Adjective: adventurous, carefree, eager, brave, creative

Some days, okay… most always every day, I am amazed and constantly surprised at the things Lucas comes up with. However, I suppose at the same time I’m not, because as much as he surprises me, he is also so predictable. He is a boy who loves to discover his world around him. He is so good at discovering. So good. I wish I were as free and careless as him, eager to learn and live and taste new findings and new adventures. 
At the playground, isn’t of hesitating to jump or climb the tall bridge, I wish I would just go for it. Just like my Lucas does. And if you fall down, you get back up.  If you need help, you hold out your hand for mom. But you just live and do your thing and you know what, if carrying a ball around with you for 2 hours makes you happy, you do it. 

He is so creative and funny, so surprising and predictable, so smart and brave.

When he took the pizza cutter (mmm) out of the dishwasher today and started creating something with the mat out back, I don’t know why I even hesitated to wonder what he is doing. Of course he knows what he’s doing.  When the dog started licking the pizza cutter Lucas would say No! No! So cute… I can’t say he didn’t learn that from me.

He doesn’t sit still or play with toys, but then he finds something, and it becomes a project for him. A project that in his mind, he must begin, discover, create and finish. He becomes quite in his world, talking to himself and the dog, and he does his thing. And I just sit and stare at him and wonder what the heck he’s doing. How something so simple like a pizza cutter and an old mat can keep him busy for twenty minutes. 
{And praise Jesus for this nice weather! This deck will be four inches deep with snow by the end of the year!}

When he got the pizza cutter out, I thought for a minute about taking it away from him. You know, slightly sharp edge and all and asking myself if it was safe or not. Turns out.. as long as it doesn’t go in the mouth (and even so!) it’s just fine. I think it’s so important that children are able to use their natural surroundings or “tools” to be creative and play.  Get messy, get dangerous, discover things. We have to have rules and boundaries with parenting, but we also have to be like our kids…. carefree, courageous, and adventurous.

I can guarantee that many, many things Lucas learns is not because I taught them to him, but because he taught himself. Granted not all of these are things I’d like him to teach himself! Yesterday he figured out how to open the window, today he learned that if he pushes the ottoman over to the window he can climb on it and then, well, I caught him before he could climb on/out/near the window. Heaven help me!

And today…  Oh yes, today was a good day. Today he woke up early, about 7:30 and I said no no no (to myself- I was in a deep, yummy, dreamy sleep)  it is not time to wake up. But he was up and he wanted to play.  Nothing fun opens till 10 or so, but 10am hit and we were at the zoo for polar bear and otter visits. I knew nap would be long.. and it was just hour. To the park we went with friends for two beautiful hours and home for dinner and wouldn’t you know it… 7pm comes and he goes to bed without a fuss.

{Although, and this is totally just the way it is sometimes,  he just woke up. He’s got a runny/stuffy nose that I think is making it hard to sleep and, I just realized, his room is so hot.  …. So, I went upstairs and opened his window to let fresh air in. But then an airplane flew over and Airplane mom! Airplane mom! Pointing and making his airplane noises…. bedtime baby, go to bed.}

I don’t know what I ever did without him. How was I ever not a mom?

God is so good. So very very good.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

10 thoughts on “Adjective: adventurous, carefree, eager, brave, creative

  1. I can't remember what life was like before becoming a mom either. My girls are my best friends!

    He is so adorable. I love his little toes peeking out of the bottom of his pants. Cute little boy!

  2. You are right … God IS so good! Both are adorable! We always had Goldens growing up. They are the best dogs and friends! Enjoy your blog.

    Only God knows how many apples are in each seed.

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