a toddler bed, cloth diapers, cat piano and a pear tree

Have you had  days when you feel like you have so much to say but not enough words to say them? Like you know what you want to talk about, but you can’t get it out?  It’s a day of lots of thoughts and self talk communication, but not a day of understanding or processing.

Hello today. 
I’m still finding it hard to believe that we’re going to have a newborn in two months. Oh, 8 month pregnancy photos to come on Friday, I promise! I am so excited for our 2nd baby, but it just doesn’t seem real. (I know, I know.. it will become real very soon, ha!) People are asking me what I’m doing to prepare Lucas for the arrival or a baby brother or sister (sooo excited to find out!) and my response is always the same. Ummmm. What am I suppose to do? He is a little young to fully understand it I think. Some days I think he’ll do great and others I worry about him. Will he feel like I’ve left him when I spend time with the new baby? Will he understand? I hope he does okay. 
The kids are sharing a room (eventually) and I’m absolutely not buying another crib, so we have to transition Lucas into a “big boy bed” (a twin) eventually. So, like, pretty soon. I have been putting this off as long as possible because I don’t think it’s going to be any fun. How exactly do you teach a kid to stay asleep in bed? I know many people do it though, so we’ll figure it out. 
I went through storage yesterday to take out some things for the baby and realized we only have six size small cloth diapers. I need to get some more, what other cloth diapers do you love that are snaps? Besides bum genius velcro. We’re staying away from velcro. They fade way too fast and Lucas has now learned how to take them off which is pretty awesome at nap time. 
Another part that I keep forgetting is labor. I haven’t really done much to prepare for labor, so that is something I need to work on/start on. Daily squats, walks and more swimming is in order for me. 
Oh, I also keep forgetting that winter is coming up in a few months. Winter = snow and 20 degree weather. As in snow every day for about 7 months. Which…. means I need to have winter clothes for my children. Which means I need to go shopping. Which means I should probably do that before I see the snow falling from the sky. 
And Lord have Mercy, what are we going to do about these pacifiers? I feel bad taking away my toddlers comfort object when we go through a huge change such as having a baby in the house, but then I feel like having two kids in pacifiers is kind of silly. But then again, I really don’t care. Whatever makes people happy. There are more important things to worry about when raising my kids than stinkin pacifiers. 
(If you think I’m a ridiculous mother for letting my son have a pacifier right now, don’t bother sending me an email. Save your breath please.) 
Lucas got a new piano and he loves it. He lays down to play it… so cute!!  It is slightly creepy at times because if you forget to turn it off it will meow. As in a cat’s meow. Then you think you have a cat in your house and I do not need more animal hair in here. 
I hope you liked that picture interruption. 
I am so excited to find out if we’re having a boy or girl. I’m pretty sure it’s a boy, because I’ve had several different people tell me they had DREAMS about it being a boy. I have never had a dream, but people I hardly know are dreaming about me going into labor and delivering a boy. Funny. I am happy boy or girl and, you know what I always say, if it’s a boy then I know we will be having a third! But I might be waiting more than 11 months to get pregnant… not sure yet. 
Are you so excited for Christmas this year? Do you want to talk about it? I am not having a Halloween baby, either. Halloween is not on my calendar and I don’t know what it means.  
Anyways. What were we talking about?

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

24 thoughts on “a toddler bed, cloth diapers, cat piano and a pear tree

  1. Hi! We do cloth diapers too (Thirsties, Bumkin, Bummies covers) and my daughter also has the velcro figured out, but I put shorts or panties on her over the diaper cover and it keeps the diaper on her. Just a thought. 🙂

    Good luck and congrats!

  2. Did you hear that the new Bumgenius 4.0 comes in snaps? I so want to try one but can't justify it since I have a full stash. I'm going to my local cloth diaper store next week and I hope they will be sold out because my willpower will be severely tested otherwise! I love my one-size Fuzzibunz and I have a Smartipants that is pretty cool, too. I have a couple Gro-baby with snaps (and a couple with velcro which gave up the ghost quite a while ago) and they are ok but I have a feeling my DD will grow out of them before potty training.
    My daughter has the same piano. She likes to play it with her toes. Kids are so funny! The strange meow and purring does freak me out sometimes. My daughter will even stop what she is doing and try to find the noise. The only one who doesn't seem to be bothered is my real cat! Go figure.

  3. We just found out last week that I'm pregnant!!! (First appt. in the morning!) Brady is 20 months. I'm a little freak-ed about the whole “2 in diapers” But Brady just isn't ready. I'm not going to push it only to have a huge regression after the baby comes. We will have to switch him to a big boy bed. (I refuse to buy another crib!) I know it is going to be difficult and exhausting…and I'm just not ready for my baby to be in a big bed where isn't contained….maybe we can tackle it together LOL. As for the paci…I'm letting Brady keep it. At this point he only has it when he goes to sleep. (although he did grab it one day when he wasn't feeling well) I know it is comforting to him. My thinking is that when the baby comes his world will be turned upside down. He will need something familar for a little extra comfort.

