Babysitter Wanted


1. High School Diploma. In college preferred.

2. Energetic

3. Someone who LOVES kids.

4. Someone who’s as good at taking care of my son as I am. Or pretty darn close to it.
5. Not a freak
6. Non smoker/drinker/partier. (You can drink beer (not at my house obviously) – you just can’t be a drinker. You follow?)

Okay, you can drink beer at my house if we’re hanging out (although I don’t drink beer, just my husband, so I don’t know why you would be hanging out with my husband.) just not while you’re watching my kid.

If you don’t understand than it means you’re not smart enough to by our babysitter. Please don’t apply.

And you absolutely cannot smoke. At all. Ever. I don’t like smoke breath or smoke scents.  And neither do my children. 

7. Experience. Please don’t apply if you’d like to “test out your babysitting skills or see if you like kids” with my son.
8. Someone who is active and engaging. Someone who likes to read, play and be outside.
9. Someone who can cook light meals and clean up after themselves.
10. You must have your own car.
11. Don’t be lazy
12. A perfectly clean background check.
13. A working cell phone.

You need to know how to return calls and send/receive text messages, too. 

14. Nice
15. Normal
16. Loving.

17. Fun
18. Normal
19. Outgoing

20. Please be normal. 

Are you out there perfect babysitter??

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

17 thoughts on “Babysitter Wanted

  1. Me =)
    I completely fit the criteria. I dont drink or smoke and LOVE doing activities with the kiddos. And, I answer 911's, so I can handle any emergency that may arise 😉 Hopefully none though lol.

    Too bad I live in Oregon….

  2. Same with me! I would be a perfect babysitter for you, and I can't get over how adorable your son is. Only problem is I'm in Washington… good luck though!!

  3. Too bad you're not closer – I'm looking to pick up some extra hours now that I'm part-time nannying instead of full-time! And I rock with kids. Just sayin'

  4. Do you have a college near you? They can be a great place to advertise for sitters. When my sister was in college she made quite a little bit of pocket money babysitting. (Personally, I got married and had babies instead, then went to college in my 40s.)

  5. We thought we had someone like this.. even were willing to drive an extra 30 minutes to her to drop off/pick up our son! Too bad her dog wasn't like that and we fired her.. then her nice and normal turned into crazy. Ugh. Good Luck on your look! We've found a wonderful lady. Not perfect but Hayden loves her so we're happy.

  6. The answer to this is probably that the only person who meets all these qualifications for your son is YOU.

    However for limited time periods usually the best person is someone you already know. I used the daughter of friends from church when I took some pre-nursing courses. We became lifelong friends!

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