There are some bloggers who update their blog daily (some even 2-3x/day!) about what they are doing, with pictures and captions and this n’ that. I never have seen myself as one of those bloggers… I don’t want to share every detail with you (sorry!) and I don’t think my life is such a life that you would want to read about what I did every day. However, saying that, I read many of these blogs that are updated with “here is what we did today” type of things…. we all have very exciting lives people. Ha.

Anyways, I don’t know why I started off with that. Pregnancy Brain.

For the heck of it- here’s today.

I had a pregnancy appointment. You know the one. The one where they get your pulse/height/blood pressure/color of hair/weight/status/mood/energy level/baby size/favorite color and such? It was uneventful, but I was so happy to hear the little heart beat.

I was right in that the baby was/is transverse, or head up. I am so completely bummed about it. I’ve been researching and reading and figuring out everything I can to get the baby to move. I believe the mind and body- especially when working together- are so powerful so I’ve started deep relaxation and crazy poses, and asking baby very nicely if it would please rest it’s head very nicely on my pelvic bone.

I put my toddlers poop in the toilet, and together we said bye bye poop! 

I stressed about how I’m going to pay for this child’s birth.

I spent the entire two hours that my toddler napped laying in bed reading and dozing off. I was proud of myself for that, because I usually almost always clean for a little bit and today I didn’t and you know what? TAKE THAT CLEANING! I don’t feel guilty at all.

Tonight I was suppose to go swimming, but I went for a long walk today and feel pretty good about it so I’m sitting here eating ice cream instead.

Here’s what I’ve been doing a little bit of today. It’s called an inversion.

I don’t know what it is either.

I was busting up laughing while doing this and my husband got a picture.

What are you doing??

I don’t know! It’s what the internets said to do!! 

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11 thoughts on “Today

  1. Inversions are good. You can also try putting a board (I used my ironing board) and leaning it against the couch and lie on it so your head is towards the floor and your bottom is higher. And while you are doing it you could have your husband talk to the bottom of your stomach (sounds weird, but it does work).

    Another thing you could try is take an ice pack or something very cold and putting it on baby's head and putting something warm like a rice bag hear the bottom of your belly. You can trace the warm one from the head to the bottom and sometimes the baby will turn toward it.

    But the one thing I recommend is the Webster Technique from a chiropractor. They have an 80% turn rate for breech and transverse babies. It loosens the ligaments around your uterus so the baby has more room to turn. If your uterus is tight, baby gets into whatever position they can and doesn't really go much from there. The birth I attended in May, her baby was transverse and after one session with the chiropractor we got baby to turn to head down and then another session to make sure that baby stayed that way.

    Just remember that you do still have time! Until you are in labor (sometimes through labor) baby can turn. Think good thoughts, talk to your baby, and good things can happen!

  2. Sounds like a very nice day to me!

    BWAHAHAHA, that picture is hilarious! Thanks for sharing it! Wish I'd tried that pose when I was pregnant. BOTH my boys were breech. Knowing me though, I wouldn't have been able to get up and would've fallen on my face!

  3. HAHA! oh the hours i spent on my head this last pregnancy! it works i promise you my baby flipped everytime only he would go back within a few days. 😦 for sure go to a chiro though the inversion table is much more comfy then standing on her head at home. if the chiro doesnt work acupuncture is another good thing. & if your only transverse not breach baby is more likely to turn but even a breach baby can turn once labor begings, so whatever you do dont stress and don't schedule your c-section just yet, wait it out. no matter what its still better for your body to go into labor and get those hormones going.

  4. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to try this!! I have 8 weeks to with this pregnancy & I'm afraid I'd tip myself over!!

    However, if I get the same news at my next Dr's appt I may just be in the same “position”…LOL

  5. Haha funny picture! Sometimes babies stay breech because they have a short cord and when they go head down they don't get the nourishment that they need- ask next time you have an ultrasound if that may be the case.

    Avoiding sitting on chairs, putting pillows under my pelvis and using an ice pack worked to turn my 1st child- and that was well into the third trimester.

    Have you thought about having the baby at home? Much cheaper for you!

  6. you are cracking me up! I love the randomness 🙂

    I ended up with a c-section because both my twins were breech… so I've got nothing for ya there.

    I don't know why other bloggers do the day-to-day type blogging, but I make my blog into books. So basically I'm sharing my family scrapbook with everyone. That's why I've never cared about followers or comments, etc… it's really just for my kids to read one day.

  7. I have done that! The inversion thing! My last baby was breech at 37 weeks. I tried everything (inversion, light, music, acupuncture, reflexology) The only thing I didn't try was the webster method of Chiro. I didn't have anyone in my town who was trained.

    Finally, at 38 weeks, I had an “external cephalic version” were my dr. turned the baby over/head down from the outside. I was in the hospital (just in case) and was being very closely monitored w/ ultrasound the whole time. It was very uncomfortable, but only lasted about 5 minutes and it was totally successful! No c-section! My little man flipped and stayed flipped for 3 more weeks and came on his own.

    I would research that and DEFINITELY talk to your dr. about it b/c although it was extremely uncomfortable, it was the coolest thing my husband had ever witnessed (aside from the birth itself) and it was MUCH better than a c-section.

    My dr. hadn't done one since residency but was totally willing to try it…it has a pretty high success rate during a certain period of time if you meet certain criteria (enough water, not too far along, etc.)

    We also prayed a lot…and had a lot of people praying. I talk to God about it for you! 🙂

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