Good Morning World

The birthing center I want is booked. Of course it’s booked. It’s September 7th and my due date is October 22nd. Of course it’s booked. I should have called earlier, obviously.

Surprise! You’re at the hospital ready to deliver your child and.. please hold on while we draw your doctor/midwifes name out of a hat. Oh, goodie! It looks like Roseanne will be looking up your vagina and delivering your baby today! 
Now.. I forgot. How many shots did you want me to put into your newborn baby today? 
Sounds awesome. 
I called another center that has openings that I’ll be meeting with next Tuesday. Fingers crossed for chocolate covered strawberry goodness. 
Lucas and I visited a Montessori school this morning. I was really excited about it because of the sound of it, the price is cheaper, and I’ve heard several good things. But I wasn’t digging it. It was not a true Montessori school, I didn’t like the location and I just didn’t get the best vibe from it. 
Total bummer. 
Lucas is trying to put things into the wall outlet. I better go. 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning World

  1. I looked up montessori schools. We have a couple near us, but I imagine they are way too pricey for us. They don't have cost or a website, only a phone number. Not the most acessible thing. Anyway, I read up on the curicculum and it sounds a lot like what my daughter already does at home. Obviously, without professional instruction. Family friendly, and all that.

  2. I have been hearing of so many people having bad experiences with “montessori” schools lately! How frustrating that they just use the name and aren't true montessori. 😦

    Hope the other birth center works out! The hospital sounds like a nightmare.

  3. Maybe you just weren't meant to give birth there. Hopefully the other birthing center will have space and be exactly what you're looking for.

  4. That sucks about the birth centre! I only booked into our birth centre last month and we are due at the same time. Bummer.
    Hope it goes well next week!
    P.s I had my first child (21 mnths ago) at the hospital where I didnt know which midwife Id have and suprisingly It was beautiful. That time I was too late for one on one care as well.
    Best of luck.

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