Clean up clean up everybody everywhere

Lucas has always been great at picking up his toys and cleaning up things when we ask him too. He loves to help, and I love that he loves to help! After he takes off his clothes at night, he puts them in the dirty clothes basket in the bathroom. If there are other clothes on the ground, he puts them in too. If he finds garbage on the ground he brings it to me and insist on putting it in the garbage. After we take off his diaper (disposable or cloth) he puts it in the appropriate basket. 
You get the idea. 
When ever we start singing the clean up song he signs his own version, which goes something like Da DAH! Da DAH! Daaa DAH DAH! 

I have a feeling he’s going to master his chore chart when he’s older and we’ll be out of star stickers before the week is over. Or he’ll complete change and decide he hates picking things up and cleaning up his toys. We shall see. 

Like most kids his age, he always wants to do what either his dad or I are doing. Cooking, cleaning, sweeping, holding the keys, talking on the phone, using floss, plugging things into the wall… he wants to do grown up stuff. So, naturally, when he sees me cleaning the floor with a rag or cleaning the kitchen table, he wants to help!

It might take twice (or thrice?) as long to get the area clean, but I’m trying to work on my overall patience as a person and mother, so this is a great exercise for me, too! I got him his own rag and showed him what he could do. He started off by cleaning his kitchen.

Then the walls. This is where his food goes when he throws it and I don’t clean it up right away so it dries on there. So, basically, I’m making him clean up his own messes.

{Don’t you think I have a good thing goin’ on?}

And then we both were on our hands and knees mopping the floor. He was so great!

Today before nap time he helped me tidy up the downstairs.  One by one, he took things out of the dishwasher, handed them to me, and I put them away. (No I’m not afraid of him dropping a plate and it braking on his toe.) One by one he handed me an article of clothing, and I put them in the washing machine.  It’s a much longer process this way, but I think it’s great for him to learn to help!

Hmmm, now what else could I add to his chore list?!

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9 thoughts on “Clean up clean up everybody everywhere

  1. I am totally jealous. We work really hard with Darling Girl to get her to help clean up, but it's usually pretty hit or miss. She LOVES to help though so if she sees me doing something, she always wants to do it too. Last week when I was scrubbing out our fridge, she wanted “bubbles” to help clean too. So I gave her a little bucket & rag w/ a tiny bit of soapy water and she was thrilled! I think I might have to see if I can't get her to do the clothes and diaper thing now… ;o)

  2. Such a good helper you have there! Brooklyn isnt too into cleaning up her toys. She does put the clothes from the washer to the drier, one by one. I too am working on patience. She also is learning to clean her face and tray.

    We're just starting the whole 'cleaning' thing.

    He is such a perfect little helper, Brook needs to learn a thing or two lol

  3. My daughter feeds the dogs and cat. She just started doing it one day, she just went to the pantry and got out the food one morning after seeing me do it. After a few days, we officially made it her job. She's 19 months old!

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