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My status was too long, so FINE Facebook, I’ll use my blog instead.

At this age (under 3) I don’t think the different between day care and “school” is much.. they are basically just playing, and kids learn through play. But schools feel so different to me… even though they’re not, I guess. They are more expensive. I don’t know. I think the gym day care might work just as well for me getting a break and Lucas interacting with other kids.. and it’s free for me since I work there! (Welcome to the inside of my brain.)

{Yah, I know, I know. My blog is so Lame-O lately.}

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11 thoughts on “what I was trying to say on Facebook

  1. I absolutely agree that schools “feel” different… and I say they ARE different! I am AMAZED at what my two year old twins have learned in school. Seriously impressed.

  2. As an early childhood teacher who has worked in bother settings, I have to say that childcare and school are vastly different! Lucas will get much more of the support and challenges that he needs to grow in a structured school setting and any quality school will have a developmentally appropriate curriculum adjusted to suit the needs of the class. You should receive regular assessments of the progress that he is making from the school as well so that you can see the difference that they are making in his life!

  3. I agree that they are apples and oranges. I think it comes down to what your goal is in using them. Are you wanting an educational venue, or do you want to manage his educational needs yourself at this point and provide him a social experience while you take a (free) break?

  4. I think at this point, you could consider things like free library time to hit these notes and not worry so much. I forget how old he is exactly, but mine is almost 2. She rarely gets social interaction, but she is better behaved for it (snort). Other kids are such a treat to her that she's always nice. We are getting into a library thing, it's only 1/2 hour one night a month but better than zero. Hoping she and I can meet a couple of people that we could head to the playground with and so on. It's very lonely here for me and some company would be great. Kids will absorb and take in a lot, no matter what environment they are put in. Do you really want something so structured at his age? Or would you rather he have fun and get structure for his 12 years of school– or whatever. A lot of schools are now taking away art, music, and yes, even RECESS, so that kids are knuckled down for the full 7ish hours a day. That scares me. Maybe let them play while they still can? I'm in the same boat as you though, sometimes I think one thing and sometimes another.. that's why it's not called 'the easiest job you'll ever love'…

  5. I plan on keeping my kiddos with me and they will just go to one year of preschool (the co-op that I will be really involved in. I think nothing is better than reading and hugs from mama at that age and an occasional play group. I know on a daily basis that days can feel so long, but I can't believe that I only have one year before Sofia starts kindergarten. If you are looking into daycare/montessori while you work, that is a different story, but I prefer in home day care for the one day a week that I work. Good luck!!

  6. On the 2 days a week that my husband and I have work that overlaps, we take the kids to an in-home daycare where this amazing mom of 6 (4 older, 2 the same ages as our kiddos) teaches them the alphabet, does colors and animals, days of the week and counting, and has all the benefits of being at-home, like tons of free time, building with blocks, running around the park, crashing Matchbox cars, organic snacks and lunches, etc. She sends home a “report card” each day to tell how they behaved, when they went potty, how much and what they ate, and what they worked on learning. It's amazing and I love it!

    And while nothing beats free, it is very affordable for us and she is super-flexible in her hours. My husbands job is on-call, so if he doesn't get called in, we just call her and tell her we won't be coming that day and there isn't any additional fees or where you have to pay anyway. My kids are only 2 & 3, so a real preschool seems a little early, but we may look into that next year when Aidan turns 4.

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