  4. I like Fuzzi Bunz.. You can actually find some size smalls (old style) online for a pretty good price. I also am expecting my 3rd Baby. Oct 20 is my Due Date. I have 2 Boys right now age 5 and 18 months on the 26 of this Month. My 18 Month old still has a Binkey and a Bottle,and I have no plans of taking it away until after he adjusts to the New Baby. We also bought a new crib. I know he's not ready for a Bed yet. Anyway Love your rambeling Post. I feel the same as you Lots of things to do,but not sure how it's going to get done.

  5. Don't stress about the paci thing! He's still young and you are right… he's going to need that comfort to help him with the new baby.

    As for the toddler bed thing? Baby gate at the door. And don't be surprised if he falls asleep everywhere in his room BUT the bed 🙂

  6. What size baby are you expecting? As in, was Lucas a little 6 pounder, an 8 pounder, etc? Pixie was 5# 13oz, so we have had a lot of issues with “one size” diapers. She's also a narrow build, so by the time she hit the minimum weight, she was still absolutely swimming in them because of the width.

    For her case, I really liked Thirsties Duo Wraps and Diaper Rite Prefolds. For pocket diapers, Rumparooz fit the best (and come in snaps)- the inner gusset is also a miracle-worker when it comes to runny newborn poop! Rumparooz now has a newborn size AIO called Li'l Joeys (with snaps) that fit 5-12#.

    If you like the fit on bumGenius (I find them to fit a wider, average build), then you might also like the Blueberry OS covers or the bumGenius Flip covers (in snaps). As a word of warning, I think the Flip covers are very thin and the leg openings don't have gussets. You'd be better off getting the Flip inserts and using a different brand cover. I will never buy another Flip cover, but I do like the stay dry insert.

    Also: I think the elastic leg adjustments on FuzziBunz are a pain in the rear and I will never buy another one of those either. 🙂

  7. My 2 oldest were 15 months apart. There wasn't much we did to prepare for the new baby, either; we just talked about the baby, read books, etc. But he didn't really understand. As for beds, we moved right after the baby was born, so we used a pack n' play for our oldest. That worked to buy us a little time before we made the transition to big bed.

    Don't even worry about the paci! Lucas is still a baby himself, so it will be just fine if he still has one – and the new baby may not even like them! 🙂

  8. Brassy,
    I'm hoping for less than 8 pounds 🙂 Lucas was 7. I don't like the leg adjustments on the FB either, I like the one size only with FB.

    Good idea about the pack n' play! That makes me feel better.. I forgot about that.. knowing we can use that as a last resort if needed!

  9. we just went through a lot of these same transitions. as for the new bed we found that putting a baby gate up at the door has helped to keep jaden in his bed, this may seem odd but it totally worked. now if he is crying at the gate of course we go to help him but overall it seems he likes the security of having it up.

    we did not “prepare” jaden for his baby brother much either, at least to other peoples standards. we talked about him being a big brother some and about the baby in mommy's tummy but beyond that not much. surprisingly jaden has handled the addition of caleb really well and i think he understood more than we gave him credit for. so lucas may understand more than you realize and just talking about the new baby will prepare him enough.

  10. Now this post sounds about how I feel most days.

    So in random response, GOOD LUCK on big boy bed transitioning. I tried that a couple of months ago with my little one (for some crazy reason) and it was NOT successful.

    Also, don't worry about the pacifier! You'll both know when you're ready to tackle that task and with a new baby coming AND his transition to a big boy bed…I can so see why you don't want to deal with it this very moment.

    You are amazing and I don't know how you do it. The thought of two babies right now is a very scary thought in my mind and it always amazes me when I see people who accomplish it so successfully! Good luck! Can't wait to see pictures of the newbie!

  11. Mine never took a “binky” after the first 3 months (I wish they had) but I took the 1st child's bottle at 1 year (she didn't care or cry for it at all), the second one needed his a little longer, so I let him keep it, until he was ready at 14/15 months…
    I think Lucas will let you know when he is ready to let it go. I have seen parents of older kids have neat ideas to get rid of the pacifier. ex. tell the child there are other little babies that need them and act like you have to mail it out in a big envelope, the binky fairy collects them and replaces them with a big kid toy, etc (as creative as you are, I am sure you can find something like that to appeal to Lucas when he is a bit older).

