soaking up the green grass and the t-shirt and pants type of weather, because in just a mater of months this state will be covered with snow. Going outside will involve so much more than just putting our shoes on; it will be an entire production, with hats and gloves, layers of shirts and double socks. New snowsuits need to be purchased and warm fuzzy’s for the baby car seat.

But until then, we’ll be outside as much as we can, picking up rocks and throwing the football.

It’s just what we do here.

Lucas is such the boy. He gets outside and, I swear, there is some sort of mission he’s acting out in his head. He is serious in all the serious parts, and adventurous when the time calls. But serious…. sometimes I cannot get him to smile or laugh or even look at me when he’s outside. He is really concentrating on something, and obviously has very important business to attend to. 

This lip… see, I told you. What could he possibly thinking right here? I imagine this is the look he gives the Duck football players……. ha. ha. 

And daddy is here to bring out the smiles and laughs. 

I love that face. Love love. 

I love this expression. I believe this was when he heard an airplane, which fly often and low to the ground. He points his finger up to the sky and makes a muffled dog barking like sound. He looks at me like, Mama! Did you hear that? Do you see it? 
So very serious.  He looks mad, doesn’t he? He’s not mad, I promise. He’s just thinking about his next move, his next plan of action, his next strategy. Please don’t bother him… he’s real busy. 
Happy Wednesday, friends. Get outside today! 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

8 thoughts on “Soaking Up the Sun

  1. Oh, THANK YOU for all the Lucas photos! I love seeing him and reading about how he's doing. He looks like such a big boy! Jordan's such a lil squirt!

  2. I'm so glad you guys can enjoy the sun!! I can't believe he still has to have a jacket on in August, though! Can you tell I've never been up North ever?

  3. This is my 20 month old! What is with little boys and being outside? I don't think my niece is as into it as my boys. We are outside from the minute we crawl out of bed until I have to drag them in for baths (and sometimes we go back out in jammies before bed).

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