The Quest for the Perfect Diaper Bag

With Lucas, I didn’t really have or use a diaper bag. I mostly threw things in my oversize purse/bag and we kept an extra pair of clothes and diapers in the car. This was fine and worked good for me. We also used a traditional regular school like back pack, which works really good and it’s pretty darn convenient and comfortable. However, with two kids I decided I want a nice bag.  And, let’s be honest… I need a super cute, functional diaper bag.

I think I have to have one.

I’m willing to splurge a little if I find a bag I love since I didn’t have a bag at all with Lucas.

That makes sense, right?

The issue here, is that there are about four thousand bags to choose from, and my mind cannot handle that right now.

I have enough things to think about besides stupid diaper bags that cost a fortune.

And I have more important things to buy like a bassinet and diapers and, I don’t know, things like clothes. 

But right now? I want a cute diaper bag.

Here are a few I’ve seen online that I think I might like.

Raise your hand if any of them call your fancy.

The Be All bag from Ju-Ju-Be. 
It’s pretty isn’t it? It has lots of functions that look fantastic. To be honest, I didn’t love any of the prints. This one was probably my favorite though. 
I love the bags from Hot Mama Handbags. I have one already, that I love, but I want another one in a different print! These are so pretty and fun and easy to just throw over my shoulder.  
The OiOi Collection: Hobo Diaper Bag 

Oooh I love. I’m drooling. The print is super fun! I don’t like that there aren’t any pictures of the inside of this bag- I’m guessing it’s just one big opening.

I know you’re thinking I have expensive taste. It’s not my fault though, I promise. It’s in my genetics.

Seriously. In my blood.

These are just a few bags that look fun to me. I’ve also seen several from Skip Hop and JJ Cole that I think I would like. And yeah, I know, these are about half as much as the ones I’ve mentioned above, but they’re not as pretty!

So, what diaper bags do you dream of?

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31 thoughts on “The Quest for the Perfect Diaper Bag

  1. I would vote for the Ju-Ju-Be one 🙂 So cute! I have expensive taste too, I totally know what you mean when you say you can't help it. we must be long lost friends 🙂

  2. The top one is super-cute!! FYI, I have owned both a Skip Hop and a JJ Cole. The JJ Cole bag I had (found here: was tearing and falling apart before my guy was walking. However, I bought a denim Skip Hop Dash (found here: USED on Craigslist and it is still in perfect condition over two years later after HARD abuse. Sure, it's not the cutest thing ever, but it's durable as all get-out.

  3. I have a JuJuBe bag and I liked it well enough, especially when my kids were younger. But once they hit about 1 & 2 I switched to a Scout Pocket Rocket bag. I love this bag. It has 6 pockets on the outside, perfectly sized for cups and/or bottles, snacks, Mama's wallet & keys, and a toy or two. The inside is huge with an inner pocket for valuables (or lipstick you're trying to hide) and it easily holds 2 changes of clothes, extra diapers & underwear and a pack of wipes. It doesn't look like a diaper bag either- looks more like a tote bag. The only thing that I don't like about it is the material it's made out of. I wish that it were made from cotton, but it's what the manufacturer calls a “polywoven fabric”. It's more like rain jacket material, so it's very water-resistant. I have washed mine in the washer, but not dried it. AND it's like $40 or less. I've had mine for over a year and it's so great.

    I wrote a blog post about the bag a year ago or so. Here it is:

    Good luck finding the perfect bag!

  4. I have the JJB Be-all. I don't like the messenger bag part…I always have to flip it open, which is a pain in the rear when it is attached to the stroller, or even hanging on my shoulder. They make another one that is not a messenger bag, but has a zipper top that I would like better.

    I bought the Skip Hop Studio tote for this baby and I love it. It looks like a purse, so I don't look or feel like I am carrying a diaper bag, but it has all the features of the JJB like extra pockets, antimicrobal lining, insulated side pockets, etc. Only problem…hubby won't take it anywhere. Fortunately, they gave me a small backpack/sling type bag at the hospital, and he takes that if he has the boys by himself.

  5. I'm not a fan of messenger bags, for the same reason as Cindy.

    I haven't used any of the other options you posted (but they're very cute, by the way); with my last child, I bought a Fleurville bag that I LOVE and still use even though he's a toddler now. It was completely wipeable inside/out; has little metal feet so the bag itself doesn't touch the floor. . . and has a TON of interior pockets/dividers (helps so much for organizing).