    As far as preparing him, there isn't much you can do. My oldest was 11 months when her brother came and she loved him. Would say baby and kiss/love on him, cover him up, etc, even that young she wanted to “help.” But, she would cry for me when I would hold him (broke my heart). My (ex) husband would spend extra time with #1 while I was taking care of #2. And while I was home alone with both, I would give her extra attention while the baby was asleep, and some days I would end up with both babies in my lap, or sitting in the floor with both. When they both cried, I had to assess who needed me the most at that moment, and that is who I picked up. It was very hard though because they were so close.

    Good luck with the big boy bed. I had to have 2 cribs, and kept them in it as long as possible (I thought it was safer for us, in our situation) they still sleep in them now at 2 & 3 (they just now started to climb out, so I'm going to switch beds soon).

  12. We just started throwing pacis away when they got yucky and didnt buy more. K is 22 months and her last one just broke yesterday. she had been chewing on it. I kept her informed that if it broke she wans't getting it back. You have to decide, now. Do you want to face the big boy stealing the little one's binky? If you take it away now, he'll probably get over it in 2 months and not be tempted by it. Otherwise, you may have to take it from both of them at once. Just a guess. I'm not suggesting you take it away, just providing a thought. His life isn't in uproar YET. He can have a comfort animal instead of a paci if you want. We'll see how nap time goes. I'm pushing it off as long as possible to hope that she crashes HARD and doesn't miss the paci!

    You are brave, we are just now considering (well, ME, anyway) a second one! K would be almost 3 by then!

  13. I know that others have suggested them, but we have had great luck with Fuzzi Bunz One Size diapers. We started using them when our daughter was only 10 days old, at that point she was about 7.5 pounds. We only had a couple of accidents in the first few weeks we used them and haven't had a problem since. Good luck with the diapers and the last few weeks of your pregnancy.

  14. I can't wait for the pics Samantha 🙂

    I have no advice on the toddler bed issue. Just hugs. Lizzie did not stay in her own bed until she was 3 years old. Not what you wanted to hear.

    But I have EXCELLENT idea for the diapers. Best Bottoms Diapers from Nicki's Diapers. They are the BEST! They are All in Two diapers that the insert snaps into the covers. They are so easy, I have used at least 15 brands of dipes and they are the easiest. And they have snaps, not velcro. 😀 AND they are on sale right now on NickisDiapers.com and use coupon code “FIVE” for 5% off (shipping is free over orders of $75.) They are one of the cheapest options too. And one size. Gotta love em!

  15. Don't worry about the pacifier! I had mine for way longer than most people thought was okay, but my mom didn't really care, and when I was ready, I just stopped. And (I think) I turned out okay even with having it for so long!

  16. Sandy's by Mother-Ease are my favourite cloth diaper! We tend to have small babies (6 – 7 pounds) so we use the newborn sized ones for the first few months then move to a size small which my 15 month old is still wearing. Kissaluvs are ok too but I find them a bit too bulky and they don't fit for long enough.

    All we did to get our 17 month old ready for his baby brother was let him see my tummy and talk to it. He had a baby doll that we showed him how to cuddle and would put a blanket around it. They don't really understand much until the actual baby is here.

    We did the 1 crib thing too. Our youngest slept in bed with us and a bassinet/playpen until he was 11 months old. Then our oldest was big enough (almost 2 and 1/2) to move to a twin bed. He got out of bed once and we told him he had to wait until we came to get him and that was that- no problems ever since.

  17. When we did the big boy bed transition we brought in the twin bed while he still had his crib in the room, so he could get used to it. We started out with naps and than moved to bedtime to. We made a big deal that he was getting a big boy bed and how exciting that was, so he ended up being really excited about it… After a few months we took his crib down and we also put a baby gate in the door.
    As for the paci, i feel like if it isnt hurting anything keep it. My son still has his and uses it for bedtime or if he gets upset about something. I figure its better he sucks on a paci than his thumb or finger. Plus I agree with you there are more important things to worry about!

  18. The best advice I ever heard when transitioning to a big kid bed was to turn their room into their crib. We only have books, not toys in his room and we put a childproof door handle cover on the inside so he can't just walk out of his room a million times. I know that sounds awful, but he'll get out of bed, test the door and just go right back to bed. Also, at three, I don't want him wandering the house in the middle of the night and if there's a fire or something else happening, I want to know exactly where to go to find him.

  19. We just moved our daughter to a twin bed. We didn't buy a bed frame yet, just put the box springs and mattress on the floor so it is low to the ground. We have always held or rocked or nursed or laid together to get her to sleep, so I am actually finding that having the bed makes bedtime LESS of a hassle than when she was in the crib! I just lay down and nurse her and she falls asleep there and I get up and go to my bed, most of the time. Sometimes she has a hard time falling asleep and we go back to our other methods, but mostly she seems into the routine of books in bed then falling asleep either nursing or cuddling. Good luck with all of your transitions, I'm sure you'll figure out what's the best way to go about it for your family!

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