Polar Bear Polar Bear

Welcome to The Alaska Zoo! 
It’s a cute little thing, with a fox and wolves, brown and black bears, and a huge scary tiger. An ox, a porcupine,  a camel and lots more. 
There’s also a moose which totally cracks me up, because a moose in Alaska is like a house cat (or something like it) anywhere else. Moose in Alaska are normal and seen often during the winter on streets, in people’s yards, and even… coming to your front door to ask for a cookie
So, it’s like, oh, hey moose. Fancy seeing you here. Again. 
My point is, moose aren’t that exciting at the zoo. 
Polar bears however. Now those are cool. 
They are massive. Huge. Gigantic creatures. 

Just huge! I decided I’m pretty fond of them. 

It’s great because Lucas can walk around on his own and explore. It’s never over crowded and it’s all on a trail.

Here’s the cage with an owl in it. Verrry exciting. 

Doesn’t it make you want to come and visit? 

An adorable kid I found climbing on the fence like some sort of monkey.  What does he think he is? An animal? Get down from there! And look, he’s wearing a DISPOSABLE!  I can’t believe some parents these days!

(Sorry. Too much excitement at the zoo did this to me. ) 
Do you have a zoo in your area? What’s it like? Do you go often?  We have a family membership and go at least 3 times a month! 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

11 thoughts on “Polar Bear Polar Bear

  1. Haha, yay Alaska Zoo! We always spend most of our time watching the Polar Bears too 🙂

    Did you know there's two tigers there? I swore there was only one for the longest time, but then they were both out wandering around once.

  2. Christie I don't think I knew there were 2! How funny, we will have to find them both next time 🙂

    Missy, we bought a family membership too. It was only like $80 something or less for the entire year. It helps us go more and if we're only there for 20 minutes we don't feel like it was a waste 🙂

  3. The idea of paying to go to the zoo is just crazy to me. I live like 45 minutes from the St. Louis Zoo in Missouri. Our zoo is free. Some things there cost like the train, carousel, and some really special exhibits but the rest of it is free.
    And even though it is free we don't go that often.

  4. “And look, he's wearing a DISPOSABLE! I can't believe some parents these days!”


    Ha, ha! I'm so glad you threw that in there. Every time I see a photo of Lucas with a disposable diaper on it surprises me, because you've mentioned using cloth before and I'm just not used to seeing disposables any more! I am sad, though, that there's probably a few mommy commenters who would say the above to you in all seriousness. Like, how dare you make different choices for your family than what they deem best? AS IF, SAMANTHA.

    (Don't worry, Lucas! You're a cutie-pie no matter kind of diaper is on your butt! Don't let them haters tell you otherwise!)

  5. We live nearly an hour away from the Phoenix Zoo, yet buy a membership every year. This year Aidan turned three so it was a little more expensive than last year when both kids were under 3, but only like $10 more. I think that I figured if I go more than three times in a year it has more than paid for itself.

    I love my membership! I take my grandma with me when she comes to visit (I have it set up for me + one adult guest for free) and she likes it because it's somewhere the kids can be themselves- not like taking her out to dinner or something boring! I also go with a Mom's group every now and then and my husband has been known to join me every so often too. Mostly it's just me and the two kiddos though, and it's so great. We love the orangutans and the komodo dragons and the elephants.

    Hmmm… maybe I should write my own post about the zoo and how much I love it. 😉

  6. The polar bear is awesome! We don't go to the zoo much the closest one is out of state so we don't get to go often. Gavin's been twice I think and Gage has never been. We did take a day to drive to the aquarium in Tennessee last year. It's always great. They've got every fish you could think of. Gavin really loves all the big sharks and you can pet the sting rays.

    Oh dear… a disposable. Tsk, tsk, BAD MOMMY! Hehehe, I do the same thing! Especially now that Gage is older, when we go out I usually throw one on him. We're working on potty training too so he has to wear those awful pull-ups. I've tried the cloth ones but he's waay too chunky! They won't even go past his thighs.

    I sooo want to visit Alaska now just to see a moose 🙂

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