  6. I have the Be All and I really love it – but I'm a chronic diaper bag over-packer (plus I like to take my big camera everywhere…) so I had to upgrade to a bigger bag because I fill up the Be All with just Harper's stuff really easily so I wasn't sure how it'd work with 2 kiddos, especially since we travel a lot. I'm sure I'll still use it for little trips out and about 🙂

    One complaint I have about the Be All is that it is just a magnet holding the flap down and no zipper underneath so I've spilled the contents out a couple of times trying to juggle it and having it tip over on me in parking lots – especially when it's really full and I've got a baby trying to grab at it. But other than that, it's a great bag! I wish it had the zipper option though, which was one of my requirements for a new bag.

    The OiOi Hobo was one of my top choices for a bigger bag but I ended up getting one of the Petunia Pickle Bottom bags at Target – it's just okay, I may splurge on the OiOi anyway 🙂 I've seen the OiOi hobo in person and it's pretty open inside, but there are some smaller compartments as well – maybe 4?

  7. Ladies there is a bag designed as a flapless be all
    its a BFF with a grab handle and backpack straps.
    If you want to see a tween packed let me know.I have a 2 yo so we are stocked with diapers etc and I have every bag 🙂

  8. i have 2 skip hop ones and i really like them. i think they are well made and they each have things that make them great. i just want to find one that can do it all!

    but, my point is that skip hop is worth it!

  9. I like that first bag- super cute!

    I've had a Baby Innovations Bag for almost 3 years and LOVE it! It's brown and a style that my husband and I both like. Some of the features I really like are 2 side pockets for bottles (or now sippy cups or my water bottle), an adjustable strap length, a clip for my keys so they don't fall out or get pulled out by the kids, a separate pocket for a changing pad and we use it to put wet diapers in, it has a zipper that expands the bag a bit- which was great when we went from 1 child to 2, and lots of different size pockets to keep everything you need in it. It was $60 which is way more than I wanted to spend at the time but it's been well worth it!

  10. I've been going crazy trying to find a diaper bag I like and I LOVE the Hot Mama Handbag you posted! So cute! I just added it to my wishpot registry. You said you have one already…is the medium bag a good size?

  11. Sara,
    Yes I have the size Medium. I love the bag and get lots of compliments 🙂 The medium is good, actually bigger than I thought. Almost too big if I use it just as a purse, but with baby stuff in it and my stuff it's awesome 🙂

  12. I too have a hot mama bag and I like it. Love that you can choose all your own prints.
    I got this bag just about 2 months ago and absolutely LOVE it!
    It was a big pocket on both outer sides (one zippered, on is a flap), a zipper pocket inside, two “bottle” elastic pockets on either end and two internal pockets perfect for creams, wipes cases and cloth diapers. The strap is wider and is super comfortable. The only downside is that it is not adjustable. I'm sure if you are crafty you could add a buckle or something. Totally worth the $$.

  13. ok seriously.. I LOVE my diaper bag. Have you heard of ? they have a bunch of baby/mommy items that they sell for 50-80 percent off! They work directly with the manufactures to get products for cheap and pass the savings onto us! everyday at 9am MST there is ONE “steal” and when it's gone it's gone. make sense at all? I got a Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy diaper bag that I am absolutely in love with. And they are so pretty, and I got it for a “steal.” they have diaper bags all the time on they have had ju ju be. I LOVE that bag. And have you heard of “the bumble collection.” If i were to do the diaper bag thing over again THAT is where I would get. Out of the regular “bumble bags” (just for fun though, check out their Honey collection. Now those bags are the BMW's of diaper bags) Anyway their bags are machine WASHABLE! plus it is just down right amazing. This: is the link to the babysteal archive. so you can check out all the products they have ever had and you can do a little late night stealing if you want 🙂 There is also a and a ENJOY! Im a total steal network addict now. hopefully it helps you on your diaper bag quest 🙂

  14. I posted this on your FB page, but has anyone ever checked out They are functional and great for when you are trying to hold one babe's hand and carry another.

    Love the sparkle center bAckpack!

  15. I would love to find the perfect diaper bag!…….I've tried lots…….different types, styles, brands, price levels…….

    Ultimately, though, I tend to use a bag for a certain amount of time and then I'm ready for something new…… I think even if I found the perfect one for the time, it won't likely be perfect forever……..

    I have a really cute bag that I've been saving that I decided to start using once the baby comes……..which is getting so close! And I can't wait to fill it up…..

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