Just another day

I just changed Lucas’ diaper three times within a ten minute period before bed. I got poop on my hands, Lucas got poop on his hands and then rubbed it on his face. THREE DIAPERS. Talk about frustrating. Then he threw his pacifier in the toilet and I could not find his other one in his room. Super duper frustrating. We finally found one and I told him (and I am so serious) that if we lose this one again or it goes in the toilet it goes bye-bye and we will have no more pacifiers. He only has them at nap/bedtime anyways, but if he’s going to throw it in the toilet, he’s smart enough to know that it means we throw that pacifier away which = no. more.damn.pacifier.

*Breath. Exhale. Breath.* 

Seriously, if we didn’t find another pacifier in his room he would have gone to bed without one because that’s that. And it would have resulted in a whole lot of screaming, but what. I’m suppose to drive to the store at 7 o’clock at night and buy you another pacifier because you threw your other one in the freaking toilet? I really needed the husband tonight, but he is at open house (he’s a teacher) so Lord help me with my patience. Please.

Now back to my original post which is much more light hearted and fun and would have stayed that way but I ended up editing this post right before I published it which happened to be right after I put Lucas to bed which happened to be right after I changed his diaper 3 times and he threw his pacifier in the toilet. 

I realized this morning that I haven’t blogged in several days! Well, I’ve been busy. My work schedule changed so I’m now working all day on the weekends which means Lucas never has to be in day care- and we don’t have to pay for it. (Super bonus!) I get to be with my boy during the day (weekdays) and it’s so fun! And exhausting, but still, very fun.

During the day I have no chance to get on my computer (which is a good thing!) except for a few minutes here and there, and during Lucas’ nap I either nap myself or clean, so I really haven’t had the energy or time for blogging lately! Lucas and I try to stay busy with out of the house activities as much as we can. We’re having a great time.

Also.. I’m almost 8 months pregnant which means I’m almost just 2 months away from having this baby!! I had intentions of doing a 30 week pregnancy post last week, with a picture and all, but.. you know, life happens. I am excited, anxious, tired and all of the above.

I can feel my stretch marks forming already. With my first pregnancy I didn’t get any until 37 weeks exactly. They faded and than disappeared before I got pregnant again. With this one however, I can actually feel the slightly bumpy structure on my skin which, I believe, is the beginning of some glorious stretch marks. *sigh* I guess the beauty pageant will have to wait one more year.

Did I mention I’m  tired? Some days more than others. Some days not at all. I go from having energy and keeping on top of my house to laying down the second Lucas does for his nap. You can ask me tomorrow and my mood will be different.

Here’s what I’ve done so far to get ready for our second child:



I figure I’m not too far behind because I have Lucas’ baby clothes in storage as well as cloth diapers and a bed to sleep on. I also have a car seat and a moby wrap, so I think I’m set!  We don’t know the sex of this baby and I am just so so so so excited to find out!!  On my list of “to buys” before baby comes is a bassinet, a swing, a new crib mattress/sheets, more cloth diapers and a nursing cover. Oh, we also need to get a twin bed for our toddler to sleep on. Ha, that should be fun. I can imagine getting him to stay asleep on a bed is going be….. um, I’ll get back to you.

Lucas and I have been climbing on tables and chairs, trying to get into the dishwasher, hiding in the closet, reading books, playing outside, throwing the beach ball on the stove, running around with dad’s iphone, laying on the dog and hanging out with friends.

Usual stuff.

It’s only been a week, but I think I can say I’ve adjusted quite well going from 40 hour work weeks to just 20 and being able to stay home (most) days.

… He just threw his pacifier on the floor. I can hear him. He can’t go back to sleep without it. If I let him cry for 15 minutes he’ll eventually fall asleep and, I suppose that’s how you wean from the pacifier. But, if I go up and get him and get his pacifier and rock him for 5 minutes, he will fall asleep peacefully and I will not regret letting him cry for 15 minutes. I really do love rocking him to sleep.

Love, love it.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

5 thoughts on “Just another day

  1. boy this stuff sounds familiar! i bet it wears you out being pregnant and keeping up with that little bundle of energy you call Lucas! 🙂

    p.s. Jordan has to grab his poop every. single. time. and if he manages to get up and get away from me during a diaper change, he hoses something down every. single. time. then splashes in it and laughs.

  2. I remember being tired with my second pregnancy. My boys are 21 mo. apart and I love it. They are now 3 and 16 months and they hug each other and love on each other all the time. It's so sweet:)

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